How to join an online casino VIP club

Know What Games Will Earn You More Credits

Online casinos have many games that contribute to the increase in merit. While there are machines that do not give out high points, there are others that give out credits in double or triple portions. For each casino, find out what games are best to play to accumulate more credits quickly. It is good to note that games for fun that tend to be free do not gather any points whatsoever.

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You should be keen on this because some casinos provide specific requirements for one to climb up the tier ladder. So if you are still a regular player and you want to move to the VIP status, these points will come in handy. Some of the VIP tier levels that online gaming sites offer include:

Bronze Copper Silver Gold Premium Diamond Platinum Each of these levels may or may not be provided in all casinos. Every one of the betting sites will avail VIP ladders differently. Some will even generalize VIP members without grouping them in particular sub-sections. Also, for one to qualify to be a VIP in any of these levels, other achievements have to be made aside from accumulating points. These differ from one casino to the other depending on each sites’ requirements. In addition to that, keep in mind that playing new games is not advised unless the game will reward you well both cash and points wise.

Ask to Become One of the VIP Members

You can ask to join the VIP team if you spend large amounts of cash in your current casino. Also, if in the past you were a member of a VIP club in another casino, you can request to be added to the significant people’s family. To do this, you can send an email to the casinos’ manager making the request and outlining reasons that make you eligible for the custom treatment.

This may go either way as the management reserves the right to accept or decline your request. However, if you are a loyal and frequent gamer, there is a high probability that your account will be upgraded to VIP. If not, keep playing and spending more, and the casino will eventually notice your efforts geared towards moving up the ladder.

Finish All Your Wagering Money Once You Deposit

Many gamers, especially the regular players, have a habit of putting cash in their accounts and not using it all up. When they see that most of it has been used up, and not a single game has been won, they withdraw the remaining cash. This is seen as a sign of cowardice or non-commitment by the casino. For a person who wants to join the VIP section, this is not how you want the casino to perceive you.

If you deposit any money, make sure you use it all up. Play as many progressive slots and jackpot games. Take advantage of the promotions and bonuses to make the gaming encounters count.

Play Frequently

Playing as often as possible is another way to have you promoted to the next level. Gaming regularly keeps your account in active mode constantly. You also gain play points for spending money as you make purchases. For this single act of playing online, you hit three of the targets as mentioned above. Such are prerequisites for members who want in on the VIP section. To enjoy playing, do not just settle for one kind of game. Indulge in as many machine sets as you can. Also, change things by including other games such as roulettes, table games, and baccarat in your gaming routine.

Sign up for a VIP Club Card

Some casinos do not need you to go through many processes for them to let you into the high-rollers’ club. They give an option where you can purchase a VIP club card, and you instantly become a member of the esteemed sect. The card, however, comes at a hefty price, which only abled members of the gambling community can afford to buy.

Purchasing this card will instantly give you access to the benefits that come with being a VIP.