How people buy Youtube views for Social Fame

Everyone wants social fame and money. The Internet has made it possible to surface the talent which used to be hidden before. Now, anyone who got to be some talent, film it and show to the rest of the world. One such platform is Youtube which has gained large spikes in traffic since it launched in 2005. Generally, Youtube views act as a parameter for deciding popularity of a video. So, this prompts many so-called- quick fame admirers, to buy Youtube views.

Why people buy Youtube views?

People want fame quickly and in many cases, it worked too. Since the launch of Youtube, people got a platform on which they can show their skills without the need of promoting by any film producers. If it is worth of getting fame, then there must be competition. And this competition to come up leads entrepreneurs to provide services people want. Now, there are many digital marketing agencies which help in promoting Youtube videos. And Youtube has emerged as a new facebook for business and individuals where they sell their services or talent. It acts as a business model for those individuals too who don’t have services to sell because Youtube monetization program has already captured the talent of many creators.

I will ask you one question, after that, you will get the answer as to why people need to buy youtube views. Suppose you want to watch a tutorial on youtube, you searched for the keyword, few related results popped up. One video have 100 views while another have 100000 views, which one you would like to watch? Definitely, you will click on the second video because our mind is programmed to evaluate popularity by seeing numbers. That is why people want their Youtube videos to have more views.

Youtube ranking algorithm also favours videos with larger views and that’s why those videos turn up higher in search results. Also, Youtube monetization programme pays higher on those videos which have crossed 10,000 views mark. So, whether you want to rank a video higher in search results or you want to earn more money or you want to win over people psychology, you may buy Youtube views to pace up the process.

Is buying Youtube views really worth?

The short answer is -yes. It has worked for many to get popularity. But this works fine until you buy Youtube views from a bogus agency. Because also considers user experience while deciding the ranking of a particular video. So, we can say that digital marketing agencies which provide youtube views with high retention rate are worth of buying from, otherwise, you are just killing your fame and money. So be wise for choosing right things for your youtube fame gaining endeavours.

Buying your way to fame using Instagram comments

Fame and eminence have been recognized by Marlow as the most burning need of an individual. To fulfill this need, people have resorted to the most extreme of measures, the one that we talk about today is acquiring fame through Instagram, and how people buy Instagram comments, as a means to achieve it.
So, What are these Instagram comments? They are usually bot generated comments ( contrary to the claims made by online websites) to lift a post to visibility. There are many websites catering to such demands, and they charge expeditiously for 10 comments to 3000 comments, ascertaining quickest delivery time possible. Some even have options to customize the content! So a bought package would give you any amount of comments you ordered in whichever way you want. The prices may vary from website to website, but all of them promise an authentic and well-written comment, obviously singing praises for the picture.
Is it legal?Instagram may know about it but hasn’t yet taken any remarkable steps against it. If you wade through the profiles of a lot of celebrity Instagram users, reading through the comments that they received, you would be able to notice a stark similarity in most of them. Giving up on them buying the comments. It has become a very common practice these days to do so if you could do it with impunity, why not do it, right?
Who buys comments?You may believe that people who want to experience overnight stardom would be the recurrent customers, right? Well, there’s more than what meets the eye. Individuals from various forums hired by companies to promote their brands get involved in buying comments. This is tantamount to scamming the company, but then it is the way it happens. It’s is very important to be noticed, even if the fame is garnered through fake comments.
It is worth noting how much importance have been accorded to fame and the underlying benefits that entail fame. Acquiring fame gives people a sense of security, that they don’t see these days in the work they would do generally. It has become a means to reach inner peace, or for genuine reasons like promoting your brand. But, as we move along this century, people have slowly started turning into a brand themselves, judged based on the amount of facebook friends they have, the Instagram comments written to their name etc. This fake sense of security that people achieve when they buy Instagram comments would just result in the booming of this business, and more money for such websites.

Tools for Success on Instagram – Buy Instagram Views


More and more businesses are seeing the benefit of using Instagram videos in the form of product demonstrations, advertisements, and online tutorials in generating business. With search engines now accounting social signals from various social sites when determining SERP rankings, it is now more important than ever to develop and leverage social presence as a way of attracting business and strengthening relationships with consumers.

There are many ways by which you can attract more followers and viewers to your Instagram channel, make your videos go viral, and encourage engagement through views, likes, and comments. Being the largest video sharing platform, Instagram is indeed one of the most important web channels to target if you wish to gain more popularity and promote your business more effectively online.

Using ordinary and traditional promotional strategies and techniques on the video sharing site can be effective, although it may take a long time before you can see actual results. If you have a campaign that is in a hurry to get popular or would like to see a boost in your rankings, fast, consider buying Instagram views or likes and legitimate followers to help you get the results you want and increase your ranking.

Buying Instagram views is a great way to kick start your video campaign. Instead of starting from zero, your video upload can start from a few hundred or thousand views to set it in motion. The number of views on your video is a great indicator of authority and relevance. Purchasing views also helps strengthen social credibility by making you look like a more reputable source that people can take seriously. This is because your view counts tell people that your video is actually worth watching. With increased buzz in your online videos, you also increase leads and ultimately boost your sales and conversions.

You will find many providers and vendors selling well targeted Instagram views and followers. However, you should remember that Buying Instagram views and followers should only ever be used as a way to kick start your campaign and not as a way to constantly have a significant number of views. You should also remember to choose only reputable companies so that you may avoid scams and protect your company’s interest as you use this kind of strategy to help you boost your video campaign and overall marketing efforts.You can get more information on our services, when you log onto Social Media. Instagram has grown in leaps and bounds in the social media world, and having huge followers at a price that is amazing, could be your dreams becoming true.

How to buy Instagram followers successfully

Buying Instagram followers offers you the easiest and quickest way of kick-starting your Instagram account. It is always tough to begin from zero on social media and this exercise will give you a small helpful push. Millions of Instagram members have bought followers and this includes from celebrities to local businesses. Very few however admit doing it. Buying followers is not just about the huge numbers or popularity, it is about the impact of your purchase. If you have a thousand followers or more, people are likely to take your posts more seriously. More followers will get your more likes and comments on your posts which entirely gives you a better social media platform to showcase your offers for better online business.

Tips of how to buy Instagram followers.

The buying exercise is very simple. All you need to do is choose your preferred company or service and provide them with your username or a link to your photo without giving your password away. After making your order, you should be able see your account gaining followers within a few hours or days, depending on the chosen company. It is vital to know that the companies are different and so are their methods and techniques of delivering followers. The following simple tips will guide you through your purchase successfully.

1. Decide on the number of followers you want. 

Most sites provide a variety of packages with different numbers of followers. This decision will be influenced by the number of posts in your Instagram as well as the length of time you have been on Instagram. For instance, if you have been on Instagram for only one day with one post, it won’t make much sense to have more than 50 followers. You current number of followers should also be considered when doing this. People might actually get suspicious if you double your number of followers overnight without changing your content.

2. Use search engines to find the most reputable service.

You may type (buy Instagram followers) into your search engine to get the general idea of the most popular platforms that have been used by other people. Since the popular Instagram follower outlets vary, it is advisable to review the search results. This should be done by focusing on a number of consistent factors while eliminating those companies whose reviews are not satisfying. Some of the factors to consider include;

· Follower packages which average less than $0.10 per follower.

· PayPal as the acknowledged means of payment.

· An appropriate privacy guarantee.

3. Read the terms of use keenly.

You should ensure to keenly read terms of use of the service you have selected. Sometimes the paid follower sites include items like the right to spam existing followers into fine print or disappearing followers at the expense of ignorant buyers. Don’t pay for any service that you disagree with.

4. Check online reviews about the company you have decided to purchase from. 

After selecting your desired company, look it up online for reviews. If it has been around for long enough, as the most popular ones have been, you will definitely find online reviews about it. If the service has been negatively reviewed in great way, find another one.

5. Ensure to have a secure Wi-Fi network.

Despite PayPal being a secure intermediary in your purchase of followers, you should not risk paying using an insecure connection or data.

6. Have a secure PayPal account for payment. 

When buying followers for your Instagram account, it is recommended to ensure that you have a secure PayPal account prior to the exercise. This guarantees you a secure payment method without putting your financial security at risk. PayPal offers you the best payment option since it offers free services and hides your private credentials well.

7. Check out with PayPal. 

This will make sure that the seller never gets to see the details of your credit card. Once you are settled on the company you have selected and you think it is genuine, you can move ahead and buy your followers.


Some of the benefits of buying Instagram followers include;

· It is a quick way of jump starting the perceived authority of a business Instagram account.

· It improves your social credibility instantly.

· Your internet marketing campaigns will be more effective since more followers make you look more trustworthy and reputable

· The organic growth of the number of followers in your Instagram will increase due to your uplifted popularity.


Purchasing Instagram followers has the following limitations;

· In most cases, the new followers aren’t real people. They are inactive accounts which merely look real.

· Buying Instagram followers is viewed negatively by some people and therefore you might want to keep your purchase a secret.

Bottom line

Buying followers for your Instagram account is certainly an easy process. It requires you to get a genuine service and the above simple tips will guide you successfully through the activity. It also comes with a number of great benefits such as boosting social credibility, effective internet marketing and easy kick starting of your Instagram which entirely make it worth a try.


Barbie’s flagship store closes in Shanghai


Barbie’s giving up the keys to her dream house in Shanghai.

Two years after opening it to great fanfare, Mattel Inc. shuttered Monday the company’s only stand-alone store  dedicated to the iconic American doll.

A spokeswoman for Barbie in China said the move was made to reallocate resources elsewhere in the country.

The Shanghai Barbie store “has successfully accomplished its mission to promote the overall Barbie brand over the last two years,” Linda Du said in an e-mail. “In 2011, Mattel will roll out a new Barbie brand strategy in China designed to take the brand across the country reaching more consumers.”

Du declined to say in a phone interview whether the boutique had been making a profit.

The closure marks a surprising reversal for a store that seemed to embody the spirit of a city on an unstoppable material rise.

Tucked in a downtown district filled with foreign retailers and luxury brands, the six-story, 36,000-square-foot Barbie store was drenched in pink neon light and featured a cosmetics department, a spa and a bar designed by one of Shanghai’s premier restaurateurs. A $10,000 Vera Wang wedding dress was on display when the store opened.

Mattel even unveiled a Chinese character for the store’s opening, which was timed for Barbie’s 50th anniversary.

The outlet wasn’t just about selling dolls to young girls, but pitching a lifestyle to well-heeled women in the fastest-growing economy in the world.

But at least one Shanghai blogger who was loyal enough to subscribe to a pink Barbie store passport to receive discounts and rewards said the boutique grew increasingly gloomy by last year as the spa and a restaurant shut down.

Paul French, the Shanghai-based founder of retail market-research company Access Asia, said Monday he was skeptical that the closure was planned.

“What’s better than a [successful] flagship store in Shanghai?” he said.

Instead, French said, Mattel probably overestimated its cachet in China and assumed Chinese women would embrace childish brands the way many women in Japan do with Hello Kitty and, well, Barbie.

“They got massively carried away with that store,” French said. “Retail is all about square footage and I never saw enough people there to justify its size. The rent there would have been big.”

Despite the store’s abrupt ending, Mattel has been recovering strongly from the financial crisis.

The El Segundo company reported a profit of $684.9 million in 2010, or $1.86 a share, a nearly 30% increase compared with $528.7 million, or $1.45, the year before. Sales were $5.86 billion, an 8% increase from $5.43 billion in 2009. U.S.-based gross sales performed better last year, rising 9% compared to overseas sales, which grew by 6%.

No numbers for China were made available by the company.

–David Pierson

Photo:  Workers prepare the “magical doll staircase” containing 875 pink Barbie dolls at the Shanghai Barbie store.  Credit: Cao Jun /Los Angeles Times.