Steady Lean - Fog Chaser

Santa Fe Springs, California’s Steady Lean aka Joe Gutierrez is killing me with his strangely compelling version of rough strewn folk.  

Moss Lime - Ice Cream Sandwiches


Great minimal pop post-punk from Montreal’s Moss Lime! Their debut EP comes out in November via Fixture Records.

Callum Plews - “Den 1”


Boston’s Callum Plews, part of the Analog Candle collective, just released “Den 1”, the first single off of the upcoming U / Mi (pre-order).  It’s a refreshing melodic sample-based instrumental pop tune that starts off  and ends fuzzed out while the middle is some blissed out beauty.

Sea Oleena - “If I’m”

It seems like I’ve been listening to this unreleased album for over a year now.  Such beauty and gentle touch involved in every moment.

Shallow comes out at the end of September on Lefse - pre-order it here.

Blessin’ - “Greene Song”

Chill stop-motion notebook doodled vibes from Blessin’s new vid for “Greene Song” off of their recently released Do You EP.

Dungeon Kids - 'Twin Ebb Tide'

Baltimore’s Dungeon Kids just dropped this gem of a pop rock album.  Definitely worth a listen!!

Keebs - “4 U”

Chicago’s Keebs absolutely entrances with this minimal yet robust electronic instrumental off her upcoming EP, Awake.

Phantom Posse - She Gets Lonely

No words for this…just love.

Kamp! - Early Days

Polish trio doing hard electronic pop with an EP called Baltimore?  Out on Cascine!?  I’m all in.  Pre-order it.

HOMESHAKE - Cash is Money

Montreal’s HOMESHAKE (all caps, all the time) have a new album coming out in September and all is chill with the world.