5 simple exercises you must know to avoid fatigue symptoms during a long flight

5 simple exercises you must know to avoid fatigue symptoms during a long flight

When you and your family members are travelling from Australia to Asia or to any other continent, you must know how hard is to travel if you get tired soon. In most cases the fatigue symptoms start affecting your body after a few hours when you start your travel or when you are on board for a long flight.

If you are among those who get tired quickly, then you must know how to deal with the symptoms and get your body refreshed for a better travel experience. People who have their flights to Shanghai in China, or have to travel via flights to Bali as well as cheap flights to Hong Kong and flights to Beijing then you must beware of the time you will have to be on your flight from Australia to these destinations.

In order to stay fresh and away from fatigue symptoms you need to keep in mind that you must keep your muscles in their best posture and don't exert too much strain over them.

If you are sitting comfortably then you can easily delay the fatiguing process. Most of the flights to Tokyo and also cheap flights to Honolulu and cheap flights to Singapore have sufficient features to keep you comfortable with the help of cushions and seat paddings. But in case you still have issues you can keep on trying the following exercise while sitting on your seat.

Stretch your legs forwards and backwards 5 times.

Stretch your arms upwards 3 times and make sure to give two clockwise round to your head to make your neck muscles relax.

These exercises are not prescribed by any fitness gurus, rather these are some of the practices a common man does while on a long flight every time he feels tired. You can also try these out and feel the comfort you can get.

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