Microsegmentation is a way to create secure zones in data centers and cloud deployments that allow you to isolate workloads and protect them individually

With the expansion of machine learning and AI for cybersecurity defenders, it should not be forgotten that actors on the attacker side will also have access to…

A study finds that the more active a user was on Facebook the less likely they were to click on spam

The new JETCO Pay Merchant Payment service will support QR code payments and convenient online or in-app payments

HKT Payment's Tap & Go customers will now be able to easily convert their spare coins into mobile wallet credit at HEYCOINS terminals

HKTVmall's website and mobile app users will now be able to pay for purchases using the PayPal platform

At the recent launch of CSI Alliance, GCIO Allen Yeung said a cashless society that predominantly relies of P2P mobile payment is not for Hong Kong

Discover has teamed up with JCB and First Data to expand acceptance of its credit cards across Hong Kong

HKT grew its profit for 2017 by 4% to HK$5.09 billion despite lower handset sales resulting in a decline in annual revenue

Alibaba has become one of the top five cloud infrastructure service providers in terms of global market share