Holy Molee Photography LLC

Wedding Photographer of Detroit, Michigan

For almost nearly a decade, Holy MoLee Photography has been the leader in cutting edge wedding photography

Created in 2005, Holy MoLee Photography LLC has several years of experience in Michigan Wedding Photography.

Originally, founded by Chris J. Lee and Ehren Moler, This company quickly became a burgeoning company that took the Wedding Photography industry of Detroit by storm.

This partnership of friends lasted for several months. Unfortunately, with time Ehren Moler had to depart from photography to pursue his dream of moving out to explore the west.

Fortunately, this didn't mean the demise of the company. With months of hard work, Chris has put much effort into pushing this Detroit based Wedding Photography company out into the field

Holy MoLee Photography LLC Now.

Holy MoLee Photography LLC is known for it's cutting edge editorial & lifestyle inspired photography of magazines such as Hour, W, Vanity Fair and Vogue. Holy MoLee Photography specializes in wedding portrait photography only. This consists of a balanced and modern approach of staged and unstaged wedding photography. Check out the Michigan Wedding Photography Blog for For More Information and past and present Michigan wedding photography.

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Originally, born in Royal Oak, Michigan

President and Owner, Chris Lee has always been a michigan native. Born and raised most of his life in West Bloomfield, Michigan. He is known for being a precocious entreprenuer. Chris is also a spartan alumnae. He graduated from Michigan State University in 2007. He currently resides in Dallas, Texas.