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One-page, No-Clicks

Industry approved portfolio and resume specifically designed by recruitment teams to simplify and fast track the hiring of ambitious artists.


All Devices

Your portfolio will be with you at all times. More importantly it will be accessible by recruiters and their teams in pixel perfet glory as it should be.


Take Control

With a single click, you can instantly promote your portfolio directly to the worlds leading creative companies and take control of your career.

What is a Tyroe?

An aspiring artist with 0-5 years professional experience in the highly competitive fields of 3D Animation, Next-Gen Games, Graphic Design, Web Design, Industrial Design, Illustration, Motion Graphics, Photography, Fashion, Architecture...

Macbook Air

Stop knocking on doors

it's time to get noticed

We know how difficult it can be to get noticed by big name companies, especially for creative fields. Competition is fierce, positions are limited, and applying for jobs always feels like a one-way street. Your Tyroe portfolio will make you instantly visible to recruiters and key staff members at the companies you have dreamed of working for.


Real-time notifications

directly into your inbox

We know what it's like to send your demo reel and resume to a company and not hear anything back from them.

Tyroe puts you back in control by sending you detailed information about which companies are looking at your work, what jobs they are currently hiring for, and most importantly which jobs you are being shortlisted and condisered for.

Macbook Air

The perfect portfolio

designed and approved by recruiters

We have collaborated directly with recruiters and senior artists working at the worlds leading creative studios to design what we believe is the perfect "One-page, No-click" webpage to showcase your skills and your personality.

Your portfolio has been designed to showcase your work to recruitment teams so they can quickly review your work on all devices, and in a pixel-perfect environment.


Compare your scores

against the competition

When companies hunt for talent, they are encouraged to work as a team, share opinions, rate your skills, and offer general advice about your work and suitability to their teams.

Your Tyroe profile will give you access to this insanely valuable information. You will finally know exactly how you stack up against the competition, and your own expectations.