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    Does Credit Repair or Debt Management Hurt Credit Ratings?
    Americans have a history of woes with consumer debt, so it's no surprise there are so many ads for credit repair services. We owe more than $14 billion on loans, credit cards, mortgages, student loans...Read More
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    How to Build Credit
    Establishing and using credit is almost a necessity in today's financial world. A frustrating fact for those who don't have credit is the Catch-22 scenario -- applicants need a credit history to...Read More
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    Credit Catastrophe? Improve Credit Scores in 5 Steps
    You walked into work and were blindsided by a layoff notice. Your son broke his leg in a skateboard accident and you have no medical insurance. Your car blew its transmission. If this sounds familiar,...Read More
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    Debt Management Fail: Study Says 35 Percent of Americans in Default
    Effective debt management can help you reduce debt and arrange affordable repayment options. Learn about the many options that can help relieve you of financial problems and stress.Read More
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    A blueprint for rebuilding your credit
    So your credit isn’t great. It may even be suffering after a bankruptcy. Don’t give up – it’s possible to bounce back and rebuild your credit history. The most important thing to remember is that from...Read More
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    Ask an expert: Dealing with debt collectors
    A: Carefully. Debt collectors are tough-as-nails negotiators with lots of experience and boatloads of determination. They make their living from commissions they earn on your debt payments, so it pays...Read More
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    How to fatten up 'thin' credit
    "Thin credit" doesn't mean your finances have been on a diet or you need to slim down your spending. Rather, the term refers to a thin file of credit information, whether that file is a paper folder or,...Read More
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