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Having been a long-term customer experience advocate and studied the field, I as many others, have noticed that while companies are saying that customer experience is a key differentiator, that it’s at the top of their priority list of business initiatives, that they are spending more on it but when customers are asked, they don’t […]

Cisco and Salesforce have a longstanding partnership that just got quite a bit deeper. Here are the key details from their joint announcement:

The two companies will jointly develop and market solutions that join Cisco’s collaboration, IoT and contact center platforms with Salesforce Sales Cloud, IoT Cloud and Service Cloud.
New integrations will include:

Collaboration: Cisco and...

Many companies approach the internet of things by starting with a device, make it connectable and then are in search of a business use case. This is a typical process that happens when there is a new area of technology area. If a company uses that as a strategy, it can be the long road to #IoT […]

One of the most prominent industry groups involved with industrial IoT has unveiled what it calls a comprehensive and sorely needed security framework document. Here are the key details from the Industrial Internet Consortium's announcement:

The IISF emphasizes the importance of five IIoT characteristics – safety, reliability, resilience, security and privacy – that help define “trustworthiness” in IIoT systems...

There’s a meme making its way around the web in which people name their first seven jobs. Such recollections often involve typical teenage ventures like mowing lawns and selling lemonade. Sometimes people even brand them as ‘my first entrepreneurial journey,’ or claim to have gained great insight from the experience. I won’t.

First job: Babysitter. I was thirteen, and ‘teen’ was my primary qualification. Well, that, plus my ability to play the gender card. Babysitting, perhaps the only job in which girls were the preferred candidates over boys, was easy to get…especially in the summer. It consisted mainly of sitting on the porch, swatting mosquitos, reading trashy novels, and hoping that all the kids stayed asleep – and I stayed awake – until the parents came home.

Lesson learned: Taking care of other people’s kids is boring. Note to self, do not try to manage interns when you can get someone else to do it.

Microsoft has responded to European concerns over data privacy with the launch of Azure in a number of German data centers. Not only does the setup address data sovereignty issues, but it actually places oversight of customer information in the hands of a third party, as Microsoft notes in an official blog post:

Customer data in the two new German datacenters is managed under the control of a data trustee,...


A good start for OpenWorld, with over 18 announcements made in Ellison’s keynote – reminding us what a 5B+ R&D budget produces on all fronts of the stack. All eyes are on the new IaaS capability; Oracle needs to get this right in order to keep delivering its vision of the integrated stack. That vision would literally break in half if IaaS does not deliver. Stay tuned for more.

Oracle executive chairman and CTO Larry Ellison's OpenWorld keynotes are often made memorable through healthy portions of competitive bombast delivered in his witheringly sarcastic style. Ellison did not disappoint fans of such rhetoric during his second OpenWorld 2016 keynote on Tuesday, but nonetheless made a strong case for Oracle's cloud advantages over Amazon Web Services.

Point number one: AWS isn't optimized...

Oracle and Salesforce are both promising artificial intelligence assisted apps with capabilities including machine learning and natural language interaction.  Here’s what’s behind the tech and when it gets real. Oracle … Continue reading

It's a longstanding Oracle tradition to issue a flood of new product announcements at the start of the annual OpenWorld conference, and this year was no different. Beginning with CTO Larry Ellison's Sunday keynote, Oracle unveiled dozens of new cloud products and services spanning SaaS, PaaS and in particular IaaS, with the unveiling of a next-generation service Ellison characterized as much more powerful yet less...