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Stay Nimble and Accurate When Funding Loans

by Dealertrack on August 22, 2019

Auto lending is a valuable service for dealerships, with 85% of new cars purchased in 2018 financed rather than purchased outright. Dealers require fast funding to stay cash flow positive, so it’...

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Drive to Success: Digital Retailing for Dealers 101

by Lindsay Lauck on August 19, 2019

Automotive dealers looking to battle margin compression, reach more customers, and grow their online presence must optimize their digital retailing strategy. But what exactly is digital retailing, and what is the best method for implementing your digital retailing plan? With the majority of today’s car buyers beginning their search for their next...

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Industry News Roundup: 8/16/19

by Dealertrack on August 16, 2019

This week’s news roundup from Dealertrack includes some surprising best practices for the F&I office, a heads-up about the next generation of auto buyers, and an update on the state of the economy and the automotive industry....

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Top Technology Challenges for Dealerships

by Lindsay Lauck on August 14, 2019

When Susan Moll, Sr. Director of Field Services for Cox Auto, sat down with the team at Jim Browne Auto Group, it was clear they were struggling with their technology investments. The dealership group, had grown to six franchise locations and was proud of their success. However, several challenges with their technology were beginning to cause conce...

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Expedite Contract Processing Regardless of Workload

by Dealertrack on August 13, 2019

eContracting has made it so indirect auto lenders can process contracts and fund their dealers faster. Unfortunately, many dealers haven’t given up the paper contracting habit yet, so lenders must find ways to beef up their contract processing on two fronts. It can be a challenge for lenders to deliver faster funding for paper contract package...

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Drive to Success: The Millennial Mindset Impacts Auto Ownership

by Lindsay Lauck on August 12, 2019

Selling cars to a younger generation like Gen Z and millennials, those born sometime between (roughly) the very early 1980’s and mid 1990’s, is becoming the proverbial white whale for modern auto dealers. You know they’re out there—somewhere—and you’ve been told they have money to spend. However, this elusive market continues to baffle...

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Drive to Success: Process Improvements For Your Auto Sales Team

by Lindsay Lauck on August 5, 2019

Process improvements and workflow enhancements are a good way to streamline the way your sales team identifies goals and hits their targets. That is, of course, when they work. Often, changing the simple way your team tackles daily projects can be a source of strife and frustration for the entire auto dealership. Don’t go at it blindly. Rather, m...

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Improving Cash Flow with Faster Title and Lien Release

by Dealertrack on July 30, 2019

Cash is king for any business, and dealerships are no exception. Even with solid reserves and good fluidity, better cash flow always helps with your dealership’s expenses and overhead. So, how does faster title and lien release help with cash flow? Let’s take a look. Immovable objects Once you’ve invested in a trade-...

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