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Earlier today Salesforce announced that it was extending its Salesforce1 PaaS capabilities with the addition of Lightning Components, a faster way to build apps by users who don’t code (the AppBuilder) and adding components as a section to the Salesforce Marketplace (“AppExchange for Components).

Amy Cuddy Constellation is pleased to announce social psychologist and Harvard Business School professor, Amy Cuddy is speaking at Connected Enterprise. Cuddy studies how adopting certain postures affects performance — in job interviews and public speeches — and changes thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and physiology. Cuddy’s TED Talk on this topic has been viewed over 24 million times. She was one of TIME magazine’s 2012 Game Changers, Business Insider’s 50 Women Who Are Changing the World in 2013, and in 2014 was named a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum. Her book Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges is due to be released in fall 2015.

Below is my video recap of a few of the key social business stories of the week.

Here are links to the stories mentioned:

There appears to be an internal LinkedIn effort to lock down access to the social graph by scrapers.  Based on conversations with over a dozen LinkedIn partners, many old time partners have  had their LinkedIn feed access cancelled or terminated over the past 6 months.  The goal is to keep partners who may have been building new services and potentially competitive services on the LinkedIn social graph from gaining access.  These partner remain miffed at why they were curtailed access and in many cases unsure what LinkedIn’s future business model will be.

Unfortunately, the measures taken, may have been too harsh and users were caught in the cross fire.  The good news – LinkedIn did recognize the impact on users and the perception this had on their access to their data.  Kudos for the relatively fast response.

Curtailment Of @LinkedIn Downloadable Contacts Breaks Sacred Rules Of Digital Business

LinkedIn Fail

No-one will argue that the level of disruption for technology buyers and sellers is at an all time high. Everything is up for the disruption and will be for the foreseeable term in business time-frames. Therefore every option to win needs to be considered.

Multi brand approaches are real. They work for airlines, retail, hotel chains, auto manufacturers and many other sectors of the economy so why have IT solution providers not considered a multi-brand approach.

The San Francisco Chronicle of July 21 carries a front page story about the cloud storage services of Google and Flickr mislabeling some black people as gorillas (see updated story, online). It's a quite incredible episode. Google has apologized. Its Chief Architect of social, Yonatan Zunger, seems mortified judging by his tweets as reported, and is investigating.

Everybody in image processing and artificial intelligence should be humbled by the racist photo labeling. With the world being eaten by software, we need to reflect really deeply on how such design howlers arise. And frankly double check if we're ready to let computer programs behind the wheel.

Cloud-based business intelligence, data visualization and analytics options are gaining momentum as the center of data gravity shifts along with apps and services. But be prepared for a hybrid world. … Continue reading

Every year the Constellation SuperNova Awards recognize eight individuals for their leadership in digital business. Nominate yourself or someone you know by August 7, 2015.

The SuperNova Awards honor leaders that demonstrate excellence in the application and adoption of new and emerging technologies.

Honor your organization's CMO or innovative business leader by nominating them for a SuperNova Award. The SuperNova Awards honor leaders that demonstrate excellence in the application and adoption of new and emerging technologies. 

Lynn Hemans Taco Bell

SuperNova Award Winner: Lynn Hemans, Director, Industry & Competitive Insights, Taco Bell

Lynn Hemans oversaw an integrated Twitter campaign to drive customer engagement and derive insights from social actions during the launch of Taco Bell's most successful product--the Doritos Locos Taco. The campaign produced insights on which Taco Bell could easily act, and created an avenue for enthusiastic customers to interact directly with the brand and other enthusiastic customers. The actionable insights combined with the social campaign created viral buzz for the product. After launching, Taco Bell sold 200m+ Doritos Locos Tacos in six months.