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"The flash drives are perfect and getting plenty of use. Thanks for all your help!
- Chrissie Pasquesi, Digital Ad Sales, MTV

"The jump drives were a smashing success!"
- Joelleen Brandt, University of Pittsburgh

"Our drives exceeded our expectations! CFgear’s kindness and quick response will definitely keep us coming back for more!"
- Suzann Taylor, Marketing Coordinator, TravelFocus

"Many thanks for helping us order and receive the flash drives. They were a big hit."
- Brett J. Libresco, IEG WORLD BANK

"We love them. They look great!"
- Michele Seaton, Assistant Director of Admissions, The University of South Dakota

"We think CF Gear has about the best customer service we've ever experienced!"
- Hannah Wachs, Director of Marketing, Alchemy Television Group

"Great product, quick shipping, and extremely helpful with everything. Thanks to you all."
- Heather DeSpain, Regis University


Date: 8/25/2016 8:25 AM UTC

Our custom crystal USB flash drives are the envy of every photographer, wedding planner or event manager looking to deliver swag that hits the mark to all their visitors, colleagues and guests!

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Date: 8/25/2016 8:24 AM UTC

Steel, wood, plastic, silicone and a host of other products can produce amazing results when morphed into a custom USB flash drive!

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Date: 8/25/2016 8:22 AM UTC

Launching a new product?
Do you need a creative way to deliver the user manual on a complex piece of machinery or equipment?
How about a product release with the media and you want a giveaway to stand out?

If so, we have made more than 1000 individual product custom shaped USB flash drives and shipped them to 53 different countries around the globe!

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Date: 8/25/2016 8:08 AM UTC

Here are a few images of custom shaped USB flash drives matching your brand and logo to a T!

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Date: 8/25/2016 8:06 AM UTC

Custom Shaped USB Flash Drives are simply stunning and when you can choose from more than 1000 custom designs we've already done OR create your own masterpiece with CFgear, you know you are in great hands!

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Date: 8/9/2016 7:43 AM UTC

Still amazed on the precision and detail of this prototype created for RMS Roller-Grinder Careers. We have the ability to bring your device or equipment to life in so many ways and with so many uses. Hand out company information on a custom USB Flash Drive at a career fair so you stand out from the crowd. Highlight a new product design and load your catalog and/or data control pages on the CFgear flash drive. Even wow your future customers with a mailer that includes a custom shaped USB device with an invite to a customer only webpage or event launching the product!

Let us know what you may need and we have so many creative ways to help bring it to

Posted by Habib Obaid | Post a Comment

Date: 7/13/2016 5:20 PM UTC

Who doesn't like a super fun park in the summer! Still one of our long time fav's from Fun Spot America with their super awesome Head Rush 360 attraction and a their newest location in Kissimmee! What an awesome destination for all and some cool custom USB flash drives as well!

We produce so many unique and one of a kind items for water parks, theme parks and more. USB flash drives are the best way to capture and share that magic photo from the screams at the roller coaster or how about our program with Wild Water West Waterpark last year where we donated custom power banks to ensure kids with dead phones could get an emergency charge and get a ride home from the park!

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Date: 7/8/2016 4:05 PM UTC

Still impressed with these prototypes we built for the Toledo Zoo. Love what they do there with their Earth Day projects and so many community events. These custom USB octopus flash drives are just of more than 100 zoo animals we have made for zoos around the country that are used for a variety of on site event and meetings.

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Date: 6/29/2016 12:11 PM UTC

Always enjoy helping local entities and events shine brightly with custom USB flash drives in every color and shape under the rainbow!

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Date: 6/24/2016 3:40 AM UTC

Another unique drive style we created at CFgear for a customer. A leather cover with a stainless steel housing until holding a USB 3.0 flash drive! Science and technology meets fashion!

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