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Obama: Release Mothers at Berks Family Prison Now!

Take Action: Demand President Obama release the mothers of berks!

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2.  Make a call to DHS @ 202-732-3000

"Hi, I was calling to ask why the Obama administration is still pursuing a strategy of deterrance against Central American families fleeing violence in the Northern Triangle? These families need protection, not further violence against them by our government. I ask that the mothers at Berks be immediately released, a year in detention is too long for anyone, let along children as young as 2!" 


Since August 8th the mothers at the Berks Family Immigration Prison in Pennsylvania have been on a hunger strike. This drastic action was taken after nearly a year jailed, without an opportunity to pursue their asylum cases in the United States. These mothers took action not for themselves, but for their kids who are suferring while locked up inside. One child, only 2 years of age, has now spent half of his life living in a cell in Berks. 

Please take action by signing this petition and calling DHS demanding the immediate release of the Berks families.

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The Petition

To President Obama:

I write to ask that your administration take immediate action to free the mothers currently held at the Berks Family Immigration Prison, in Pennsylvania. This group of 20 mothers, and their children, have been jailed at this center for more than a year now. These mothers all face persecution should they be deported, I ask that you end their indefinite detention and immediately release them to reunite with family in the United States.

Your administration's policy of deterrence against families fleeing violence is not effective. The idea that you would make life so miserable for a population who is only fleeing because of violence is reprehensible. Those fleeing violence should be met with protection in our country, not further attacks and persecution.

I urge you to immediately release the Berks mothers, these families have endured a 14 days on a hunger strike to get this message to you. You need to stand up for these families, and all other families seeking protection in the United States. I demand the immediate release of the mothers at the Berks Family Immigration Prison.