Good Morrow

I run Letters of Note and Letterheady, both online homages to offline correspondence that have enjoyed, and continue to enjoy, a reasonable amount of positive feedback from people whose opinions I respect a great deal. I also run Lists of Note—a blog dedicated to notable lists that is, I hope, far more interesting than it sounds.

I have spent the past few years producing a beautiful Letters of Note book, pictured below, which was published in October 2013 to very positive reviews. You can read more about it, and indeed buy it, here. A Lists of Note book is underway, to be published at the end of 2014.


When I’m failing to do any of the above, I can often be found wasting time on Twitter. Or Instagram. Or Facebook. Or Flickr. Or sometimes, by mistake, Google+. When all of the above are exhausted, I log-in at LinkedIn