Mobile Friendly Media! Hello Bombplates!
We are happy to announce that we are very close to launching an HTML 5 compatible version of our media player!
As the web and the music industry move in a "mobile-friendly" direction, the onus is on us (see what we did there?) to keep Bombplates current and that's exactly what we are trying to do.
Our new player utilizes responsive design so it will look great on any device. It will even allow fans to stream your music on...

Welcome - Let's get things started Aaron News & Announcements Introductions 

People, I give you the team:

Justin Phelan - Co-Founder and front-end development guru. He is the rubber band that holds us all together, melding Stephen's bleeps and bloops and Aaron's teary eyed color choices into a cohesive unit of awesomeness.

Aaron Harlow - Co-Founder and all things design and marketing. I spend 80% of my time designing and marketing, 10% of my time whining about my feelings...I'm...

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ICANN Approves New Generic Top-Level Domain (gTLD) System - .music, .coldplay, & .teletubbies Now Possible Aaron Music Business In a recent decision by the ICANN (International Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers) we my be inundated by a plethora of new gTLDs (Generic Top Level Domains). In case you're not one of us funny little web techies in the know - gTLDs are those funny little things at the end of web addresses (.com, .gov, .org, .info, etc.). Up until now there were only a couple dozen, with this decision, the options are virtually endless.

Apparently -...

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Bombplates Has Been Given A Face Lift! Aaron News & Announcements Hi guys! We’ve been hard at work making the best band websites in the world even better. Here are a few things we’ve been up to lately.

New Bombplates Design

Some of you probably noticed that we did a major overhaul of the main Bombplates site. Chances are - you’re looking at it right now. We are awfully proud of it - but your opinion is the one that matters. Leave us a comment and let us know what you think.


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Exciting News from Bombplates! Stephen News & Announcements Dear Bombplates users,

We have been working hard during this past year to make improvements to the Bombplates system and features. With the new year right around the corner, we are thrilled to announce some exciting news: Bombplates has been acquired by the Nashville-based web company MusicCityNetworks. For over a decade, MCN has been providing the music industry with cutting-edge web design and digital strategy...

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Instagram Feed! Tommy Tips & Tricks Who doesn't love cat lomography or high-contrast food?

No one.


It's the only way to explain Instagram's immense popularity.



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Feature Spotlight : The Songwriters Catalog Tommy Features Artists have always been Bombplates' main focus - it's probably easier for me to look around and count who DOESN'T play an instrument than the other way around.

We are nerds and musicians at heart. While some of us are better at interacting with humans than others, collectively we're always looking for ways to combine those mentalities to create great tools for our users.

Being based in Nashville it is only natural...

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Bombplate of the Week: Kristy Lee Cook Anna Features And we’re back! After our absence from our blog we decided it was time to start it back up again, this time starting with a feature post on our Bombplate of the week, Kristy Lee Cook!

We get quite the diverse clientele here at Bombplates, and our very own Kristy Lee Cook is no exception to this. She is a one of a kind country artist, and after researching her and her catalog of music, she is definitely an artist to watch.

The Oregon native’s career took off in 2008 during her run...

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Campaign Monitor: A Simple kind of Email Marketing Anna News & Announcements We love being able to spotlight some of our favorite companies and now we get the chance to by proudly announcing our integration with Campaign Monitor!

Here at Bombplates we love being able to offer artists an expansive list of integrations and partnered companies for them to utilize for their careers. Campaign Monitor is one of our oldest integration partners and we think it’s about time we show them some more love for...

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Bombplate of the week: Cheryl LuQuire! Anna Features Fresh off of her multiple performances during CMA Fest 2013, we at Bombplates are proud to announce our Bombplate of the Week: Cheryl LuQuire!


We seem to be featuring a bunch of Country Artists lately, making sense considering we do live in the Music City…and CMA Fest 2013 just wrapped up…and a huge amount of our Bombplate users performed during it (woot, woot!)


Cheryl is a Nashville native, just like us,...

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Announcing: BandPage Connect Integration! Tommy News & Announcements BandPage Connect

Over the past few months we have been working closely with the team over at BandPage to forge a partnership that will bring their awesome services into the Bombplates universe.

It has been a great pleasure working with their...

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Bombplate of the Week: Gunnar and The Grizzly Boys! Anna Features Who doesn’t love some good country music to party to? Here at Bombplates, we ask that question to every single person who walks in the door, and to this day we have not yet found somebody who doesn’t.


Our Bombplate of the Week is a group of fun-lovin Michigan boys. We are proud to present...Gunnar and The Grizzy Boys!

These Michigan natives bring the party wherever they go, especially when they are on stage and especially ...

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Bombplate of the Week: The Bots! Anna Features I must say, when we were deciding on our Bombplate of the Week, it takes a bit of searching to find someone that I think is just right for that week. When I was perusing our list of users this fine morning I stumbled upon these guys, and might I say, I was blown away.


We at Bombplates are very proud to present our Bombplate of the Week: The Bots!



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Partners, Integrations, & Services Tommy News & Announcements Yesterday we launched something we have been looking forward to for some time. Something that we see as the future of Bombplates and the beginning of some huge things for our artists.

We are talking about the "Partners, Integrations, & Services" gallery.


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Bombplate of the Week : Carolina Story Anna Features There’s something about a male-female duo that just sounds right. The blend of the two drastically different sounding vocals always seems to give me chills. Now, I had heard of Carolina Story before this, but I hadn’t really delved into their music until now, and I’m so glad I did.  



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Mad Mimi Guest Blog : Use Email Marketing to Increase Engagement with your Fanbase Mad Mimi Tips & Tricks Email marketing is the natural next step to marketing yourself because it connects you to your fans. Mad Mimi happily integrates with Bombplates to make sending beautiful emails simple for you.


Using Mad Mimi’s straightforward drag-and-drop composer, you can create email newsletters to:

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Bombplate of the Week : Matt Caldwell! Anna Features I don’t know about you guys, but there is something about summer that makes me want to sit by a lake and listen to country music. When we chose Matt Caldwell as our featured Bombplate this week, I knew I had to hit the lake, ASAP.


Congrats, Matt! You’re our Bombplate of the week!


Matt was born and raised in a small town in the heart of Texas where he grew up developing his passion for music. He started...

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Bombplate of the Week : Petula Beckles! Anna Features Being in the Music City, where the Grand Ole Opry resides, and CMA fest is held. We get a great deal of country artists. Which is indeed fitting because of our local demographic. However, I love getting the chance to spotlight artists that stand apart musically from some of our other users. Petula Beckles, with her breath-taking gospel music is one of those artists.

Congratulations, Petula! You’re our Bombplate of the Week!


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We're Moving! Tommy News & Announcements Over the next week MCN Interactive (our parents) will be merging all operations under one roof.

While this may not seem like big news to our users at this time, we are very excited by what this means for the future of Bombplates.

Under the MCN umbrella are products and services that span the needs of artists of all career types. Everything from merch production (Futureshirts), tour fulfillment (...

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Bombplate of the Week : Yarn Anna Features We have quite a few bands who have been around since the early years of Bombplates, sticking with us through the glitches, changes and upgrades that we have gone through to get to the premium quality content we now provide. Luckily, during all this time, Yarn never left our side, and for that, this one is for you guys

Congrats, Yarn! You’re our Bombplate of the Week!



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Audio Player Updated : HTML5 2.0 Tommy News & Announcements Sell music directly from your player!

The most important part of an artist's career is a no brainer: their music.

It is the music that creates fans and gives an audience the connection it's looking for.

While dominated by a few major outlets there are TONS of places an artist can sell their music online. Each of them have pro's...

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Avoiding Scams on the Interwebs Stephen Music Business As the internet (including and especially social media) becomes more and more a daily part of people’s lives, and more and more business moves online, learning to spot and avoid scams becomes more and more an important. Your band doesn’t need to achieve much success at all before bottom feeders will start to emerge and try to get what little money you have.

I’ve often said that in a gold rush, the only guy who consistently makes money is the one selling the shovels. Your band is...

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Draw Stephen Music Business I read an interesting open letter last week about how venues need to work on building up their own draw instead of relying on bands to do all the promotion. That got me thinking about how draw works.

I’ve decided that there are 3 distinct types of draw; each of which has advantages and disadvantages, and each is depleted differently.


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5 Takeaways from @AmericanaFest Tommy Features A few days ago, the city of Nashville was overrun by banjo pluckers, guitar pickers and upright bass players (I had nothing clever for that one).

This sounds like the typical day in Nashville, but this was different. 

This was the Americana Music Festival. It's like SXSW for Folk.

Each year the Americana Music Association puts on a spectacular event...

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Bombplates Update 1/23/14 Tommy News & Announcements We're pushing a major update with various performance enhancements and system tweaks based on your feedback.

Some features may not be availble for older designs at the moment, but will be supported soon.

Bombplates Update 1/13/14

  • Band Logo is now linkable through Dashboard.
  • Favicons can now be uploaded through the “Site Settings” menu.
  • Background settings have been updated with better editing. Full support will be added to older designs...
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Theme Updates & Changes Tommy News & Announcements You may have noticed we've changed the naming sheme for the templates to clean things up a bit. We're not going to give away the secret, but its a pretty easy formula to figure out.

Along with some name changes, we've pushed out updates to several themes to take advantage of recently released features like...

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How to Effectively Use Download Campaigns Tommy Tips & Tricks It’s become common convention that giving away something for free is the only way to get fans to engage with an artist.

While a download for an email address is a great way to build your mailing list and start your following, it does not reward the fans that are truly boosting your income.

I often tell artists that they shouldn’t give away everything for nothing. Doing a special EP now and then at no cost works, but not every-single-one.

My general...

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System Updates 3/19 Tommy Features We are in the process of pushing out some system updates that will add the following features and fix a few bugs.

  • You can now password protect any page via Settings -> Password Protected Pages
    • You will also have the option to password protect any custom page on creation
  • Updated the core code for theme customization.
  • Improved handling of embedded videos on responsive designs

As always - if you see anything...

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System Updates 4/12/14 Tommy Features Here's a quick overview of some features and bug fixes we've been working on the past few weeks!

New Features

  • Google Tour Syncing - Tour dates now sync with Google's new Tour Syncing feature.
  • Blog Filtering - Fans can now filter blog posts by topic & year.
  • Scheduled Posts - You can now schedule posts to publish on a date in the future...
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Bombplates launches site for legendary band Tommy News BOMBPLATES LAUNCHES SITE FOR LEGENDARY BAND

This past week the Bombplates team launched a new website for the legendary Charlie Daniels Band. It is an honor to be asked to help tell the 50-plus year story of one of the worlds most recognized and acclaimed bands.


This was our largest artist to date, and we are proud to say that we were successful in finding solutions for a project that presented some...

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Which Email Service Is Best For Artists? Geoff Features While social networks have become a very important tool in an artist's brand-building repertoire,  Email marketing is still one of the best ways to stay in touch with your fan base. Sending news, tour dates, and media straight to their inbox makes sure they are in the loop even if they haven't visited your site in a while.

With your Bombplate you are able to integrate with most of the major email marketing services curretly available. These businesses allow you to...

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So What Happened Yesterday? Stephen News & Announcements If you attempted to log into your Bombplates site (or even visit, you might have noticed that you weren't able to reach your site for quite some time. You may have questions "What happened there?" "This is awful! I have a big show/album release/showcase coming up! Can I count on my site?"

The one-word answer is "hackers." "WHAT!?" you may say, "That just raises more - and more unsettling - questions!"

Good point! Let me back up a step. We use a 3rd-party DNS...

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