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Using Automation and Technology in the Warehouse for Operational Efficiency

Written by Justine Cross on 23 November 2017

When we think of automation and technology in the warehouse, we likely think about Kiva Robots, or the better known: ‘Amazon Robots’. After all, it was big news when Amazon started using 30,000 of these robots to help automate their picking processes. Consistently striving ahead with automation in retail, it can seem tough to keep up with big brands like this. But it doesn’t have to be.

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Retail Insights: Which Industry Came Out on Top in October 2017?

Written by Duncan Clark on 20 November 2017

In this article, we'll be diving into October's retail data to identify the key themes that emerged last month. Here are the top level highlights:

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Bristol Shopify Meetup: Q&A with Lush Longboards

Written by Beth Motherwell on 17 November 2017

At the recent Bristol Shopify meetup, hosted at Brightpearl UK HQ, we were lucky enough to be joined by Lush Longboards; one of the world’s leading brands of long skateboards.

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POS & Omnichannel: The Realities of Why They Go Hand-in-Hand [Infographic]

Written by Nicole Leinbach Reyhle on 13 November 2017

Few retailers realize that the omnichannel experience actually begins with their POS system. Omnichannel refers to creating a seamless shopping journey for your customers – whether that be via mobile, desktop, social media, in person, or all of the above – and POS systems help make these experiences possible. Very simply, omnichannel enables you to build those relationships by giving customers access to your brand through whichever combination of channels they prefer.

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Getting to Grips with Invoice Factoring

Written by Tony Smith on 10 November 2017

Invoice factoring is a type of finance normally used for B2B sales invoices, where you sell accounts receivable or invoices to a 3rd party or factoring company to allow for a quick and immediate cash injection into your company. Basically, you get paid faster than you normally would. But it will cost you.

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Learnings from the UKFast Roundtable: Key Ecommerce Trends

Written by Mark Hook on 08 November 2017

Our very own Derek O’Carroll, CEO of Brightpearl, joined UKFast and a selection of other specialists at the recent Ecommerce Expo event for a discussion on the key trends in ecommerce and what to expect for 2018.

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Technology Ignorance Will Cost the Average Retailer More Than $300,000 this Holiday Season

Written by Mark Hook on 06 November 2017

With this year’s holiday spending expected to reach $655.8 billion, there’s a great deal ofopportunity for retailers to succeed this festive season. However, many will miss the boat, as they’re tied up trying to manage the increase in footfall and traffic during busy periods.

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How Blockchain Technology Will Disrupt the World of Retail

Written by Duncan Clark on 02 November 2017

It’s fair to say that blockchain, the technology behind cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple, is mostly associated with the finance and banking world. However, its use is now quickly spreading into many other industries, including retail, as its wider benefits are realized.

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October: In Review 2017

Written by Danielle Ricketts on 31 October 2017

Hello and welcome to October: In Review

September | August | July

Happy Halloween! You’re in for a treat (rather than a trick) this Halloween as we recap on the best retail, ecommerce and digital marketing stories to hit the internet this past month. Sit back, relax and recap on these 4 scarily good industry insights...

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Retail Insights: What's the Heartbeat of Online Retail?

Written by Duncan Clark on 30 October 2017

A recent report that appeared in an article on Business Advice, revealed that Monday is the most popular day for online shopping, while Saturday surprisingly came out the least popular.  Reports on the US market suggest the same phenomenon exists. So we decided to compare the industry figures with the data generated by our own retailers on the Brightpearl platform throughout Q3 2017 (July to September), to find out whether the same pattern emerges and, more importantly, how prevalent it is.

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