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Darwin Foodies


Cafe 21 Smith

Cafe 21 has been a mainstay of Smith Street Mall for as long as I can remember, they've probably been there longer than most of the tennants in the Mall come to think of it. Their success relies on a...

HelloFresh delivers "everything but the chef"

HelloFresh has just become available in Darwin so we gave it a shot. They plan the meals for you and deliver food and recipes to your house every week. No thinking, no shopping, no food waste and you get to look like a domestic goddess - or so they say.

Mint Leaf Palmerston

We were invited to Mint Leaf Palmerston a couple of weeks ago... I think it was. It's been a busy month at Darwin Foodies! I’ve had takeaway at Mint Leaf Casuarina before, and I really loved the...

The Great Little Place Cafe

Soft jazz music, great customer service and awesome food... it really is a 'great little place'!

Kings Wholesome Artisian

Give your vego and vegan friends a break from trying to find something to eat at your usual spots and take them straight to Kings. (Don't pass GO, don't collect $200, hah!)

PM Eat & Drink

Fresh high quality seafood, sourced direct from local suppliers where possible, meticulous attention to detail in presentation and a charcoal grill. Sounds delightful doesn't it?