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SAP needs to address big data, streaming and IoT apps. Altiscale would accelerate efforts to deliver high-scale and high-performance cloud data services. … Continue reading

Rimini Street has made a value case for its third-party software support services in multiple ways, including the 50 percent savings they say SAP and Oracle customers will enjoy compared to vendor maintenance, as well as a pledge that services will be rendered by engineers with at least 15 years of experience. 

The company has also offered a 30-minute guaranteed SLA (service level agreement) for priority 1 support...

Workday announced its second-quarter earnings this week and while the numbers slipped Wall Street's expectations a bit, a conference call with executives revealed a number of interesting takeaways for customers, prospects and competitors of the...

I attended the yearly IBM Alliance Insights event, held August 23rd and 24th in New York. The focus was on three major partnerships of IBM, respectively with SAP, Oracle and Microsoft. 

IBM has substantial business with all three partners, so not surprisingly the plans with each are elaborate, carefully crafted and validated multiple times. The common leitmotiv for all three of them is that IBM is trying to push its two strong assets with Watson and IBM Cloud in all partnerships, while maintaining and expanding its substantial professional services business with all three vendors. 

The Rush To Artificial Intelligence Will Enable Augmented Humanity

While market leaders and fast followers have not yet achieved mass personalization, the next rush is focused on investments in artificial intelligence (see Figure 1).  Searching for a competitive advantage and fearful of disruption, board rooms and CXO’s have rushed to artificial intelligence as the next big thing.  The investment in pilots for AI’s subsets of machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, and cognitive computing have moved from science projects to new digital business models powered by smart services.

Something was bound to change atop industry darling and data-visualization vendor Tableau following a stark earnings report and plummeting stock price this year. On Monday that something happened, as co-founder and original CEO Christian Chabot stepped down and handed the chair to...

Microsoft turned heads in June when it announced its most expensive acquisition to date, the US$26 billion purchase of LinkedIn. Executives from both companies explained that the deal will lead to richer user experiences in Microsoft’s Office 365 and Dynamics products. Commentators framed the takeover interms of integrating LinkedIn's social graphs into the Microsoft product UX – for example, helping users better prepare for meetings by having Outlook display details of the people you're going to be meeting with.   

Big news in the tech world back in June with Microsoft announcing they were acquiring LinkedIn for $26.2b. Now that a few months have passed and the dust settled, my esteemed colleagues, Steve Wilson, privacy and security expert, Alan Lepofsky, Guru in social collaboration, and I had a chance to examine the deal in more detail.  We co-authored a new report, Microsoft Acquires LinkedIn, Shaping the Future of Work, that explores the opportunities — and possibilities, that lie ahead as the companies come together.

On June 13, 2016 Microsoft announced their intention to acquire LinkedIn for $26B, Microsoft's most expensive takeover to date. Why is Microsoft willing to spend that money? What's in it for them, for customers and for partners? My Constellation Research colleagues Steve Wilson, Cindy Zhou and I examine what this combination means and how it impacts the future of work... from personal productivity and team collaboration, to changing the way career paths and hiring are managed, to the impact of marketing experiences.

Despite reports to the contrary, Honeywell will not be acquiring supply-chain software vendor JDA. Rather, JDA has decided to accept a sizable infusion of private equity capital in a bid for organic growth. Here are the key details from ...