When you are creating a website, URL making it shorter than longer is actually going to earn you more money. The two terms for this is shorteners and short links. Making your URL 20 characters or less is going to bring in the most revenue for your online business. This technique of having short links is not new. This way of utilizing URLs to be shorter has been around for many decades. But recently the social media website Twitter has made Short links resurface. When you use various URL Shortening Service or Website, you are going to earn money online by shortening the long URLs from your various websites and pages. One of the greatest advantages to this technique does not require any special technical skill whatsoever. The websites that you can visit that will aid you in shortening your URLs are going to be cut-urls.com and TinyURL they are going create short links for your website. The process is simple as you enter in your original URL and they simple shorten it and you even have the option to customize, track and even share your links. Creating shorter links can even help when sharing information with others via smart phone. Now that having a smartphone is an absolute necessity for everyone to have in a technologically advanced nation, the demand for efficient productivity in link sharing, whether it’s for friends, family, business associates, co-workers, managers, which ever link that may be too long to send through a text or through any social media app, this service will make it as easy as sharing a simple text, photo, and video from your smartphone. Now that you know the importance of shortening links and the value that it can bring to your website. Its time to learn exactly how it works. When someone clicks on your newly shortened link this is going to earn you money. You can earn more money from the URL shortener services by when there are a thousand clicks on the single short link you can receive $3-10 dollars each thousand visitors. 

Published on: 2/26/18, 1:09 PM

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