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Today we hack

Each summer at charity: water, we take two days away from work and team up on fun and intensive projects to bring exciting ideas to life. It’s a time for our staff to step out of their comfort zones (and desk zones), and spend a couple days looking at things from a fresh perspective with teammates they don’t usually get to spend enough time with. It’s the perfect place to bring an idea to life that you’ve always wanted to try out, but found that it never really aligned with your day-to-day work. And it creates an environment where ideas and innovation can thrive, where failure is seen as equally important as success, and where we can practice creative thinking while collaborating together.

Our third annual Hackathon took place last week and the days were filled with lots of sticky notes, snack breaks, and most of all, a whole bunch of great ideas.

And although not all of these ideas will live on, here’s what we hacked up:

Office Tour: Kids Edition

We created a fun and engaging experience for kids in the office where they get to collect stamps on their very own Passport as they complete activities around the office like going on a Water Walk, watching VR, writing on our #nothingiscrazy wall, pumping the well and more, all to unlock donations for clean water. 


charity: cast

To establish a new way to reach our audiences with a focus on stories from the field, one team created charity: water’s very own podcast, charity: cast. They outlined future topics and themes and even recorded and produced the pilot episode featuring Robin Cho, one of our water programs officers, who is currently in Mozambique!


Power of 10 Timeline

With our 10th anniversary fast approaching, this Hackathon team created a timeline of charity: water’s biggest milestones over the past 10 years including stories, events, projects, campaigns, and trips to the field. As an added bonus, they also created “An Evolution of Scott’ timeline showcasing Scott’s biggest moments since the beginning of charity: water.


Supporters Starter Pack

In an effort to support those who are getting the word out about charity: water, running campaigns, and donating, we created a Supporters Starter Pack both for kids and adults filled with goodies such as informational decks, reference sheets with facts and figures, inspirational videos, pictures, and activities to help them spread the charity: water story to their communities.


Utilizing our Data Platform

As an organization that heavily relies on data, one team explored different ways we can use our data to make our work more productive and efficient. This included generating donor profile dashboards with insights into their cumulative giving and donating habits. 


The Spring Mobile App

As we continue to work on making the experience for our monthly donors better, this Hackathon team brainstormed what it would look like to have a mobile app featuring a feed with updates from the field, a profile highlighting your personal impact, a map to see the status of projects in the field, an area to interact with other monthly donors in your community, and more.


A Healthy, Green, and Productive Office

Healthy people make for a healthy team. One team came up with ways that we can promote each other’s health with office yoga, running or biking as a team, keeping our office green, and friendly weekly competitions with staff metrics to keep us going. They also brainstormed methods to make our team more productive including meditation and individual meeting caps.


Unlocking Matching Funds

Major donors and brands love to give in a way that maximizes their impact. This Hackathon team brainstormed how we can use matching funds to get more subscriptions, activate campaigns, and increase referrals. They created a coupon page to catch potential donors before they abandon our website with matching incentives to stick around.


The Collective: A Volunteer Club

We created a pilot brand ambassador program in five key cities that builds awareness, boosts our revenue streams, and creates new communities of volunteers and supporters across the country. This program is anchored in unlocking a series of badges tied to specific challenges that unlock key resources and perks.


VR Landing Page

This Hackathon team designed and built a VR site that features the amazing work charity: water is doing with virtual reality. It shares not only our VR film “The Source,” but also behind the scenes photos and videos, how-it’s-done, write-ups, extras, and more.


Team Rogue

And one team went a little rogue. They wanted to tackle the problem of centralizing all our online products via a unified supporter portal. Needless to say, they bit off a little more than they could hack. So instead, they decided to merge all the account settings and hard code a really simple logged in state for our supporters.


And of course, documenting all the fun on Snapchat!


(Photos courtesy of Sam Dornfest and Cubby Graham)

charity: water

We believe in birthdays

charity: water began almost ten years ago with a birthday party. Since then, it’s been one of the best ways for supporters (especially young ones) to help raise money for clean water.

Today, over 18,000 people have used their birthday to help serve others in need. And together they’ve raised enough to bring clean and safe drinking water to half a million people around the world.

This community is incredible, and we wanted to introduce some of them to you. Here are four young heroes who are currently sacrificing their birthday gifts to help bring clean water to families in need…


Evelyn and Madison - Age 3

(Photo courtesy of Karin Heitzman)

Meet Evelyn and Madison. Two of the cutest three-year-olds we have the pleasure of knowing. These twins both pledged their 3rd golden birthday this year to help bring clean water to people around the world after their parents heard about charity: water on the Bill Simmons podcast.

We were blown away by all the personal stories. The different stories and statistics really pulled at our heart strings and it just happened to be that we listened to the podcast the week before the girls’ birthday.

Inspired by the lightbulb going off that they wanted to help build the character trait of generosity in their children at a young age and get them thinking about the future of serving together as a family and living for others, Evelyn and Madison’s parents talked to the girls about giving up their birthday for charity: water.

charity: water is the golden bullet of birthday presents. You give health, education, and time to families. There is not a day that goes by when I don’t think about how much water we use, and how I never worry about my children being sick from the water they drink.”

After flooding social media with cute pictures of the twins and spreading the message of these little girls desire to help others, the donations started pouring in. Many people who don’t even know the Wever family have been donating to the girls’ campaign and even going beyond the $6.

Evelyn and Madison have been thrilled to see the success of their campaign and even more thrilled to know that they’re helping change the lives of kids all around the world.

Momma gives us clean water, other mommas should have clean water to give to their kids too.


Dylan - Age 8

Ever since he was 4, Dylan has chosen to support a charity on his birthday. Two years ago, he heard that professional skateboarder Tony Hawk pledged his birthday for charity: water and he was so inspired, he decided to pledge his birthday too.

This is Dylan’s second birthday campaign for charity: water and he’s already on a roll. He’s hosted lemonade and art stands to raise money and even hosted a birthday party where he asked for cash gifts instead of presents.

Thanks so much for your support, Dylan! We can’t wait to see the impact your birthday has on the lives of people all around the world!


Sydney - Age 15

Sydney first heard about charity: water when she was 9 years old and a girl from her church started fundraising for the organization. A girl that we all have come to know and love over the years: Rachel Beckwith.

After hearing Rachel’s story, Sydney was inspired and knew that anyone, no matter what age they were, could make a difference.

When Sydney first started her campaign, she reached her fundraising goal of $450 within three hours! Since then, she has posted about her campaign on social media and even had a birthday party where she asked her friends to donate to her campaign instead of bringing her gifts.

So far Sydney has raised over $1,200 and we can’t wait to see what else she has in store.


Gabriel - Age 6

Six-year-old Gabriel Torres first heard about charity: water when his mom showed him videos of families and kids from around the world working hard to gather water that wasn’t even clean.

“I never knew so many people didn’t have clean water,” he said. “When I saw how hard these families worked to get water from open wells that they could get hurt using, and how they walked for so long to get there just to bring home brown water to their children and families, I wanted to help.”

This is Gabriel’s first birthday campaign for charity: water and he’s already raised over 3 times his initial goal! He raised his first $130 in a matter of minutes just by talking to his dad’s friends about what he was planning on doing for his birthday. And for his birthday party, he even created his own Jerry Can to collect donations.

“Many people are very happy when they see how much I care. They think it’s pretty cool that I decided I didn’t want toys for my birthday or any gifts. Instead I wanted $6 to change lives and give people clean water that don’t have it today. I know that I have clean water and I never knew how lucky I was. I think everyone should be able to have clean water like we do.”

Keep up the awesome work, Gabriel!

charity: water fundraisers nothingiscrazy birthdays
Over the past decade we’ve met dads all over the world.This Father’s Day, we’ve curated a list of extra special gifts based on what Dads love. But you better hurry because they’re going fast…
The 100% Remote ControlJust like our 100% Model, this...

Over the past decade we’ve met dads all over the world.

This Father’s Day, we’ve curated a list of extra special gifts based on what Dads love. But you better hurry because they’re going fast…


The 100% Remote Control

Just like our 100% Model, this universal remote never compromises. From TVs to garage doors, the 100% Remote Control works on 100% of electronic devices.



Artisanal Fundraiser-Made Lemonade

Refreshing. Fresh squeezed. Handmade by a supporter who wants to change the world. Ci-trust us… this is the good stuff.



Assorted “Plumbing Supplies”

Every tool your dad needs to save the day. Perfect for home sinks, apartment toilets, and even ventilated improved pit latrines.



Clean Water for One Person

Make dad feel like a real hero by giving clean water in his honor. Every $30 can bring clean water to one person in need.

Just to be clear, we don’t actually sell universal remotes, plumbing supplies, or lemonade. But we did have fun pretending…


Also- you really can give clean water in honor of your dad. And 100% of your gift really will fund water projects for people in need.

Happy Father’s Day, friends.

Father's Dad charity: water gifts for dad

5 of Our Favorite Young World-Changers

Over the years, thousands of people have started their own fundraising campaigns for charity: water. People have biked, swam, hosted concerts, run marathons, given up their birthdays, and more – all to help us bring clean water to people in need.

You would think we have seen it all. But time and time again, we are constantly blown away by the support of our fundraisers.

Especially when those fundraisers are half our size.

Who would have thought the smallest kids could have the biggest hearts. Here are five of our favorite world-changers fundraising for clean water today.


1. Cosette’s Paintings with a Purpose

One of our favorite fundraisers joined the charity: water family before most kids can even talk. Cosette Swart was only 3 years old when she learned that many people don’t have enough food or water to live. Wanting to do something about this, she started selling her paintings to raise money.

Cosette is now 5 years old and has raised over $6,000 for charity: water through paintings alone! She’s currently running her third fundraising campaign and is still going strong.

Check out Cosette’s Fundraising Campaign


2. Two Youth Groups in Fairport and Penfield 

Two Youth Groups from St. Joseph’s Church in Penfield and Fairport United Methodist Church have combined forces once again this year for their second fundraising campaign for clean water.

They’ve hosted multiple events to raise awareness about the global water crisis over the past few years. So far, they’ve brought clean water to nearly 100 people in need! And they’re just getting started.

Check out Fairport & Penfield for Clean Water


3. Arav’s Water Works

Arav is one of the most dedicated and passionate kids we’ve ever met. He first gave up his 6th birthday two years ago and raised over $3,000 to bring clean water to over 100 people.

He’s given up his birthday every year since then, and today, he’s raised over $8,000 for clean water.

That’s more than 260 people who no longer have to worry about getting sick from drinking dirty water – thanks to the big heart of small 8-year-old boy.

Way to go, Arav!

Check out Arav’s Water Works


4. Students4H2O

Three teenagers from Martin County, Florida (collectively known as Students4H2O) are on a mission to trade Jerry Cans for backpacks.

They want to fund an entire water project for a community in need so that kids no longer have to spend their days walking for water, but can instead get an education at school.

So far, they’ve led a number of initiatives to raise awareness and funds for clean water, including their very own Water Fest – featuring music, contests, face paintings, and a bounce house.

They’re currently only $1,500 away from their goal of $10,000, and we can’t wait to see them reach it!

Check out Students4H2O


5. Anna & Liv

After reaching their goal of $10,000 in just one night after asking for donations instead of gifts at her Bat Mitzvah, Anna and her friend Liv (who also gave up her birthday for clean water), have decided to raise their fundraising goal to $20,000!

They did their own research on the water crisis, chose to support charity: water, and started a club at school.

“We are the only two members of our club – we’re the Co-Founders and CEOs. But we don’t necessarily need any more members - too many people can mean too many opinions.”

Spoken like a true entrepreneur!

Check out Anna & Liv’s Fundraising Campaign

charity: water fundraisers nothingiscrazy

#RedNoseDay Ready

It’s that time of year again. Time for all of us to come together, have a little bit of fun, and make a huge difference for kids around the world. The enormously popular fundraising event, Red Nose Day, is back and will be airing live on NBC on Thursday, May 26 at 9pm ET.

Red Nose Day is a two-hour live televised benefit show hosted by NBC that features some of the biggest stars coming together for a night of laughs and musical performances all to help raise money for children living in poverty in the U.S. and around the world. Through the power of entertainment, Red Nose Day has raised over $1 billion globally in the last 25 years.

And all of us here at charity: water couldn’t be more excited!


Last year, through the support of our partnership with Red Nose Day, we were able to bring clean and safe drinking water to over 30,000 people in Rwanda. This year, we want to help even more. All funds we receive from Red Nose Day this year will go towards building clean water projects in Nepal.

Many of Nepal’s water sources are not only difficult and dangerous to access, they are highly contaminated. Half of the children living in Nepal are underweight and 60% of childhood death results from malnutrition, exacerbated by having to drink dirty water. Additionally, over half of the population live without toilets and access to adequate sanitation.

charity: water has supported projects in Nepal for over five years, and we have served nearly  227,000 people with clean water through 1,131 projects. With our implementing partner, Nepal Water for Health (NEWAH), we provide lifesaving water and sanitation services to rural communities by constructing gravity-fed piped water systems that help deliver pure spring water across miles of rugged terrain directly to community tap stands. And with help from Red Nose Day, we can make this a reality for even more communities there.

But we want you to be a part of the fun too!

Head on over to your nearest Walgreens store to get your very own Red Nose for only $1 and snap a picture of yourself to share with your networks. You can use #RedNoseDay and @charitywater in your posts to help spread the word. Once you’ve got your family and friends on board, remember to watch the special on NBC on May 26 at 9pm ET. It’s going to be an incredibly entertaining show and powerful night, and you definitely don’t want to miss it.

And through it all remember to have fun, share a laugh, and know that you’re helping change lives for kids all around the world.

Red Nose Day charity: water Nepal