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Brighton Digital Festival – Brighton Co-working & Office Space

Photographing this year’s Brighton Digital Festival Open Studios events took me to Platf9rm for the first time. I’d heard of the place many times and some of my friends and acquaintances had said that I should definitely go and see it. And now I know why! The place is beautifully designed and decorated. As you step in, you are greeted with this view.

Brighton co-working space entrace

Did you notice the dog bowls on the floor? Extra points from me!

Plarf9rm Brighton offices

The place has so many cool areas where you can either work on your laptop or hang out and network with other people who work there. There are general areas as well as quiet areas (like the one below on the left).

Brighton co-working space quiet area

There are also little cubicles for single workers as well as cute little “phone booths” where you can take a call without disturbing others.

Platf9rm phone booths

Who came up with these ideas, eh? I think this area below is especially awesome. I can imagine a fun space like this helping keep your mood positive and mind productive.

Then you go round a corner and there are separate office rooms in different sizes that companies can hire for more permanent use.

Brighton quirky offices to rent

Brighton offices to rent Platf9rm

Everywhere you look it’s just wow…! The orange things at the back (below) are lockers where you can store your stuff. They have thought about everything!

Brighton co-working offices lockers

And last but not least, the kitchen area.

Brighton Platf9rm kitchen

quirky Brighton co-working space

Pretty damn impressive, right? Platf9rm have also opened a new place in Hove which I’m hoping to go and visit at some point soon, I hope.

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Brighton Digital Festival Open Studios – Airfinity

One of the Brighton Digital Festival shoots took me to an event by Airfinity. I didn’t get to stay long as I had so many companies to visit that day, but as much as I saw it was a very interesting event for all who were there.

Airfinity Brighton

Airfinity Brighton Digital Festival Event

It was the first time I have been to Platf9rm which is a fairly new Brighton co-working space. I was amazed how great the decor of the place was… more about that in my next post!

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Brighton Cinema Duke of York’s Backstage Tour

Brighton And Hove Chamber of Commerce arranged a very interesting backstage tour the other week. I took part in this event as I had missed a previous chance to go and see our lovely Brighton Picturehouse Duke of York’s “behind the scenes”.

Brighton Duke of Yorks Lobby

This cinema is a typical Brighton establisment in that the staff seem more like a family – a family where everyone cares about where they work. We were told for example that some of the art inside the building is created by members of staff: like this painting on the front of the counter that you see as soon as you walk in.

Duke of Yorks painting by staff

We entered the auditorium…

…were greeted by Amy who is the Chamber’s membership manager.

We were told the history of Duke of York’s by a volunteer lady Alexa Lazou dressed in an Edwardian (I think) outfit. It was fascinating. For example, did you know that the Duke of York’s is the oldest purpose-built cinema in the UK? We were shown a lot of old photos as well, including of the opening day in 1910. After the brilliant presentation, we got to see the projection room!

Duke of Yorks projection room

The projectionist Jimmy Anderson told us interesting stories from yesteryear. I think he said he’s worked there for 35 years. Just brilliant. In the photo below is also Felicity Beckett who is the General Manager of the Duke of York’s.

Brighton Duke of Yorks projectionist

It was great to see the old technology in the projection room, but nowadays everything is controlled digitally, of course. You can listen to Jimmy being interviewed about it here.

Duke of Yorks digital films

Oh, and here’s the fine looking Edwardian lady who told us the history of the cinema – at the upstairs bar. I got a glimpse of her on my way to see the upstairs seating area.

Not many people know that there are sofas upstairs! You can buy yourself a ticket for a shared sofa, or even a private “box” with your own sofa.

Duke of York

It’s a fine picturehouse for sure. Definitely my favourite cinema in Brighton.

In September I will post photos from another Brighton And Hove Chamber of Commerce backstage tour – The Sealife Centre! Watch this space for that one. 🙂

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Three Commercial Photo Shoots 300 Miles

Just wanted to write a quick post about last weekend’s photo shoot for The Arabian Tents – because I LOVE their amazing party tents so much. And I always enjoy doing commercial photography shoots for them!

So this time I had three different sites to photograph, and almost 300 miles between them, from Kent to Surrey to Sussex. It’s a good job I like driving as well as shooting. 🙂

The first venue was for a wedding in Kent. What do you think?

wedding marquee seating

wedding flower centrepiece pink

beautiful wedding tent

Stunning, right? This was such a lovely, light wedding venue for 90 people seated.

wedding tent lounging area

At the other end of the large marquee there was a lounging area with sofas.

Arabian Tents white wedding marquee

I couldn’t help but take a close-up of the gorgeous flowers.

wedding table centrepiece pink roses

I have no doubt this was a stunning wedding for all the guests. But I had to leave before any of them arrived, as I had to drive to Richmond next. This time it was a different kind of party – a Glastonbury themed garden party.

The main tent had a large flat screen TV streaming live from Glastonbury. I caught a rare empty moment, but the tent was in good use.

There was a dedicated kids’ tent, too.

And the second red tent was the bar. 🙂

All in all a fantastic party regardless of the on-and-off drizzly weather.

With some excellent food by chef Andrew.

Great idea for a party, eh? Would you like one for yourself for next year’s Glastonbury?

Don’t forget to prepare plenty of activities for kids if you include them in your festival party!

My last shoot of the day was a 50th birthday party in Surrey. I got there just as the guests were about to sit down for dinner at this yet another stunningly decorated party tent.

The tables were laid so beautifully that I couldn’t resist taking lost of details shots of them.

As the guests sat down for their meal, I went outside to take exterior photos of the tents.

Arabian Tents Birthday party

Again, one tent for tables and chairs, and the other marquee was the bar. At one point all the bar staff were inside it so I popped in to take a photo of them.

The House of Hud had really created a brilliant party site… see the fire on the left? Perfect chill-out area for pre-dinner drinks and chat.

All sorts of lighting details here and there kept me oooh-ing and ah-ing and bending into impossible poses to get low down shots.


Such dazzling party marquees and the whole set-up. I honestly felt like I wanted to stay and enjoy the beauty of it all! But alas, it was time to drive the last 1.5 hours home.

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Brighton Harbour Hotel

Hotel photography in Brighton

Brighton has a fantastic new hotel and spa right in town on the seafront. I love doing a bit of hotel photography and this shoot was one of the most enjoyable for a while. Harbour Hotel And Spa is not your ordinary establishment, as you can see from this photo!

Brighton Harbour Hotel spa grotto

The spa is in the basement, in the cellar of the building. They call it The Grotto, and I fell in love with it immediately. The round wooden barrel bath tubs reminded me of Japanese hot spring baths. I wanted to step right into them. One of them is a jacuzzi and the other was hot hot steaming one.

wooden barrel bathtubs

We had to turn the heating and the bubbles off so that I could shoot these tubs. Otherwise my camera lens would have steamed up even more and quicker than it did. Quite tricky taking photos in a hot steamy room… I had to acclimatise the lens into the environment for at least 10 minutes before I could get any shots.

Brighton underground spa sauna steam room

There is a permanent resident chilling just outside the sauna and steam room.

Brighton harbour hotel and spa grotto

Next to it is the official chill-out area for less permanent visitors.

Before and after your spa indulgence, you can also relax in the reception area.

Brighton Harbour hotel grotto reception

Brighton Harbour hotel grotto reception

For this first shoot for Brighton Harbour Hotel I was commissioned to take photos of the newly finished spa, but the two beautiful pools hadn’t yet been filled with water so they were dry during my visit. This is the hydrotherapy pool –

Brighton Harbour hotel dry pool

…and the swimming pool.

Brighton Harbour Hotel big pool

I promised to come back and take photos of the pools when they are filled with water. Can’t wait, to be honest!

Underground cellar spa Brighton

This is the entrance to the grotto. Don’t you just love it? I’ve never been a spa kind of person, but Harbour Hotel may have just converted me.

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Bluebell walk – take better photos with your mobile phone

Are you planning on going on a bluebell walk this weekend? Now is the perfect time for bluebells in Sussex, so I highly recommend it.

Even though I’m a professional photographer and use big heavy cameras for work, I love mobile phone photography! It’s the camera I have with me every day and I take a lot of photos with it on my daily dog walks.

Here are a few tips on how to take better photos with a mobile phone when you head out to the woods to see the beautiful flowers.

Tip no. 1

Get close. Rather than taking a general photo of a scene, get as close as you can with your mobile phone camera, for a more interesting photo with impact.

This can me a little tricky with a tiny camera, though… sometimes when you try to get a photo of something very close to the camera, you end up with a photo like this.

Clearly this is no good… the object in the foreground that you were meaning to take a photo of, is completely out of focus, while the unimportant background is in focus. It’s not easy to get the lens to focus on the closest subject when it’s relatively small in the frame. How to get around this problem? Use your other hand to focus on. Place your hand in front of the object and let the camera focus on that.

Then take away your other hand, and take the shot!

Sometimes, when you come home from your bluebell walk you may be surprised that the photos don’t look as good as you remember it looked out there in the woods. Somehow, you remember it being a lot more blue than it looks in the photos you took! (This has happened to me, too.)

If so, try taking photos from lower down… that way, you get a nice concentration of blueness, rather than lots of little blue spots scattered around.

Always good to have a cute dog in a photo…

…or a cute child, if you happen to have one of those. For both, try the lower angle tip again: crouch down and take a photo from their eye level, rather than looking down on them.


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Interior photography for Sussex Innovation Centre

Interior Photography in Sussex

This is another very pleasant interior photography shoot I did for a local business in Brighton. Sussex Innovation Centre offer business support, and they also have many different sized offices and meeting rooms available for rent. We started by photographing their biggest meeting /seminar room in meeting layout.

interior photography meeting room

Before the shoot we had discussed the time schedule and order in which the different rooms would be best to photograph, to make the most effective use of time. Kelly from SIC had also organised people from the building to take part for shots where the meeting rooms are in use. It’s always a challenge to get non-professional “models” to look natural in shots like these, but I think we just about managed.

interior photography with models

While the seminar room was rearranged to a different setup, I photographed a few offices in use by various companies within the building.

office interior photography

sussex innovation centre office

Both big and small…

sic brighton rented office

Tip: if you get people who don’t want to be in photos, place them facing away from the camera. 😉

office in use interior photography

They also rent one-person-offices.

one person office

And huge open ones.

large open office in sussex innovation centre

One of the offices was empty for the time being. Available for rent! 🙂 (although may not be when you’re reading this)

empty office photo

A few shots of their smaller meeting rooms…

Sussex Innovation Centre small meeting room hire

A bit more acting from the Sussex Innovation Centre residents…

SIC big meeting room hire


This meeting room was actually in use, so we got an action shot of a workshop at this point.

Sussex Innovation Centre bright meeting room

Back to the Seminar Room for photos of a different layout.

Sussex Innovation Centre Seminar Room

Sussex Innovation Centre Seminar Room

And in the meantime the other room was getting ready for empty (of people) shots.

I couldn’t decide which was better, to have the blinds on or off, so I took a photo with options, so that they can decide which ones to use.

It’s always good to take slightly different shots of the same space anyway so the client can use either photo depending on where they use it and for what purpose. And of course they may want to show their prospective clients the different way the meeting room looks like, in which case they would need to have both photos.

So all in all a very enjoyable photo shoot, thanks to brilliant people I got to work with. And the client were very happy with the photos, which is always great.

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Architectural Photography in Sussex

Architectural Photography in Brighton And Hove

I have worked with interior designers in the past, but this was my first shoot for an architecture firm; the very fine people of Brighton based ZST Architects whom I have got to know via business networking.

ZST Architects project Hove

The project was an extension to Blatchington Mill School in Hove. The extension consisted of a few rooms with lovely natural light. I took photos of the new chemistry classroom…

Blatchington Mill School new chemistry classroom

Blatchington Mill School chemistry classroom

…and one “ordinary” classroom, with a brilliant storage space to the side.


This was a very enjoyable photo shoot and I look forward to working with ZST Architects on some of their future projects!

To book me for a photo shoot – or to just have a free consultation to find out how I can help you get high quality photos of your projects, please get in contact on 07951-635802 or email.

Katariina – Light Trick Photography

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Party Photography in Brighton – Flude Commercial

Party Photography in Brighton

I was the photographer for a wonderful company party at Brighton Museum the other week. It was Flude Commercial’s (Chartered Surveyors & Commercial Property Advisers) 20th anniversary party and they had chosen Brighton Museum as their venue. It was the first party like this that I had seen at the museum and I thought it was absolutely splendid!

Brighton Museum Private Party

Especially as they had also hired a great band to play live; Jazz Lane. (From their website looks like they do weddings, too.) I think it was cool that they were playing on the balcony rather than on the same level with everyone. It made the music such a great ambience for the party and it made it possible for everyone to have a pleasant chat with old and new friends without being overwhelmed by the live music. It was perfect!

Jazz Lane party band at Brighton Museum

There was also a magician keeping guests entertained.

magician at party in Brighton Museum

I thought it was a nice touch to do the speeches from the balcony so that everyone could have a clear view of the people speaking. That isn’t always possible at parties with lots of guests.

party speeches from balcony at Brighton Museum

Flude partners

I hadn’t met the fine people of Flude properly before but I photographed another event recently where Edward and Amanda were guests, and so they asked me to be the photographer for their anniversary party. I’m glad they did, as it was such a pleasure to take photos at this wonderful event. (And I was pleasantly surprised to see some pieces from my favourite artist Salvador Dalí in the museum!)

unusual company party venue Brighton Museum

Great venue & wonderful hosts – what else can you ask for. I would thoroughly recommend Brighton Museum as a party venue. And Flude to arrange a brilliant party!

If you’d like to get your fabulous event photographed so that you and your guests have photos to enjoy as a memory of a great party – give me a call on 07951-635802 or send an email. Look forward to hearing from you and being your photographer!

Katariina – Light Trick Photography

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