DomRaider is launching its token, the DRT, to finance its growth and to propel its blockchain auctions onto a worldwide sphere.

The sale starts in:


What is DomRaider?

We are a French startup created in 2013, specialing in “dropcatching.” This technique consists of reserving newly dropped domain names (such as .com, .net, and .fr) and selling them at auction.

We are in hyper-growth with over 20,000 sales to our name. Our team of 30 speaks 7 languages natively and is spread over 3 countries, soon increasing to 5. We have gained prestigious clients who trust us in snapping up the best domain names for their SEO, marketing or for protecting their brands.

Key figures

Accredited for 27 extensions

1M domain names offered for backorder every month

10 000 organized sales at auction

33 people in the team

7 nationalities represented

$4M secured in funding

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"The DomRaider ICO combines two key factors for success: innovation of ground-breaking technology by blockchain experts and the maturity of an already well-established company and an experienced team."


The creation of a new ecosystem dedicated to auctions

This is an open-source blockchain dedicated to the decentralization of auctions in real time. It will be transparent, reliable, adaptable and interoperable, without compromising on speed.

The DomRaider network is not only aimed to register auctions and bids. It is the core of a complete new auctioning ecosystem aimed to provide an innovative solution for all worldwide auctioning players.

Live auctioneers, escrow, appraisal experts, delivery services and online auctions providers will all be able to join the network, provide their services and add value to the blockchain.

The core of the network

Logging of bids and registration of transactions

Application of commun rules

Advanced features

Addition of advanced rules specific to organizers in order to adapt to different types of sales

Additional services

Advanced service providers enhancing the functionning of the network

Distribution of tokens


  • Sold during the ICO


  • Placed in locked reserve


  • Allocated to stakeholders (advisors, the community, the team)


– Symbol: DRT
– Total amount: 1 billion
– Type: ERC20
– Sales total: €35M
– Token price: 0,10€

Token usage


      • By organizing auctions
      • By putting a deposit on certified auctions

By winning at auction


      • By selling assets or products at auction
      • By getting commission on sales
      • By selling extra services associated with the blockchain
      • By participating in the DomRaider ”Domain Spotters” program


  • July 2013 Creation of DomRaider
  • $2 million raised

  • $2 million in supplementary financing

  • Conception of the DomRaider blockchain

  • We are here
  • Start of the sale + registration of deposits in cryptocurrency

  • Issue of DRT tokens

  • Management of the auction process, bidding and allocations on our private infrastructure.

  • Moving DomRaider auctions on to the blockchain

  • Launching of the DomRaider partners program with auction professionals

  • First implementation with a third-party

  • First nodes operated by non-affiliated partners at DomRaider

The DomRaider Team

An international team

Our team of 33 people is spread over 3 countries, soon increasing to 5.
7 different nationalities are represented, natively speaking as many languages:
Chinese 🇨🇳, Japanese 🇯🇵, Russian 🇷🇺, English 🇺🇸, Spanish 🇪🇸, Italian 🇮🇹, French 🇫🇷.

Meet the team

Both experts and enthusiasts, we aim for excellency by leveraging teamwork. Although our team has tripled in a year, we are focused on preserving our values of sharing and personal development. They are the pillars of our company culture.

Tristan Colombet


The founder, Tristan Colombet, is a successful serial entrepreneur.

He founded his first company,, when he was only 18 years old. Within a few years, his platform, which specialized in organizing award-winning competitions for the general public, was the leader of the French casual gaming sector.

He won 1st Prize in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 in 2006, for Prizee.coms spectacular growth of 6,577% over 5 years. By the next year, the company was employing 150 people with a turnover of €13.7 million.

In 2012, with 35 million gamers using the Prizee network, Tristan was approached by the international corporation Digital Virgo, which wanted to develop the gaming website worldwide.

The sale was entered into in June.
This sale enabled Tristan to launch Eefficiency, his own investment fund dedicated to startups.

He acquired 20% of Linxo in 2013, which has since become one of the stars of Fintech.

Following another investor round of more than €20 million in 2017, he sold his stake to 3 large financial institutions (Crédit Mutuel Arkéa, Crédit Agricole, MAIF).

In 2013, he founded DomRaider which in less than 2 years become the leading drop catcher (The service of reserving expired domain names) in France. In 2016, the company grew exponentially with its headcount increasing from 5 to 28 employees. In 2017, DomRaider has been accredited in more than 20 countries and has opened its first 3 international branches.


In June 2016, Tristan was voted onto the AFNIC Board of Administration, the French states official .fr registry under the authority of the Minister in charge of the Digital Economy. He seats alongside representatives of the ministries in charge of electronic communications, industry and research.


In 2017, Tristan launched the Turing22 project which includes the extension and renovation of close to 5,000 m2 of next generation offices and coworking spaces in the La Pardieu Technological Zone in Clermont-Ferrand, integrating large lounge spaces with pool tables and table soccer tables, 3 large laid-out terraces, a 100-seat auditorium and a fitness center. Bivouac, the Clermont-Auvergne startups accelerator, which has recently been labelled Frenchtech, is already installed there.

Christophe David


Christophe not only graduated from a business school with a degree in international management but he also has a degree in accounting. During his career he has worked in innovation and consultancy as well as setting up of companies. Thus, in 1998, he set up Zencod, a company developing hardware crypto accelerators, which he sold to Thalès in 2004. Always motivated by highly ambitious entrepreneurial challenges, his encounter with DomRaider was a natural fit. The enthusiasm was shared and immediate. Always a leader, he is now the guarantor of investments and fundraising.

Vincent Vermersch


A legend says that Vincent was there before the Internet…It may well be true.

After several entrepreneurial adventures under his belt, in particular in the referencing field, he joined the ranks of DomRaider at its inception.

He is the man that you can count on in the technical team, there is never a problem with him just solutions. He thinks things over, he arbitrates, he prioritizes and everything sorts itself out. His natural curiosity has led him to have an in-depth knowledge of all the programming languages, as much at the Front End as the Back End, he has good people skills with his teams and is always kind and friendly. An excellent trainer, he will improve any teams expertise.

Damien Henriques


He is customer centric, and after earning his stripes working in customer service and marketing, Damien set up his own marketing agency. His goal was to satisfy the needs of large multinational companies such as Michelin, Limagrain and Volvic. Five years later, he decided to sell his share in his company for a new more digitally-orientated challenge and joined DomRaider. Here, he thinks globally, his goal is to be as efficient and effective as possible and he carries out his marketing and communication tasks like no one else.

Delphine Delaire

Sales Manager

Results driven, tuned into the needs of customer, a business school graduate, Delphine initially specialized in international management and corporate finance. She was a project manager for franchise-oriented profit centers. She then joined the DomRaider team in order to participate in the drop catching business as the Sales Manager.

Begonia Garrido

International Operations Manager

Born in Spain and with a degree in Translating and Interpreting, Begoña chose France as she reoriented her focus towards International Trade studies. She began her career in a multilingual customer service department and quickly moved up to the ladder towards purchasing.

As Chief Product Purchaser, she used all the traditional purchasing levers to carry out successful negotiations (planning, simplification, pooling together needs) and thus build long-term sustainable relations with global partners!

Strongly focused on added value and customer needs, at DomRaider she is implementing its international product strategy and coordinating its development.

Alice Kennedy

Area Manager - English Market

Meticulous and operational, Alice began her career as an English teacher in Paris. She then returned to the United Kingdom to get a Masters Degree before working for a project at a law firm for two years. She has returned to France to develop the companys business in English-speaking markets.

Kosuke Kawasaki

Area Manager - Japan

Multilingual in Japanese, French and English; Kosuke is DomRaider’s samurai carrying out any services in Japanese! Born in Japan, he arrived in France when he was 20 years old. After getting a Bachelors Degree in sociology, he worked in the international trade, construction and translation sectors. Since 2012, he has worked in journalism and reported from the field during the Ukrainian conflict, the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack, etc. In 2016, bolstered by this experience, he became a student again and obtained a Masters Degree in social politics and territorial development, and became interested in new systems such as crypto currency and blockchains… topics which interested him so much that he joined our team!

Yufang Wang

Area Manager - China

Yufang is passionate about new technologies.

After obtaining a Bachelors Degree from the Henan University, she worked for four years at the Vocational Education Institution of Chengdu and the Huangshui College of Chengdu as an IT professor. She taught herself to speak French. In 2016, she came to France to pursue her IT studies. Armed with her specific knowledge and skill set, she has joined DomRaiders international team.

Dan Yu

Area Manager - China

A Chinese proverb says: Read as many books as you can and travel as far as the path allows you. Born in the Yunnan mountains region, from her earliest childhood memories she always wanted to one day leave and explore the world. Her passion for languages and literature led her to France where she continued her studies after obtaining a degree in literature in China. For 4 years, in Jinan, she worked in different fields as an editor and sales assistant. She has been working in France since 2012. Curious and always in search of new challenges, she joined DomRaiders international team for the DomRaider ICO project!

Ana Montero

Area Manager - Spanish market

Ana speaks four languages, is autonomous, a perfectionist and pugnacious.

She went to the United States when she was 15 years old, then travelled to Australia, England and France. She then worked for a well-known law firm and other Spanish, French, Italian companies as an interpreter. She graduated from the University of Granada with a Masters Degree in Translating and Interpreting. Ana joined the DomRaider international team and will be happy to support Customers in Spanish-speaking countries during the DomRaider ICO project.

Simonetta Chines

Area Manager - Italia

A keen linguist, Simonetta began as a teacher in Italy. After obtaining a Master’s Degree in Modern Letters at the University of Turin, she emigrated to France to pursue her career. After obtaining another Master’s Degree from the University of Caen (Normandy), she taught Italian, and on the side, began to publish novels for an Italian publishing house. She has won several awards during creative writing competitions. Two of her stories will be in the final of a national competition organized by the press company Mondadori. The ICO is a new challenge for her!

Alban Baixas

Back End Developer

Favorite Tech stack: API Rest, Kubernetes, Docker, RabbitMQ, PHP7
His +: Object-oriented programming (design pattern)
Convinced of the benefits of teamwork, Alban likes to learn and share on a daily basis. Replying to complex issues by simple programs motivates him to continually search for new approaches.

Kévin Bargoin

Full Stack Lead Dev

Favorite Tech stack: ReactiveX / PHP7 / RethinkDB / Kubernetes / Docker / ReactJS
His +: MongoDB / AngularJS / Material Design / Docker / Elastic Search
While he was still in his senior year internship at, Tristan COLOMBET offered Kévin the position of developer at Eefficiency. Freshly graduated with a degree in Web Development, it was therefore alongside Tristan that he learnt how to work. From test to test, from new ideas to projects, the code lines came out fast and furious. In August 2013, he participated in the creation of 4X (ex-DomRaider). Organized and autonomous, Kévin has been an historical and vital link of the team and has perfect knowledge of DomRaider.

Florent Blin

Country Business Developer

Likeable and optimistic, he loves finding new customers. In the past, he worked in sales management in Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden). A graduate of the KEDGE Marseille Business School (previously Euromed Management), he is today in charge of developing DomRaider’s business in the Swedish market.

Romuald Clermont

Brand Content & Community Manager

Before the position of Community Manager was recognized in the corporate world, Romuald was already doing this job as he was the one who invented it! He experienced an initial success at Babymoov where he contributed to the brand’s development. An expert in social media, he is connected everywhere and all the time. He is also a specialist in editorial strategy and content creation.

Jonathan Cote

Account Manager

After graduating with a degree in asset management insurance and after implementing insurance plans for companies of all sizes for several years, Jonathan’s career path was already mapped out. Constantly in search of new knowledge, Jonathan wanted to work in a sector he is passionate about. Curious by nature, he is capable of registering a lot of information very quickly. Very comfortable with new technologies, he had to familiarize himself with the services and functionalities of DomRaider’s drop catching business. His team spirit and people skills means that he sees customer service not just as a department but as an attitude which always focuses on customer satisfaction.

Paul Décombe

Direct Marketing Manager

A graduate of ESC (Clermont-Ferrand Business School), Paul worked in marketing for M6, Casino and Fnac. He then took a ‘back-packing’ break and crossed the American continent from Canada to Argentina. Five months later, he was back in the marketing field where he decided to specialize in direct marketing. At DomRaider, Paul is Mister Numbers. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is his favorite playing field. If you need reports, database extracts or results, then Paul is your man! He will be super happy to help you!

Séverine Demay

Executive assistant

Séverine has 10 years of experience in support positions in administrative management, customer service, human resources, after-sales service. She worked for startups for five years before joining DomRaider. At the time, the creator was already a certain: Tristan Colombet…Her smiley nature and versatility are key assets in her multi-task role at DomRaider.

Sébastien Donné

Product Owner

With a career path in both business and communication, Sébastien has worked in Columbia and in Germany. Influenced by Latin humor and exactitude, Sébastien is never late! For DomRaider he is the Product Owner and disseminates Agile methods. With his rigor and his phlegmatic nature, he navigates between departments with…agility.

Kathleen Durand

Account Manager

After studying applied foreign languages, her entrepreneurial spirit incited her to create her own company. She then worked for the family business developing and managing customer service and vocational training. A few years later, she took on a new challenge and joined the DomRaider adventure. With her sparkling personality and a permanent smile on her lips, Kathleen is passionate about her work: exchanging with customers, advising them, supporting them or explaining to them the website’s latest news. She loves to share the customer experience with the technical team in order to develop the best solution for customers.

Julien Fernandes

Communications and Partnerships Manager

He is the globetrotter of the marketing team. After a year’s experience working in communications for a digital company, Julien left to work for The Walt Disney Company in the USA. On his return to France, he searched for a marketing-based position and one which had an international dimension: DomRaider was the perfect fit! Very organized, he develops the dashboards and reports for all the events in which DomRaider takes part. Monday in Montreal, Tuesday in Berlin, Wednesday in Rimini, Friday in Las Vegas…sometimes, we ask ourselves whether he has the gift of ubiquity.

In September, he is going to open the Canadian subsidiary.

Sabrina Gaillac

Communications and Partnerships Manager

Sabrina observes, notes things and then only acts after she has analyzed everything. She can tackle and understand a wide range of topics. She recently participated in the launch of an airline company, designed and monitored this project’s communication and media strategy. She is now exercising her talents in the drop catching sector. She is intelligent and smart, and has an expert knowledge of the codes of communication and uses them perfectly.

Lauren Gavalda

Administrative management assistant

Like Super Woman but without the red cape, it is simple Lauren does everything! She is the super assistant who helps out all the departments in their administrative tasks. With a very cross-functional and very operational role, she takes into account everyone’s requests, searches for and finds the solution. And always with a smile and a cup of coffee!

Logan Lesage

Lead Dev React

Favorite Tech stack: Laravel, AngularJS, React, PostgreSQL, Swift, React Native
His +: Mobile development
When he was employed by an international industrial company he was also working as a freelancer developing mobile applications. He joined DomRaider but above all the team! A keen sportsman, team spirit is part of his DNA and DomRaider’s values perfectly match his own. He listens, knows how to adapt to constraints and is patient. He gives true balance to the Front end team.

Jérémy Marodon

Developer Full Stack

Favorite Tech stack: Nginx / Symfony / React

His +: Project management & Open Source

Jérémy is interested in many topics, is enthusiastic and is results-driven. He believes in respecting his commitments, he does everything in his power to achieve his individual, team and company objectives. After having worked for the region’s largest companies as well as start-ups, he was convinced to become part of the project by the challenge of designing solutions that would be used by thousands of daily users, the large-scale technical challenge and the team.

Mike Nopère


Favorite Tech stack: Linux, Nginx, MongoDB, PHP, NodeJs

His +: Network inter-connectivity

For Mike, nothing is impossible. Blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiast, he mine on the Blockchain for 4 years now. Entirely self-taught, he is our “crazy geek coder”. He has expertise in several techniques, has a broad knowledge base and is very mischievous. He remains calm in every circumstance, is enthusiastic and proactive.

Florian Pereira

Lead Dev React

Favorite Tech stack: React, React Native, PHP, Node

His +: React / Machine Learning

From missions in different companies to more personal projects, Florian can never get enough when it comes to coding or discovering a new language! He works quickly, very quickly. The more complicated something is, the more he excels. He always has the mot juste with his excellent repartee. He loves algorithms almost as much as he hates meetings.

Gianandrea Pozzi

Country Business Developer

A polyglot, he lived in an international environment from his earliest childhood. He moved to France to study at the university and obtained a Master’s Degree in Management and International Trade. He also worked for two large multinationals. Bolstered by this experience, he joined the DomRaider team in 2017 in order to develop its Italian business.

Etienne Roudeix

Back End Lead Dev

Professional Bachelor’s Degree in Networks and Communication
Favorite Tech stack: Anything with reactive programming and strong typing

His +: I design architecture with strong data consistency.
Etienne is extremely curious, with an interest in a broad variety of topics and he is always gathering information to learn more. He gives the tempo to the Back End team, he hates approximations. He is ambitious and strives for perfection and only stops when he has achieved it. But with his sense of humor, kidding around with his colleagues remains his best talent!

Armel Sadon

Account Manager

For a long time he made use his talents in the tourism sector, and this is why he believes in quality of service and results. A manager recognized for his human qualities, he has worked for a number of companies and obtained excellent results. Armel is demanding in ensuring that DomRaider serves its customers as best as possible, and is particularly demanding of himself.

Matthieu Huguet

Back End Lead Dev

Favorite Tech stack: Scala / Play Framework / Akka / Cycle.js

A graduate of EPITECH [Paris Graduate School of Innovation], Matthieu is both a developer and an entrepreneur.

His technical expertise is thus enhanced by his strategic vision and his customer centricity.

He is passionate about scalability issues and notably worked as an architect for After 5 years as an entrepreneur, he joined DomRaider in 2016 to work on the optimization of the drop catching algorithms.

His philosophy: sharing and progressing.

Svetlana Kovin

Area Manager - Russia

Svetlana is results-oriented, has strong negotiating skills and expertise in process optimization. After working for 8 years in Moscow, she followed her husband when he came to France to work for a French multinational company. After graduating with two Master’s Degrees in France (in Marketing and Technical Communication), she was in charge of developing and implementing B2B and B2C Customer Services for different multinational companies. She joined DomRaider to develop the Russian market.


Eddy Travia

Pionner investor in Blockchain

CEO and Co-founder of Coinsilium

Co-founder at Block Chain Space


Eddy Travia is a pioneer investor in blockchain technology startups and the CEO of Coinsilium, a London-based investment company that finances and manages the development of early-stage blockchain technology ventures. Coinsilium shares are quoted on NEX Exchange in London (NEX: COIN).


In July 2013, Eddy co-founded Seedcoin, the world’s first global incubator of Bitcoin startups and, in May 2014, is named among the ‘Top three Most Influential Investors’ at the Blockchain Awards along with Marc Andreessen and Roger Ver.


Eddy has led early-stage investments in 17 blockchain companies around the world, including Factom, RSK, SatoshiPay, CoinDash and Indorse.


An early believer in the impact of blockchain technologies, Eddy delivers keynote speeches around the world, advises corporates, and helps blockchain entrepreneurs to fund and grow their ventures.

William Mougayar

Author at The Business Blockchain

Former advisor board member, Ethereum Foundation


As a long time industry insider, William Mougayar is a prolific researcher, writer and theorist who has been described as the most sophisticated blockchain business thinker. His views and insights are well respected worldwide.


William is a direct participant in the crypto-technology market, working alongside startups, entrepreneurs, pioneers, leaders, innovators, creators, enterprise executives and practitioners; in addition to being an investor, advisor, and Board member in some of the leading organizations in this space.


William is the General Partner at Virtual Capital Ventures, an early stage venture capital fund, and currently on the Board of Directors of OB1, the OpenBazaar open source protocol that is pioneering decentralized peer-to-peer commerce, a Board Advisor to the Ethereum Foundation, a member of OMERS Ventures Board of Advisors, an Advisory Board member to the Coin Center and Bloq, and founder of Startup Management.


Previously, he held senior level positions at Hewlett-Packard, Cognizant and Aberdeen Group, and he founded 3 startups, CYBERManagement, Eqentia, and Engagio.


William is a graduate of the University of Washington, the University of Western Ontario Ivey School of Business, and attended the University of British Columbia Graduate Commerce School.


Contact:       |      Twitter: @wmougayar

Blog:    |  Book site:

Fabrice Croiseaux

CEO - InTech SA

Chairman of the Board of Directors – Infrachain

A graduate of the prestigious Centrale Lyon engineering school and the HEC business school, Fabrice CROISEAUX is the CEO of InTech, a subsidiary of POST Luxembourg specializing in Information Systems and specific development consulting.

Passionate about digital culture and innovation, he advises his customers on how to use innovative technologies to create breakthrough innovations. He is the facilitator of the blockchain working group of the Federation of Trusted Third Parties (FNTC) and the Chairman of the Infrachain Board of Directors in Luxembourg. With InTech, Fabrice has participated in several large-scale blockchain technology projects in France and in Luxembourg, including FundsDLT which executed the first true purchase of financial assets using blockchain technology.

Dominik Zynis

WINGS Cofounder

Dominik leads the public relations and communications effort for the WINGS Foundation, a Swiss non-profit organization focused on decentralized finance and governance systems. Previously, he worked with Omni (MastercoinFfoundation) as Head of Communications and Business Development. Prior to his focus on decentralized systems Dominik was responsible for channel sales at eMeter (Siemens), and sales at Oracle. He was Co-Founder and Chief Evangelist at State Software which marketed the first JSON libraries.


Dominik has a B.A. (Economics) from Middlebury College, and unfinished MSc (Industrial Management) from the Blekinge Institute of Technology. He is driven by the idea that access to markets and financial inclusion are a corner-stone of democracy.

Laurent Leloup

Serial blockchain entrepreneur

Laurent LELOUP
In 2006, after a 25-year career in corporate finance, Laurent founded Finyear (media & events Finance & Innovation) then Blockchain Daily News (media & events Blockchains & Distributed Ledgers) in 2016.
In 2016, he founded Chaineum SAS (ICO advise & blockchain Strategy), Blockness SAS (Blockchain Consulting), the BeAchain (Blockchain Oriented Objects) project and France Blocktech (blockchain ecosystem organization).
In 2017, he launched the Blockchain Valley (blockchain campus & startup incubator) project, co-founded the Voxchain (social choice and universal Proof-of-Stake algorithm for blockchains) project with Voxcracyet and wrote “Blockchain, la révolution de la confiance” [Blockchain, the trust revolution](Eyrolles, February 2017), a new book “Trustnomics, ou comment la confiance va changer le monde” [Trustnomics, or how trust is going to change the world] will be published by Eyrolles in February 2018.
He is also a keynote speaker (blockchain technology & ecosystems), participates in various blockchain working groups (AFNOR, FNTC, EU DLT Task Force, FuturICT 2.0, France Stratégie, etc.), is a DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) expert consultant for the French Tax Collection Agency and the Legal High Committee for Financial Markets of Paris (HCJP) and is an honorary member of Cercle Turgot, a French financial think tank.

Richard G.Kastelein

Publisher and Founder at The Blockchain News

Publisher and Founder at The Blockchain News

Partner at CryptoAssets Design Group

Director at Blockchain Partners

Founder of Blockchain News, partner at CryptoAsset Design Group, director of Blockchain Partners and event founder at CryptoFinancing – Richard Kastelein is an award-winning publisher, innovation executive and entrepreneur. He has written over 1200 articles on Blockchain technology and startups at Blockchain News and has also published pioneering articles on ICOs in Harvard Business Review and Venturebeat.


Kastelein has spoken (keynotes & panels) on Blockchain in Amsterdam, Antwerp, Barcelona, Beijing, Brussels, Bucharest, Dubai, Eindhoven, Gdansk, Groningen, The Hague, Helsinki, London, Manchester, Minsk, Nairobi, Nanchang, San Mateo, Shanghai, and Tel Aviv.


He is a Canadian (Dutch/Irish/English/Métis) whose writing career has ranged from the Canadian Native Press (Arctic) to the Caribbean & Europe. He has written occasionally for Harvard Business Review, Wired Insights, Guardian and and his work and ideas have been translated into Dutch, Greek, Polish, German and French.


In his 20s, he sailed around the world on small yachts and wrote, “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Seas’ travelling by hitching rides on yachts (1989).

Jeremy Epstein

CEO @ Never Stop Marketing

Jeremy Epstein, CEO of Never Stop Marketing, has 20 years of international marketing experience in helping to bring innovative technologies into the mainstream. Most recently, Jeremy was VP, Marketing at Sprinklr which grew from a $20 million valuation and 30 people to $1.3 billion valuation and 900 people in 3 years.

Previous work experience includes Microsoft and consulting to startups, mid-market firms, and enterprises, including JNJ, Yes To Carrots, and two NY Times best-selling authors (Dan Pink and

Gretchen Rubin). Jeremy also spent 3 years living and working in Frankfurt, Germany and Tokyo, Japan.

Jeremy is the author of numerous whitepapers and a book, appropriately titled, “It’s ALL on the Blog, DON’T Buy the Book,” and has presented to hundreds of audiences in 15 countries. Jeremy has been the top-ranked speaker at multiple conferences including Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conferences and Microsoft CIO summit, among others.

Jeremy currently works with some of the leading and most innovative companies in the blockchain/decentralization space including OB1, OpenBazaar, and Storj. He also facilitates the Decentralized Marketing Network, a peer-to-peer network for startups looking to disrupt major industries. In December of 2016, he edited and published a collaborative eBook with 33 of the biggest influencers and thought-leaders called “Blockchains in the Mainstream: When Will Everyone Else Know?”

Jeremy takes great joy in being an early adopter of new technologies, celebrating the victories (like buying Bitcoin at $80) and the defeats (too many to list) equally.

Described by more than one client as a “shot of marketing espresso,” Jeremy discovered his calling for marketing while living in Tokyo in 1997 after reading Peppers and Rodgers “The 1:1 Future” and hasn’t looked back since.

Jeremy was a History major at Johns Hopkins, a skill which he wholeheartedly believes prepared him for the marketing profession.

By far, the toughest and most rewarding job he has is to be a kind, thoughtful, and sensitive husband to his wife of 16 years and a patient father of 3 kids on the precipice of being teenagers.

You can connect with him on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Vidal Chriqui

Blockchain Technical Expert

Vidal Chriqui is a Big Data (Hadoop) and distributed systems technical expert which led him to become interested very early on in decentralized networks, and in particular Bitcoin, then Ethereum.

He launched the first free French-speaking web series (10 hours of exclusive lessons and interviews) called Blockchain Révolution.

Vidal has participated in a lot of ‘blockchain’ experiments with both large corporations and startups and has developed expertise in micropayment channels.

He regularly speaks in public conferences in order to evangelize Bitcoin and more generally open distributed registry protocols.

Finally, Vidal is passionate about the innovation and development mechanisms of startups. This is what pushed him to teach himself and broaden his knowledge of the Lean Startup methodology in order to coach startup companies both in France and abroad.

You can follow his news on:

Hubert de Vauplane

Partner at Kramer-Levin

Partner at Kramer-Levin (Financial and Banking law, Alternative Financing, Asset Management, Digital Payment), former Group General Counsel, Legal and Compliance, at Credit Agricole Bank

A partner at an American law firm, Hubert de Vauplane has worked for more than 30 years in the banking and financial sector, both as counsel and as a trader. Before becoming a member of the Paris Bar in September 2011, he was the Legal Manager of the financing and investment business at BNP Paribas, then the Legal and Compliance Manager at Crédit Agricole.


He was an associate lecturer at the University of Panthéon – Assas for 18 years, and today teaches at the Sciences Po Paris Law School. He is or has been an expert for the AMF [The French Financial Markets Regulator], the European Commission, the Bank of England and the European Central Bank.

A regular writer for the Banque journal, he is also co-authored with Jean-Pierre Bornet in the Droit des marchés financiers, [Financial markets law] tract which, in 1999, was awarded a prize by the French Academy of Moral and Political Sciences.

Simon Polrot

Lawyer at Fieldfisher

Lawyer at Fieldfisher, blockchain specialist, Ethereum France co-founder & VP

Simon Polrot is a senior associate in the tax team in the Paris office, mainly focusing on corporate and international tax.

Simon is also a leading expert in Blockchain and a Key Contact at the firm for all related topics. He advises on its legal implications and potential impact – not just on the financial sector – but also real estate, energy, healthcare and beyond.

Simon has assisted clients on issues such as the legal status and tax regime of cryptocurrencies and crypto-assets amid EU financial regulations; Initial Coin Offering (ICO); opposability or inscriptions and rule of evidence using blockchain technology and smart-contract use-cases (agreements, DAOs, dApps, etc).

He is regularly quoted on blockchain in the French national press, notably Les Echos and La Tribune, and in specialist technology publications.

Within the blockchain community, he is founder of the information website and co-founder of AssEth and ChainTech.

Simon holds a degree in Tax Law from the Paris-I Sorbonne University and was admitted to the Paris Bar in 2014. Before joining the firm, he worked for three years in the international tax department of a Big Four.


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  • The number of tokens by order is not limited. The orders will be carried out in chronological order, according to the principle of first come, first served. If the total number of tokens ordered exceeds the total number available, you will be reimbursed the difference.

  • You can buy DRT with fiduciary currency via paypal, SEPA transfer, SWIFT transfer or bank card. You can also pay in cryptocurrency with Ether or Bitcoin. The instant conversion service, Shapeshift, will also be offered to clients who want to pay in another cryptocurrency used by the service.

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