We have been offering book reviews since 2008 and have thousands of happy authors and publicists. Because we receive such a high volume of books every month, we created our Sponsored Review program for authors and publicists who want a guaranteed review by a certain date. As with all of our reviews, we do everything in our power to make sure each book gets to the right reviewer.

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We at City Book Review are the proud owners of many [city]bookreview.com domains. One of the services we offer is the ability to license these domains and run your own book review website on them, just like we do! Our current inventory includes Austin, Baltimore, Cleveland, San Jose, Vanvouver, Washington DC, and more. Check out our licensing page for more details on how you can run your own book review website.

At City Book Review we understand writing your book is only the first step, and having your book professionally reviewed is the second. The real difficulties arise when trying to get your book out to the world. How does one get a book review listed highly on Google? How can I promote my book on social media? How can I best use tools like YouTube and Facebook to help promote my book sales?

All this and more can be found on our Author Marketing Services page. We have many products and services for the author who wants to take their book promotion to the next level. From book review videos, to SEO (search engine optimization), to book cover design and social media marketing, we do it all. Check out our Author Marketing Services today for more information on how to get your book noticed by more people online.