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Understanding average cost method for inventory

Written by Scott Hill on 20 January 2017

Average costing is a way of accounting for your inventory that assigns all units of inventory with a single cost price, which is arrived at by taking the average cost for all those units. It’s an alternative method to FIFO or LIFO, which use the actual prices paid for each unit, even when the costs fluctuate.

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5 Retail Marketing Tips to Help You Thrive in 2017

Written by Nicole Leinbach Reyhle on 18 January 2017

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Less Risk, More Growth: 3 Technologies to Scale your Business in 2017 [Webinar]

Written by Danielle Ricketts on 16 January 2017

Running a retail business isn’t always easy. You come face-to-face with risks on a daily basis with some of the biggest threats including the risk of overselling due to inaccurate inventory, the chance of being the targeted by online fraudsters, and the possibility of struggling to accurately collect sales tax. If you’re focused on growth, it’s important to eliminate these risks so you can put your mind at ease and focus on the success of your retail business.

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3 Tips to Make the Most of your Returns Data

Written by Scott Hill on 13 January 2017

With the holiday sales behind us, we’re now deep into returns season, and today’s customers are bringing back their items with a vengeance. Last month, The Guardian posted a great piece on the hidden costs of ecommerce businesses, analyzing Barclaycard’s data report and highlighting customer returns as a revenue and operational threat.

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Year In Review: 2016 Independent Retail Trends [Infographic]

Written by Danielle Ricketts on 12 January 2017

2017 is officially here so we’re taking a look back at how our customers performed in 2016. At Brightpearl, we’re fortunate enough to work with over 1,200 independent retailers from various different industries so we’ve analyzed their performance throughout the entire year.

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Sales Tax Guide for Omnichannel Sellers

Written by Mark Faggiano on 06 January 2017

Selling your wares on multiple channels has become the new normal over the past several years and lots of ecommerce sellers are integrating Amazon, eBay, and other sales channels with their primary shopping cart. There are lots of benefits to becoming an omnichannel seller. After all, it’s a great way to boost your growth and expand into new audiences. But when you have multiple sales channels, back-end administration like sales tax compliance gets exponentially more complicated, too.

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The 2017 Retail Calendar: Key dates you need to think about as a retail business in 2017

Written by Danielle Ricketts on 05 January 2017

As the new year kicks into full swing and you plan for the year ahead, knowing key dates and events which will impact your retail business can make your life so much easier. It will give you the time to strategically plan for more sales, more profit and a more successful 2017. To help you plan for a prosperous year ahead, download this free 2017 Retail Calendar.

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SaaS vs Open Source: An Introductory Comparison

Written by Ryan Gilmore on 21 December 2016

While the holiday season is dominating most merchant’s minds, some savvy store owners are already turning their focus to next year and improvements they can make to their businesses.

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Understanding retail metrics and KPIs

Written by Kayla Grigg on 16 December 2016

Understanding metrics and KPIs can be the key to success for your retail business. They give you the insight you need to make better business decisions. We asked the experts at Grow to share everything you need to know about metrics and KPIs. 

We are excited that Brightpearl has invited us to share some insights into metrics, KPIs, data visualizations and why it matters. This blog takes a look at the difference between the two, what key indicators you should look out for, and how using dashboards can bring your metrics to life. 

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Kicking Off 2017 Right... 5 Retail Resolutions You'll Want on Your To-Do-List

Written by Nicole Leinbach Reyhle on 09 December 2016

As years come and go, there’s no more ideal time than the start of a New Year to reset your business goals in an effort to gain future success. Among the things to add to your resolution to-do-list for 2017 include strengthening your existing retail operations, incorporating more social opportunities into your day-to-day business agenda and becoming more savvy about data and how it can help your business.

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