What are Prorated Loan Fees

It can be overwhelming trying to understand unfamiliar terms on lending websites. If you plan on applying for a mortgage from a Kansas City mortgage company, it is critical that you understand the loans terms and conditions. It is not uncommon for a loan company to advertise that they offer prorated fees as a benefit of taking a same day cash advance with them. What are prorated fees? Keep reading to learn more about prorated fees and how they ca benefit you when you take a loan.

So what is a prorated fee? When something is prorated it means that it is divided based on another value. Usually a unit of time. For instance, if you live in a apartment for half the month your rent is prorated so you only pay half of the cost of the rent. The rent is reduced based on the time you actually live there. This ensures that you don’t pay for more than you owe.

When you have lending fees that are prorated they correspond to the payments you make. Instead of having fixed fees with your loan your fees will be different each time you make a payment. The fees will fluctuate proportionally based on when you make your payments. This is particularly beneficial if you make your payments early. This is because you will only have to pay for the days that have passed by and not the entire month or loan term

Obviously having the option for prorated fees is a benefit worth seeking out when you are shopping for loans. It can reduce the amount of money you pay for your loan. It rewards you for making payments early. There really is no drawbacks to seeking out a loan with prorated fees.

The only drawback to having instant personal loans with prorated fees is that you cannot plan ahead for the exact amount you will owe. The fees are based on the day you pay them so unless you know what day exactly you plan on paying the fees you won’t know exactly how much you have to pay over the long term. This can make budgeting confusing. It is not impossible to make a budget with prorated fees, just a little bit more complex.

How To Select Healthy Dog Food

When you have a dog it is your responsibility to take care of that dog. A huge part of taking care of your dog is feeding him a healthy diet that includes plenty of hydrolyzed egg proteins. This seems like it would be easy, but it is more complex than one might think. There are a lot of dog foods out there that are not good for your dog. There is no one best dog food, but there foods out there that are better than others. Knowing how to shop for your dog food will help you select the food that is best for your dog.

Start by considering your pet’s age and activity level. Your pet’s nutrition and energy needs are based on multiple factors including age, growth, activity level and reproductive status. Dog food is geared toward feeding a certain life stages. For instance, a young puppy or lactating mother needs more calories than an adult dog.

You need to figure out the nutritional needs of your dog. You want a food that has an egg protein range between 20 and 25 percent for a healthy adult dog. If your dog is a healthy wait you can feed him a normal diet, but if your dog is overweight you want to get a diet food that cuts the calories back by 10 to 25 percent.

Look at the pet food ingredients label. Ignore what it says on the front of the bag. Your dog should eat a food that has a meat as the number on ingredient. Avoid foods that use a meat by-product. The meat should just say chicken, or beef. Not chicken by-product.

Avoid filler foods. For instance, you don’t want a dog food that has corn in it. Most dogs are allergic to corn and it serves no nutritional purpose for them. All it is, is a cheap way to add weight to the dog food formula. Soy is another filler food that dogs don’t need. Steer clear of wheat gluten too.

Check the sell by date. You want your food to be as fresh as possible so choose the bag with the farthest out sell by date. The fresher the food the more palatable it will be to your dog. This means that he will be more likely to eat it.

Choose special needs formulas. If you dog has problems with his skin or coat you may want to get a dog food with supplements for skin and coat. If your dog has bad joints you might choose a joint health formula.

Tips for Getting a Low Interest Rate On Your Home Loan

Buying a home can be nerve wracking, but it is also extremely rewarding. Obviously you want to get the best home loan rate that you possibly get. If you are ready to start your search for the best home loan rate we have outlined four tips that will ease your search. Keep reading to learn the four tips for getting the best rate on home loans.

Tip #1: Compare Rates

After you have found the home of your dreams chances are good that the real estate agent will direct you to certain lenders he is used to working with. Take that referral with a grain of salt. Your real estate agent just wants to close your deal quickly, but securing a mortgage is a complicated process. This is even or true if you are a first time buyer. Speed isn’t important, you need to shop around for the best deal you can find.

Whether you want to work with a local lender or you are considering working with a big-name company you want to look at rates online so you have a good comparison. Comparing the rates of several different lenders will help you find the best deal for you.

Tip #2: Polish your Credit Score

You want to keep your credit score in tip top shape. This is especially true if you want a conventional mortgage. The higher that your score is the better the interest rate you will get. Plus, you will have more loan choices if your credit score is good.

Tip #3: Increase Your Down Payment

It can be difficult to save up enough for a down payment, but paying more from the jump can help you nail down a better interest rate. It can also save you money as you pay down your loan. It can also save you the cost of mortgage insurance, which some lenders will require if you have a lower than normal down payment.

Tip #4: Decide How Long You Will Be in The House

If you know the home you are buying is starter home and you will only be in it for a few years you may want to consider an adjustable-rate mortgage. ARM loans typically have low initial interest rates. You can sell the home before the rate begins to reset. This will only work if you are not planning on being in the home you are buying long-term.

Blind Mate Connectors Explained

It is not uncommon to have your office desk sitting flush against the wall blocking the electrical sockets. So what do you do when you get a new printer or lamp for your office? If you are like most people you will try and figure out how to get to the wall plug without moving the desk. This means that you have to squeeze your arm into the small space between the desk and the wall and try to plug the electrical cord in without seeing the socket.

When you can’t see the electrical socket and you are trying to plug in a cord you are at risk of making an incorrect mating. This is where a blind mate connector can come in handy. These multi-functional connectors make sure that a flawless connection occurs when you can’t see or touch the blocked socket.

Blind mate connectors are made with self-aligning features so they guide themselves into the correct mating position. They come in handy when the electrical socket is recessed or hidden in a way that impairs viewing. They are designed to make sure they offer a consistent, reliable and precise performance. They also minimize the risk of misalignment. They are made to be strong and resilient so if some mistreatment happens to them they will keep working.

A bunch of different connectors are made with blind mating options. This includes power/signal connectors. When they are designed well the blind mating capability does not affect the connector’s size and weight a great deal. It should only add a small amount of bulk to the connector.

The mating action of the connector takes place where you can’t see or feel it. A blind mate connector typically uses a non-threaded interlock or no locking system at all. Certain blind mate connector types slide on, other connectors snap on or use guide pins. When they are made properly they are designed for ease of use and they add security to the connection.

A blind mate connector gets put to good use when it has a task for which visual and tactile tools are not available. They are commonly used where space and access is very limited. A blind mate connector can also provide electrical power and signals. They are used in applications for wireless base station infrastructure equipment, measurement, medical equipment, microwave subsystems, navigation systems, satellite communication systems and military radar.