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Computer Jobs Preparation: Class Notes and Others

  • Computer Networking ( 8 Articles )
  • Notes for Computer Science ( 24 Articles )
    Class NotesClass notes and other important notes that should be useful to any computer examination preparation. The topics of notes will be same as the topics on other sections of this site. This section will further extend as we receive more content that amounts suffient to start a new section of class notes.

  • नेपालीमा उपब्ध सामाग्री तथा नोटहरु ( 7 Articles )
    नेपालीमा उपलब्ध सामाग्रीहरु
    यस खण्डमा हामी नेपाली भाषामा उपलब्ध सामाग्रीहरू जुन कम्प्युटर अपरेटर तथा अन्य कम्प्युटर सम्बन्धि कामका लागि उपयोगी हुन सक्छन्। यसै वेबसाइटमा संग्रहित तथा अन्य साइटहरूमा उपलब्ध हुने यथासक्य सबै सामाग्रीहरू समावेश गर्ने हाम्रो प्रयत्न हुनेछ।

  • Funny Studies and Jokes ( 2 Articles )

    Exam JokesSome interesting Studies and Jokes. Somebody's stupidity and sometimes even ignorance may turn to a joke. We have collected and presented some of these jokes related to studies and examinations are presented in this category.







  • Misceleneous Useful Materials ( 7 Articles )

    Misceleneous Study MaterialsPlease, find everything else. Study materials that are relavant to computer science student or Computer Operator, Computer Officer Exam preparation.







  • Downloads ( 13 Articles )

    Download Ebooks, Handouts, Notes, Presentations to help you prepare your Computer Jobs Exams


  • Resources and Further Studies ( 5 Articles )

    Find here the resources availabe on the related subject matter you are studying. We present the links to the EBooks, Class Notes, Questions, Answers and so on to help you learn rich.

  • Data Structure and Algorithms ( 6 Articles )

    In this category we will be presenting the study materials, ebooks, download links and references about following topics of data structure and algorithms as prescribed on syllabus of Computer Officer by Public Service Commission (Lok Sewa Ayog).


    1 Fundamental of Data Structures, Abstract Data types,
    2 Lists, Linked Lists, Stacks,
    3 Queues, Priority Queue,
    4 Trees: Traversal, Implementations, Binary Trees, Binary Search Trees, Balanced Search Trees, AVL Trees.
    5 Indexing Methods. Hashing Trees, Suffix Trees.
    6 Worst-Case and Expected time Complexity.
    7 Analysis of Simple Recursive and Nonrecursive Algorithms.
    8 Searching, Merging and Sorting.
    9 Introductory Notions of algorithm design: Divide-and-Conquer , Dynamic Programming ,Greedy Methods ,Backtracking
    10 Graph algorithms: Depth-first Search and Breadth-first Search , Shortest Path Problems ,Minimum Spanning Trees ,Directed Acyclic Graphs .

  • Operating Systems ( 1 Article )


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