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How warm is Dayboro going to get this weekend.

Well if we look at “the predictions with a grin” I say we are going to get pretty warm, the expectation is that it will get high 30sh.

What is the weather for dayboro this weekend in January

What does this mean for us in Dayboro?

This means a few things. First, it will be WARM. Secondly, the MDI will be very high. Water and shade will be very very important for animals.

My advice is to go to the dayboro pool and float in the water.

Want to know the weather, check

Dayboro AIR Polution.

Althought the polutions might be low, I believe the ozone polution and if the humidith increases or a storm approaches we might see a release of pollens, both are not good for asthma suffers. So keep an eye on that.

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Dayboro and the lack of public transport. Mon, 08 Jan 2018 23:40:14 +0000

Public transport in Dayboro is GONE.

Dayboro used to have some sorts of public transport from Petrie to Dayboro and return, especially in the morning and afternoon hours. This service is now no longer available (as it seems), this leaves people in Dayboro “disconnected” from the rest of the world so to speak. Not sure if the bus services only suspend during the holidays, still it is a bit crazy to do so. How do people get to the train station to go somewhere?

To provide some leverage to get the public transport service re-instated let’s have a poll, see what YOU think about bus service or any service that connects us with Petrie or other.

Note: There is a poll embedded within this post, please visit the site to participate in this post's poll.

Feel free to add a comment below, if you want more polling options.


Would it not be nice to have a bus/shuttle service running from Petrie throuh Dayboro to Ferny Grove and return… …


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Dayboro Music festival voting boot. Sat, 23 Dec 2017 02:10:11 +0000

Not sure what to call it yet music festivalDayboro Harvest Music Festival.

There are a few people trying to get a music festival started,  Dayboro Harvest is as good a name as any.

We looking to get an idea what music the Dayboro Community likes. It will gives us an idea what to do next, so let hear your vote.

There is a heap of different types of music, I believed there was only good and bad music, as it turns out there is a lot of different stuff.

Have your say, let us know what type of music YOU like to hear should a festival come off the ground.

Let’s hear it. What are we targeting.

Note: There is a poll embedded within this post, please visit the site to participate in this post's poll.

You can only vote once (ok teco’s will know their way around that) and you can select up to 3 types of genre.

I figured that is fair.

(Logo, name and dates are for illustration purposes only. Design by N. Hooper.)

Read more about this IDEA. 

Dayboro alive Ideas.

Click for specific ideas.

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A country music festival out here at Dayboro Wed, 20 Dec 2017 02:20:52 +0000

Greate news, this idea now has gone into planning phase......

Not sure what to call it yet music festivalA country music festival, or a music festival for that matter.

In September Katie, posted in Chit Chat.
“Hi, Dayboro. I don’t know if you remember but I came on here earlier in the year, to get everyone’s views on running a country music festival out here at Dayboro, and I was overwhelmed by the response I received. I have been hard at work applying for Government grants trying to pull a team together and getting the right people on board. But due to other country music festivals pulling the pin, it has left a dampener on the future of this one, and I am finding it hard to get the funding to pull it together. I have many acts keen and ready to go I had a date in mind I have been in contact with the Show society and much more. While I know, it is a different demographic out here in Dayboro. I am still going to keep knocking to try and get something happening if you have any ideas and want to help please pm me.

During that time the Deer Music Festival was still a thing. Unfortunately, they have closed the doors. They no longer doing it.

So here is our chance to pick that up. Perhaps have one of our own.

How could a music festival in Dayboro look like?

We could have things like:

  • Bands of different genre/tune spread through the day. Bit of country, folk and blues. I do not think Hardrock is our scene.
  • Clamping options (luxury camping) rent out tents for the night, have local businesses sell their pre-cooked meals.
  • Have an open mike section?
  • Keep it small.

Possible issues

  • Location location, ideally the festival takes over the sport grounds like the football grounds would make a great area for a big band. Camping on the show grounds and the soccer field can have stuff on it as well (clubs could actually make good money with that)
  • Noice… sure compaints will be had.
  • Weather…
  • Keep it small, is a double edged swort, to small it does not work, to big at once… well that does not work either.
  • Attracting tallent, not only local but the further out of town. Sure the local talent is good, but we all heard them before new bands and talent could be a better attraction.
  • Participation, there is only so many festivals that can be held in one year. I would think about combining them have 3 days of fun. Dayboro show, rodeo and music festival. If you get the football and soccer clubs involved… for sure we have enough space then.

So Dayboro what do you say?

Note: There is a poll embedded within this post, please visit the site to participate in this post's poll.
Dayboro (country) music festival

Click an option below so we can manage your anonymity

So where are we at with this?

December 2017

  • Kick-off meeting will be setup in late January.
  • We have some contacts with event organisers and people event with experience.
  • It will be an event in Dayboro.
  • A google drive has been set up to share documents among the “committee”. Those interested will be contacted and given access.

January 2018

  • Mailing list build and email send to those who want to help out.
  • First meeting set, so lets see how this goes.

Hi All,

We invite you to vote for music type you like/want….. click here to cast your vote. 

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Almost another year gone in Dayboro. Tue, 19 Dec 2017 23:35:25 +0000

Either way… it is what it is. If you got this far.


So here we are in Dayboro…..

Well another year gone, and quick it goes. We are heading to be located in this town for 15 years, not a local yet but give it time. It’s been a great year, Dayboro is changing I can see the old and the new merging into something really great.

Weather-wise in Dayboro.

Well, the weather in Dayboro was not the best, we had big dry spells we seen well below average rainfalls and well above temperatures. No, it is not the end of the world. We just need to work with it.

Rain trends and status in Dayboro

Rain data as it is recorded at Lyndhurst-Hill Dayboro.

Dayboro Rain

Yes, we had a lot less of it, and we need to conserve water a bit more. My advice is to invest in storage, the extended long-term forecast (with a guess), we will surely get the same amount of precipitation in Dayboro, BUT it will be in shorter periods of time. For example, simply big downpours, get the same quantity that you expect to see in a day, we will get the same amount in an hour.  If you do not collect it… it will run off. Simple as that.

Looking ahead, next year…. 2018. It is like this; I always say we get a wet winter… :-). It is funny though my dogs are due for their annual needles in January, often I bump into Malcolm from UQ VETS (Dayboro Vets), and the discussion is always a bit about the weather. The question is usually…. “Henk, what about the weather, is Dayboro getting a wet autumn or winter?”.

I think that question is some secret trigger for my genetic code that transforms my brain and body language into a full-blown AMERICAN  PREACHER style person.

Either way, I always get it wrong :-).

So what is the rain prediction for 2018

Funny you ask……

I see in my crystal ball the following… pretty much near the normal average rainfall for the Dayboro area. Again I think we are going to get a wet winter…. HA HA HA .

Dayboro Temperatures for 2017

Well the funny thing is…. the key word for this is …. EXTREMES. (Ok that is a bit over the top).

Yes we do get a bit hotter, I have seen spikes of around 2C hotter since I started recording the temperatures (I do this every 5 seconds). The average is actually not so bad…

Dayboro Temperature Trends

See it is getting warmer :-), I might actually have to take my shirt off…. (ok that paints a horrible picture….).

Dayboro should be a bit worried.

0.8C increase… not much you think… well it is actually. If you think about temperature in the animal world it can mean the difference between male and female. It is true look it up.

What is really interesting is where the average increase occurs, it occurs in the summer months as to the winter months are colder. THIS has a big impact on cropping, and grass growth. I for one would love slow grass growth if I did not have cattle, it would mean less mowing…. How cool would that be.

Considering that we have little or no cropping and farming in our area, I say those who decided to sell their farms for development made the right choice.

We saw development in Dayboro.

Yup, Dayboro and surrounding areas are growing. Developments are kicking off, not only because it is the right time but also because they were approved a long time ago. It is not all good, for example, if you look at Tullamore Estate. Rolling hills replaced by terrace semi high-density development. Disgusting in my view, but we all have to live somewhere.

Dayboro water table

The Dayboro water table is dropping, and the replenishment rate is slowing down, common sense tells you that that is not sustainable. We will run out of the water more often.

Dayboro businesses are “dying”.

This year, like every year, we seen business come and go, coffee shops opening and closing. Post and Rail is one example, it changed hands and proprietors more often than the average season in the year.

Other businesses like some clothing business, old style clothing and stuff business they are all gone again. The pizza place is still there (thank goodness, or should I say thank Johnny’s).

There are heaps and heaps of “home-based” business that are doing well, for the reason that they are home-based. I can see that there is no real advantage to have a “brick and mortar” business in the Dayboro main street other than a coffee shop. I believe it is “euthanising” the town.

The battle of the roads.

No year goes by without a good volume of complaints about the usage of our roads. This year, no exception, we either drive to fast, or we drive to slow. One thing is sure, there is too much lycra, way too much of it.

The lycra crowd does keep the coffee shops in town alive, so there is something to be said about that. The leather crowd also provides an excellent income stream to the coffee shops and the local petrol station.


What this shows is that DAYBORO is a tourist town, sorry people but that is what we have become.

Good ideas.

Good ideas are floating around; a good thing would be to capture them and have them published, have people talking about them. I attempted to catch them, publicise the ideas online display, have people made aware. Not being the most liked person in town, I know it will be doomed to fail for that exact reason, it does, however, shuts up some of the negatives perhaps they will “pull their socks up next year”.

It is something I believe should have been done a LONG time ago.

Dayboro 2018 here we come.

My Santa wish list is quite simple. It is not difficult it just needs unbiased compassion, the common sense compassion type, the type of compassion that has another response to “this is how we always did it”. The kind where discussions are factual to the subject, acceptance that you can be wrong and accept that things can be done differently and perhaps better.  I know, one can only dream.

Let’s say we have a crack at it, would it not be great to see that Dayboro related information is in a central place, online complimenting the Grapevine?

I have a dream.

  • Seeing an online portal where our town and changes are published on time and factual?
  • Having one online business and phone directory for Dayboro and surrounds, where local businesses can have a “mini website” for free (well I provide it for free for now, that might not be sustainable for others.).
  • Having events published and promoted across a wider area and have updates in real-time, should the weather or other issues arise.  I am happy to volunteer for that; I am doing that already for the events I been told about.
  • Having a place where people can raise ideas for the Dayboro town, without the usual negative crap that comes along with it if you step on those long toes. They can be good or bad, that something failed in the past does not mean it will fail again. Collecting the ideas and have the organisations like DDPAI, Lions and so many others address them (they need people to help them, so volunteer, get involved). Have the capabilities of the associations, organisations, clubs and volunteers structured and working with each other.


I know it is a dream, some might say a nightmare, the yesteryear town is connected to yesteryear type internet perhaps that can work in our advantage.


I believe Dayboro has become a tourist town; there is no denying that those who have the option buy their stuff elsewhere due to “perceived” cheaper alternatives. Even with the current influx of new residents (by the yesteryear standards they cannot be called Dayborians) is not going to sustain the local businesses or increase the diversity of local businesses.

Let’s make 2018 a year where we all come together, get ideas going have some fun in the process and see if we can make this little patch of paradise an even more exciting place. The tools are there; I now challenge you and all organisations to take me up on that challenge, submit ideas discuss in the open what is going on and ask.

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Wildlife carer information for Dayboro and Surrounding areas. Sat, 16 Dec 2017 02:02:34 +0000 WILDLIFE CARER INFORMATION

Rescue groups

Wildlife QLD – Local community group

Phone: (07) 3834 6039 or 0401 350 799
Address: 365 Samsonvale Road, Warner, QLD 4500

1300 ANIMAL – Run by the RSPCA

Phone: 1300 264 625 or 1300 852 188 (For urgent enquiries only)

Pine Rivers Koala Care – Local community group

Phone: (07) 3834 6039 or 0401 350 799
Address: 365 Samsonvale Road, Warner, QLD 4500

Moreton Bay Koala Rescue INC

Phone: 0401 080 333
Address: P) Box 1271, Burpengary, 4505

Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors

Phone: (07) 5436 2026 or 1800 33 43 50, Hospital (07) 5436 2097 Emergency hotline 133 369 652
Address: PO Box 29, Beerwah, QLD, 4519


BIRO – Birds only

Phone: (07) 3208 3512
Address: PO Box 740, Samford, QLD, 4520


Local Carer Information
Carl & Lou Harries – 0448 499 570 (macropods and pouched animals only)

Catherine Parsons – Contacted via Facebook Messenger

Andrea Hudson – 0423 295 077
Local Vets

Samford Valley Veterinary Hospital

Phone: (07) 3289 1322
Address: 10 Main St, Samford, QLD, 4520

UQ VETS Dayboro

Phone: (07) 3425 1544
Address: 125 McKenzie St, Dayboro, QLD, 4521

Brisbane Mobile Veterinary Services

Phone: 0421 642 274
Address: PO Box 562, Samford, QLD, 4520

Old Mill Animal Hospital

Phone: (07) 3425 2222
Address: 3546 Mt Mee Rd, Dayboro, QLD, 4521

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1,2,3 sh.t paramatta grass in Dayboro Fri, 08 Dec 2017 00:48:09 +0000

Parramatta in Dayboro.

I have no idea if I do the right thing, but it looks like I have a bit of rats tail and paramatta grass in my paddock… so now what….?

How to find it?

It is big enough to cause for concern, parramatta grass. It is in patches, but it seems that it starts to follow the contours of the water run off…. Time to take action.

I actually have no idea what and how it looks like so I done some research on the net (yup Dr Google). I quickly found the site Weeds in Brisbane and my stuff looks a lot like that. It has small patches, the seed pods are long and thin… fair bet that it is parramatta.

Possible Parramatta Grass in Dayboro

See the picture above, I took this picture on the council strip, that is how it looks like, not my best photo but it gives you an idea, Weeds in Brisbane website has a better image. I grazed the paddocks pretty hard last year, I think most of us did, due to the dry weather etc. With the bit of rain we had the Parramatta Grass stands out like “balls on a bull” so to speak. I have a bull, and I can assure you… they stand out :-).

Like mentioned before, the Parramatta Grass stands very high, and is thin, if you lucky enough to have a paddock that carries Rhodes then you can see it competing with the Rhodes height. What I have in the paddock is most likely the Dwarf variety of the Parramatta Grass. Still the same thing… and I want to get rid of it. It is a very competitive weed (from what I gather) and will compete other grasses out, not only that it is rubbish for cattle feed in my opinion, it is also very clumpy so hard to mow. Either way it is part of the WSG (weedy sporobolus grasses) family, so time to get rid of it.

How big is my problem?

Apart from other problems, this one is pretty big in my view, as you can see in the image below it seems to be available in abundance.

Parramatta Weed problem

It’s like when you buy a new car, first you do not see any on the road, once you got your new car,  every second car is like yours. Same applies here, once I started looking for it it showed up EVERYWHERE. Just crazy…. it almost looked like the whole paddock was full with it… Time to take action.

It’s my problem, so I darn well fix it.

I do not like to give my problems to others, especially the neighbors. (Ok, in this case it is tempting :-)), first I needed to know where this stuff comes from. Time to sniff it out,  it was not here a few yrs ago when I had better control over the surrounding areas and my paddock. I let that slip a bit.

I walked around the perimeter and quickly found some spots where it could come from,  I think it originally came from the road side. My reasoning is that the council slasher contractor might have carried some seeds into the estate, when servicing the council strips. In general that be no problem as the Rhodes would suppress it easy, however a reasonable dry period in combination with irresponsible slashing  might have given this the upper hand. A little while back I pointed out the damaging practices of council contractors slashing the council strip. Turning the strip into a mud and dirt patch, all good grass covering was completely stripped, only weeds grow now.

But I am also to blame, for sure, I should have been onto this sooner, I let my cattle and dogs disperse the seeds across the paddock. If you look at where the patches occur it is in the wind shadow side, when we have dry westerly winds it might blow it further into the paddocks.

Like I said… it is my problem now… so I darn well fix it.

Plan of eradication.

A little while back I put run-off barriers in the paddock, I did this  by ripping the soil this to catch more water and to drought proof my “farm”. This now has a second function, prevent seed run-off. If you read up on how to manage or eradicate the rats tail or parramatta grass, it talks about collecting the seeds. Yesterday, in my ultimate wisdom I went into the paddock to cut all the seed pods… after half a wheel barrow full you sort of get fed up with it… Trust me it will happen very quickly.

So time to get smarter about it, early this morning I checked for dew and moisture on the paddock. I figured time to use my flail mower and tractor to meander into the meadows to hit the tops of the parramatta weeds, this to prevent spreading by wind etc. Once the seed is on the ground there is less chance for it to blow away.


All mowed, and you can see clearly the contours… so run-off might be an issue.

Time to hatch a plan…..

  1. Mechanical seedpod collection, well that is an issue. The best I can do is knocking it down, so I took my flail mower and knocked the heads out of the grass. This prevents seed from spreading in the wind, I made sure that the grass was damp so any seeds would most likely drop on the ground.
  2. Apply Flupropanate, this stuff is also kills the re-emerging plants from seeds in the ground… now I knocked the heads off. I will expect a lot of that and will have to top up with Flupropanate.
  3. Ill have to keep applying Flupropanate to keep on-top of this, it is true what they say… “One year seed, seven years weed). There is something else in the works called Nigrospora Oryzae, which remains in the soil forever… but I am not sure if it is readely available.

Now for the record, I am anti-chemicals when it comes to farming, unfortunately in this case I do not have a choice. It is my own fault, I should have taken action sooner, for now I think the use of chemical will outweigh my personal anti-chemical position. I need to stop the spreading of this weed.

I expect that Flupropanate to stay in the soil for about 2yrs, this should kill the cycle…. time will tell. I will try to keep you updated.

Why GR and not taskforce.

No other reason than the way I apply it, I prefer the granular I believe it allows me for more controlled application, but the stuff ain’t cheap. Being ready to use saves me from mixing it, I am not sure about the shelf life of mixed Flupropanate I expect it will be limited. Using the GP version has another advantage, I can take it with me when I walk through the meadows or when I cruise on my tractor. Just a sprinkle here and there, so much easier than having to mix a batch. (Yes I am lazy by nature….).

Read more about TaskForce

This is the stuff I got, GP Flupropanate read here how it works. Be prepared to pay $60 odd dollars for less than a kilo.

GP Flupropanate for parramatta grass in dayboro

Before you rush ONLINE and buy this… shop around… Unfortunately Dayboro Produce did not had it in stock, but you generally can buy it locally CHEAPER than buying it online.



I am not a birds and a bees man, all I know about trees is that there are three types. Is-a-tree, lavatoree and was-a-tree. In respect to grass there are two types…. brown and green. That sort of sums up my knowledge about this stuff.

Use this write up as you see fit, it is at your own risk. I am under the impression that this “weed” is found all the way from the gold coast through to the sunshine coast.

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The “battle” of the mascots. Sun, 03 Dec 2017 02:36:56 +0000

Do sports clubs have mascots?

Just sitting here, doing my thing and I see this post pop-up. From Dayboro District Soccer Club. Dayboro Dingoes…. that made me wonder….

Would it be something to have a “battle of the mascots” as part of a “competition”, this to create awareness and a bit of fun.

Vision with a grin.

Imagine, that all sport clubs have mascots, not sure if all can afford them but lets say they can.  Would it be fun to see them compete against each other in the sport of the mascot.

For example, all mascots play a game of soccer, football, netball, tennis etc so each sports club hosts a game. You know rotating through the season, or even off season I do not know.

Invite the town, to come an watch just a bit of fun for an hrs or so, not only that I can see that it provides a good introduction to a sport.

So Dayboro what do you say?

Note: There is a poll embedded within this post, please visit the site to participate in this post's poll.
Dayboro Soccer surrounds

Let us know what YOU think, about this.

Battle of the Mascots

Click an option below so we can manage your anonymity

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Festive season closures Sat, 02 Dec 2017 16:32:55 +0000

Dining Out in Dayboro during the Festive Season

Birches Café Restaurant
Closed from & incl Christmas Eve  will re-open Thurs 4th January 2018

Crown Hotel
Closed Christmas Day only

Dayboro Bakery
Closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day & New Year’s Day

Dayboro Bowls Club
No Friday night meals until 2 February.  Club open from3pm most days

Dayboro Café
Closed Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day & New Year’s Day

Grate Life Café
Last day trading 22nd Re-open Friday 5th January

Johnny’s Pizza Place
Closed all public holidays

Mill Creek Café
Closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day

Ocean View Winery
Closing 3pm Christmas Eve, closed Christmas Day &  Boxing Day.
Closing 3pm New Year’s Eve, closed New Year’s Day.

Pitstop Café
Closed 23rd, 24th, 25th & 26th.  Open New Year’s Day.

Post & Rail Café-Bar-Restaurant

Rendezvous at Dayboro
Closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day & New year’s Day

Terah’s Restaurant
Closed as normal on Mondays & Tuesdays.  Will also be closed Wednesday 27th.

Shopping in Dayboro

Bohemian De-’cor
Closed Christmas Day & Boxing Day

Dayboro Art Gallery
Closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day & New Year’s Day

Dayboro Butchery

  • Closing 12 noon Christmas Eve.
  • Closed Christmas Day & Boxing Day.
  • Closing 12 noon New Year’s Eve.
  • Closed New Year’s Day.

Puma Service Station
Open every day 6am – 6pm

Dayboro Information Centre
Closing 3pm 21st December Re-open 2nd January 2018

Dayboro Lolly Lovers
Closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day & New Year’s Day. 

Dayboro Produce & Hardware
Closed all public holidays

Dayboro Shed Antiques
Closing Sat 23rd December.  Re-open Wednesday 10th January 2018

Dayboro Swimming Pool
Closed Christmas Day.
Hours changed other days

  • 26Dec 12.30-4pm;
  • 27 and 28Dec 5.30am-7pm;
  • 29 Dec 5.30am-6pm;
  • 30 Dec 6am-5pm;
  • 31 Dec 8am-5pm;
  • 1 Jan 10am-4pm and
  • Tues 2 Jan – back to normal hours


Dayboro Valley IGA
Open 8am -12 Noon Christmas Day & 7am-7pm other public holidays

Dirty Hairy’s
Closed from and including 24th December (Christmas Eve) Re-opening Monday 15th January 2018

Entangle Living Art
Closed Christmas Day & Boxing Day.  Normal trading other days

Hay Cottage Arts & Crafts
Closed Christmas Day & Boxing Day

Horse & Co.
Closing Sat 23rd December Re-open Wed 3rd January 2018

Shaneta Fashion Boutique
Closed all public holidays. Normal trading other days.

Sue’s Gluten Free
Closed from 3pm Saturday 24th Re-open 9am Wed 3rd January 2018.  Online shop open throughout

Trevena Glen
Not open to general public – bookings only



Dayboro Medical Centre
Closed public holidays only

Dayboro Dental Centre
Closed public holidays only

Dayboro Pharmacy
Closed all public holidays

Dayboro Veterinary Surgery
Closed from 24th December  Re-open 2nd January 2018

Old Mill Animal Hospital
Closed public holidays only

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Dayboro Community Garden Planning Sat, 02 Dec 2017 05:49:27 +0000

Imagine a Community Garden in Dayboro.

Awesome, the initiatives are coming hard and fast, now there is an Dayboro Community Garden, and initiative by Sophie Kent.

She started off on Facebook (as you do) with asking the following questions:

  • Does anyone here think we should build a communal garden in dayboro?
  • A place locals can grow, swap and share food?
  • A place where seeds can be swapped and different generations can spend time together?
  • A place for retired, unwell or isolated/new members of the community could make friends.
  • A place where children can learn where food comes from and mothers could sit peacefully and socialise and feed newborns together.
  • A place where there could be different workshops like keeping chickens, composting etc?
  • Because I’m happy to volunteer time and effort into making it happen for the future generations if anyone else thinks it’s a worthwhile idea?”

How “cool” (new age buzz word for fantastic”). So lets see where this leads.


Community Vegetable Garden.

There are heaps around, and a quick search on the Internet shows that several councils in the immediate area actually support this, how good is this. There is an actual organisation that can help you out with setting up a community garden. it is called ACFCGN…. What the?

What does Dayboro say?

There seems to be a lot of Dayborians that have an interest in this, and why not? It is a great idea. 

So why is this a great idea?

  • People want to grow Veggies but have no time or not the skills
  • Some want to grow veggies, but find it a bit overwelming
  • There are people who are not able to physically have a veggie garden
  • It is a great community thing/tool, where people can come together have a chat.


There is always an oops, Dayboro is supposed to be a country town so why do people not have vegetable gardens? Well some do and they produce really nice vegetables, I think the lack of outlets or opportunity to sell fresh veggies, might be the issue that not many people know about services like:

So why the OOPS… I can see some friction coming up… perhaps a little bit of turf war…. Bit like Korea and the US….  So lets have see how I see it..

Vision with a grin.

Remember, this initiative is NOT my initiative. A community garden, although mentioned above it can compete with excising initiatives, I do think it will not and here is why.

I see a community garden to be:

  • Volunteer initiative
  • Great way to be outside, and get your hands dirty (which is scientifically proven to be good for wellbeing and stuff)
  • Learn how to do your veggie garden, and then start your own perhaps
  • Awesome space to grow fresh produce, to be sold either at the Twilight Markets or Dayboro markets
  • Spot to grow flowers, how awesome would it be to get some fresh flowers on the way home…. (of course pick them up from the twilight markets or local retail outlets)
  • Teach your kids that fruit and veggies are actually not perfectly round or without spots.
  • Sell to the caravanners…. (I keep going back to that as they are, in my view, the “unexplored revenue stream”)
  • Social events.

Some examples and information.

Department of Social Services actually has some stuff on it and to my surprise Brisbane Council as well.

Buying wholesome food (as in real veggies, not the stored stuff), and seasonal foods is not a new concept. We had veggie outlets in Dayboro before, all were out competed by IGA. It is common in business to out compete, simply to ensure your own existence. With a community garden I can see that there be more and better alternatives for people who chasing pesticide free food. Growing your own food… there is something to be said about it, but in one word it comes down to BLOODY FANTASTIC.

There are suggestions to include chickens and other stuff, have it on private land (I was initially in favor for that… but now I think the better of it). Here are some pitfalls perhaps.


  • Unfortunately not everybody is trust worthy.
  • Introducing animals, like chickens, a great idea but you end up with a whole different set of issues. Think about eggs (you cant sell them), think about looking after the buggers etc etc.
  • Political hijacking, not only by councilors but also by management/membership (privatization of the garden or parts there off).
  • Social/cultural change ensuring that members/public respect the initiative and keep it going by actually “buying” and producing.
  • Soil contamination… sure it is odd, but a possibility, so you want to do some soil samples before you start digging :-).
  • There will always that odd w…ker that wants to damage stuff or take what is not theirs. Putting locks on the gardens is not really a good feel, but most likely necessary.
  • Some more on this from other sites. 
  • Rubbish like pots all over the place, with these projects they start of with a bang… but once people realize how much work it takes they tend to die out and those who stay are overwhelmed.
  • Build on private land…. what if the owner sells.. then what.
  • Using a bit of land that is available at childcare centers and the like, again a fantastic idea… but ownership is an issue. There are also all sorts of legal issues that can arise from that, but they can be resolved in the “constitution” (these things seem to be hard to come by…..). An example is BlueCard stuff.
  • “ Competitions” who knows more than whom, about how to fertilize and the like.


All above are easy to overcome, along you set out a set of rules like a constitution and the like. That is where you can start weeding out the good and the bad, it is something to fall back on if any of the above will occur.

So where to put this thing?

Two places I would put them….

  1. Tullamore Park (and yes, the irony is not lost on me) I believe it is council land. Personally I think it is the best, as “facilities” are close by like toilets.
  2. End of heathwood St, there is a footpath there… perhaps an option, but that is private land I think.
  3. Just of Millbrook st behind the tennis courts…. But that is private land as well.


Why so close to town?

Kinda simply two reasons, one is that people do not have to hop in the car to get there, they do not need to create additional facilities like toilets etc. and it is CLOSE TO TOWN so you can hop in to get a cuppa. Close to town also means that you can invite the local “chefs” of the restaurants to grab their veggies from the garden. (or sell them at a low price). All good for the environment.

Close to Town means, close to market and means…….. bring DAYBORO ALIVE….


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So Dayboro what do you say?

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