use original ink cartridge

24Have you seen the advertisement that shows a printer coughing after using non-original ink cartridge? I think it makes some sense.

My Canon printer didn’t cough, but it had to swallow a whole new ink cartridge just to clear its throat. I can’t believe it I had to use up one whole new ink tank just to clean the nozzle head and nothing improved! How frustrating it was to print force diagram with all the forces missing. The ink cartridge was from SEPOMs. (who knows how long have they been storing those things before selling them in bulk during computer shows)

So I bought an original Canon ink tank to test out. Back to normal. (if that had failed, that means the problem is with the print head. If you change the print head, you might as well change a new printer. $$)

Non-original ink cartridge saves you half the money but gives you twice the frustration.

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zebra crossing bastard

crossIf you are driving and you happen to see me at the zebra crossing, I think you will call me a bastard.

Why? Cos if I see a car speeding down towards the zebra crossing, ridiculously far enough for me to cross but fast enough to knock me down, I’ll just take one step down onto the zebra crossing, stand still there, stare in the direction of the driver’s seat, wait for the car to stop completely (and I mean 0.00 m/s), then cross safely.

Why? Cos I had a few near-misses before. I was crossing the road and those drivers refused to slow down or stop and they just sped down when I was barely 3/4 way across. My leg was like a few inches from the bumper lor. If you don’t make them stop, they’ll just take their chance.

I’m not going to take my chance. I’m not Robocop or Gundam and my body is not made of steel.

me2135 continuous assessment

to my ME2135 Fluid Mechanics II course mates:

To help you kickstart the write-up, the following are some tips.
First, you must go and find Siggi’s article. The NUS Libraries website should be helpful. Just follow the instruction that Siggi wrote. You should be able to find whom he has quoted from the article itself.

Next, find one article that has quoted Siggi. If you haven’t made friend with Google, then make friend with me. Harvard University seems to be Siggi’s friend, and you can find 10 citations to Siggi’s articles HERE. Take your pick, but look out that some are not published yet. I think.

Now on to part II, you can choose to go to Central Library, and if you are lucky, you will find all the journals loan out. Checking out LINC is a good idea. Anyway you still need to find the call number, so you HAVE to check LINC (unless you copy from a friend). Take note that the library has stopped subscribing to the printed copy of some journals and so you may be left with the electronic copy. E-Journals is where you should go then.

curse of the bobo shooter

trebOur team didn’t win in the Trebuchet Competition 2007. Cos our team name is bobo shooter. -_-” (army lingo. Give him an elephant as target also can’t hit)

This competition was organized by ASME. Each team was to build a trebuchet according to restrictions set by the organizer and on the day of the competition we were supposed to hit our lecturers with water bombs. ^___^

The competition was quite fun, more like a carnival than a competition. So might as well don’t take the outcome so seriously and just enjoy ourselves =) And if our trebuchets can’t hit our lecturers, we can always use our own hands to throw. hj and I had some fun playing with a remote control car that he brought along. We looked like kids.

What have I learned through this competition: A lot.
Actually I can be quite stubborn. At times I really would insist on my idea (although sometimes one should stand firm on his belief), such as the design of the machine. Then I told myself I’m not the boss around, and pulled myself a step back to hear what others have to say (although it may not be to your likings. C’mon if everything suits you, then there’s world peace liao)
Commitment: you can’t really ask for the same level of commitment from everyone in the team. There were times I was quite unhappy about how little time and effort some teammates seemed to put into the project, but then I should have realized that everyone has his/her other commitments. It’s just how individual does the division.
Fairness: okay, *sourgrape alert*. Different standards were applied to different teams. Some teams could remove the wooden board at the firing point, some teams could shift their trebuchet back, some teams could use exta length, and of course some teams couldnot. If everything in the real world is fair, then world peace liao lor.

Much that I would want to light the thing up with kerosene, I’m still proud of our trebuchet.

The trebuchet was donated to Hoe’s Foundation aka hj’s hostel room for research purposes.

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here is what I’ve found for you :

english-speaking chinese

observation 1:

I was buying chicken rice at engin canteen, then there was this student from China behind me. He placed his order in English, and the chicken rice auntie couldn’t understand him. She tried to use her limited English to communicate with the PRC student, but somehow it took them quite a while before the PRC student finally switched to speaking Mandarin and got what he wanted.

observation 2:

I was looking around at the bazaar at central forum, then I saw this booth selling ink cartridges. So I approached them (the booth was manned by all Chinese) and enquire about the price in Mandarin. Pure Mandarin, no Singlish, no Hokkien, no Tamil, no Bahasa Melayu. The guy replied me in English, with mainland Chinese accent. Somehow I continued to enquire in Mandarin, and he continued to answer in English.

Is there a reason why students from PRC prefer to use English?
(just a disclaimer, I have nothing against people from People’s Republic of China)


lt7This morning I met something stupid at Arts Faculty.

I was walking from AS6 to Block ADM, then suddenly a girl popped up in front of me (sorry, no pop-up blocker) and asked me for direction to LT7B.

girl: excuse me, do you know where is LT7A?
me: it’s at engin.
girl: then what about LT7B?
me: there is no LT7B.
girl: but my schedule says LT7B leh…
me: there is LT7, LT7A, but no LT7B.
girl: then may I know where is engin?
me: across the road lor.

Obviously she was doing some experiment or survey, but why couldn’t she just ask directly? Who on earth will be asking for direction to lecture theatre in week 3? And she just asked the wrong person. For 4 semesters I have been having most of my lectures at LT7 and LT7A. If she had asked for other faculties’ LTs, I could have fallen for the trap.

I felt like wanting to spoil the fun, or should I have brought her to campus security? That should be fun.

smoker = litterbug

DES_060Is it fair to say that most smokers are litterbugs?

I have nothing against smokers, just that have you seen a smoker walking around with ashtray in hand? No. Then where does the ash go? Literally everywhere the smoker goes, when he is smoking that is.

Solution: integrate an ashtray with the cigarette pack. Since most probably smokers carry the cigarette pack with them everywhere they go.

Some smokers say the ban on smoking in eateries is a violation of human rights. Actually why can’t restaurants install overhead ventilation fans that suck in the cigarette smoke vertically up before it goes into someone else’s nose?

By the way yesterday I saw a lorry’s front passenger threw his cigarette butt out of the window. What if it hit a motorcyclist behind?

Improving Life – the Design of Swedish Innovations

weldingOther than bringing IKEA (and its meatballs) to every continent, Swedish innovations are actually around us everyday.

Organised by the Embassy of Sweden and National Museum of Singapore, the exhibition “Improving Life – the Design of Swedish Innovations” showcases some interesting Swedish innovations (duh!). They can be as common as your Yeo’s drink packet, or as high tech as a smart vacumn cleaner that knows which part of your floor is (not) cleaned. If you drink Absolut Vodka everyday, then you can consider it your Swedish everyday life thing.

Open till 11 February from 10am – 9pm at the National Museum of Singapore, admission is free.

coffee vietnamese style

vietcoffeeForgot to share with you all about my new toy.

My brother went to Vietnam last December and bought me a coffee filter cup + 2 packets of Vietnamese coffee powder!

The filter itself works in the principle of a filter. (duh!) First you add coffee powder into the cup, wet the powder, then pour in more hot water and wait for it to finish dripping into your cup below. Not recommended for people who are rushing to lectures.

The intersting things are the ground powder. One packet is the famous Trung Nguyen, which I haven’t opened up yet. The other, hohoho…. is the even more expensive chon weasel, aka weasal coffee! It’s said that the weasels know how to choose the best coffee beans, then they eat them up but can’t digest them, and well, they have to shit the beans out. You can continue the story from here.

The coffee tastes special though, not like anything I have tasted before. (yeah yeah, stop thinking about excrement)

synchronised tapping

radioThis morning I was on the bus, sitting at the window seat, listening to Gold 90.5 on my earphones, tapping the beat with my fingers, and looking out of the bus window.

Then a Mercedes Benz moved beside the bus and I saw the front passenger tapping the same beat as me. It was like synchronised. I saw the big digital letters “Gold 90.5″ on the dashboard console.

That’s the wonder of radio wave.

Want to hear what I was listening to?