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PCI SSC Releases Security Guidance on Protecting POS Terminals

The onslaught of low-tech breaches and malware targeting retail organizations has prompted government officials, security experts and the compliance regulators to pay attention as they realize that we need to up our game when it comes to defending against the latest threats to customer payment data.

Password Reuse Dealt Sands Casino a Bad Hand

A Businessweek exclusive report on a sophisticated attack on the Sands Casino is a reminder that weak authentication and password reuse are the gift that keeps giving for hackers.

All Your Data Are Valuable (and May Now Belong to Hackers)

Data breaches may be considered major on a qualitative, rather than quantitative level. Rather than measuring the extent and scope of a breach based on number of individuals affected, the Sony breach exemplifies a case in which the sheer diversity of information renders this breach a particularly momentous one.

New POS Vulnerabilities, Malware & Risks to the Retail Industry

Large retailers, franchises and small business alike have been affected this year by new vulnerabilities and malware targeting a variety of POS devices, systems and vendors.

Cybersecurity, the Cloud and IT Budget: 2015 CIO and CISO Priorities

What are some of the top concerns of CISOs & CIOs today? According to a 2014 TechAmerica Federal CIO and CISO Survey - improving cyber security, naturally.

The Weekly Ink #23

The Weekly Ink is the weekly newsletter brought to you by Duo Labs, with curated links of interest in the security world to help educate and entertain on security happenings and culture.

Openness + Transparency = Better 2FA Security for All

At Duo, we strive to be open and transparent about all aspects of our business, including our security. Being open with our integration software recently enabled us to work with FireID to resolve a multi-vendor vulnerability in Outlook Web Access. Read on for the details!

Too Much Data; Too Much Access?

In a world in which a constant stream of data is accessible by different feeds and mediums, is there ever a time when too much access is actually a bad thing? Well, yeah. While securing end-user access should be first and foremost, limiting what they have access to is another security precaution often overlooked.

Introducing Role-Based Access Controls for Duo Administrators

Now you can improve your company’s security posture by easily separating the roles and responsibilities of the different managers of your two-factor solution with our new feature, Administrative Roles.

Financial Data Leaked From Consulting, Payroll & HR Companies

Banks and retail organizations aren’t the only targets when it comes to stolen financial information - other third-party consultants and business service providers deal with the same type of data, and criminals know it.

Duo Security Recognized as a Visionary in 2014 Magic Quadrant

Gartner has named Duo Security a Visionary in its Magic Quadrant for User Authentication, published December 2014.

The Weekly Ink #22

The Weekly Ink is the weekly newsletter brought to you by Duo Labs, with curated links of interest in the security world to help educate the company - and anyone else who will listen - on security happenings and culture.

Remote Access Attacks: A Motif in Retail & Service Provider Breaches

With remote access tools, who needs to steal a physical device to get access to payment data? A recent hack of a parking management service provider proves that access security is paramount to keeping customer payment card data safe.

Targeting the Stock Market: Biotech Industry Info Phished

Phishing attacks and unauthorized users are becoming harder to detect as attackers get smarter. With a focus on Wall Street and the financial sector, attackers appear to be more strategic and skilled in their approach, choosing to target advisory and consulting firms that support the industry.

2014 Costs of a Data Breach by Industry

The average total cost of a data breach increased 15 percent this year to $3.5 million, according to the Ponemon Institute’s 2014 Cost of Data Breach Study: Global Analysis. But how does that average vary from industry to industry, each with different types of consumer information and different data regulations?

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