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Introducing: Carter John

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On October 29th at 8:02 AM, my handsome and snuggly baby, Carter John was born!  We are smitten and I have been enjoying the last week and a half healing and cuddling the sweetest and cutest little boy I have ever seen.  If you’re interested, here is the birth story.

Mom & Carter

We arrived at the hospital at 6:15 AM on the 29th.  For the last couple of months, I have been having lots of contractions and was told to take it easy because I couldn’t go into labor.  Both of my girls were delivered via c-section and the hospital policy is that you can’t VBAC after two c-sections.  My c-section was scheduled for the 29th, which just happened to be my dad’s birthday! (This was particularly fun because Carter is also the first grandson to be born in my family!)  We got checked in and we went over my history and I shared some concerns based on my previous c-sections. During my first c-section, I could feel them cutting me because the medication wasn’t strong enough.  For my second c-section, I had a bad reaction to the medication and was itching like crazy.  I was hoping to avoid both of these during the third c-section. :)  They hooked me up to an IV and wheeled me back to the OR. Once in the OR, the anesthesiologist did my spinal block and then we were ready to go.


When my Dr. opened me up, he got the first look at Carter and said, “This is one big boy!”  Normally, the Dr. pushes once on your stomach to push the baby out of the opening that he has cut.  This time, my baby was so big and squished in my stomach that they had to push over and over on my stomach trying to get him out.  It was just as painful as it sounds and is the part that has hurt the most during recovery. When they finally got him out and weighed him, I couldn’t believe how big he was!  9 LBS 3 OZ and 19.5″ long!  He really was a big boy!


Our family brought the girls to meet their new brother a couple of hours after he was born and I loved seeing their reactions.  The girls were smitten from the first time they saw him!

Mom, Addie & Carter

We were in the hospital for about 4 days and then finally got to go home.  We are so lucky to have such a calm, happy baby!  The girls can’t get enough of him and are such good helpers.  We definitely have had to adjust to a new norm, but overall, it really has been a good transition.  I feel so lucky that I have three beautiful and healthy children to call my own.

Lillie, mom & Carter

As I am trying to figure out a new schedule, please excuse the sporadic posting.  I still have the rest of the nursery to show you, and I have a ton of fun holiday tutorial ideas that I can’t wait to try out.  Thanks for all of your support!


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Fish Themed Nursery Mobile

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DIY nursery Mobile

I am continuing on with sharing parts of the nursery today.  If you missed the previous posts, you can check out the board & batten squares wall treatment and the nautical dresser makeover.  Today, I wanted to share how I made the mobile for over the crib.  Since the nursery is fish themed, it definitely seemed appropriate that I make a fish themed nursery mobile to go with it.  Making the mobile is so easy!

DIY mobile

Supplies needed:

  • Colored cardstock
  • Fishing line (or clear thread)
  • Large embrodery hoop
  • Ribbon
  • Tape or glue

I began by weaving the thread around the hoop to create a sort of grid to hang the fish from.  When I originally started this project, I thought it would be fun to have “bubbles” in the middle of the mobile, but it turned out to be too heavy.  It worked, but I really didn’t want something heavy to be hanging over the top of my baby’s crib.  Without the bubbles, the mobile weighs practically nothing and I definitely feel better about that.

DIY fish nursery mobile

Once the grid is in place, I cut various lengths of string with the longest in the middle and the shortest on the outside of the hoop.  I cut all of the fish out using my cricut explore machine which made it really easy.  I taped the fish onto the string by putting two fish together with the tape and thread in the middle.  I also made it so that all of the green fish were together in the middle, then the orange fish around them, finished off by using the blue fish.

Fish mobile

Last, I added the ribbon to the hoop by tying it in four different places and then attaching it to a longer piece that hangs from the ceiling.  It is all really simple knots but definitely secure.  In the end, I love the pop of color hanging above the crib and think it looks pretty cool when the heater turns on and the fish look like they are swimming around.


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