Is Social Media Really Social?

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Is Social Media Social-09

Read the published article on PRNewser here. ——— Call me old school, but no, social media isn’t social. To be social or to socialize means having one-on-one conversations and contributing to the rumble of small talk at gatherings. It demands that one be physically present. Speaking out loud, understanding body language, learning how to listen, respond, retain [...]

Is There an “Ad Tech” Backlash?

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There’s no denying that ad tech is a hot topic, but does the industry have it all wrong in how companies are being categorized? That was the great debate at Eastwick’s SF/Silicon Valley dinner last Wednesday which included LUMA Partner’s Brian Anderson, top executives from Turn, PubMatic, Flurry, Extole and MyBuys as well as influencers [...]

August 2014 newsletter: Analyst relations, a competitive weapon

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Analyst Relations, a Competitive Weapon Amidst recent allegations of “pay-to-play” industry analyst favoritism, it is no wonder companies are apprehensive in their approach to analyst relations. Gwen Murphy, SVP and Head of Advocacy Marketing at Eastwick, shares best practices for establishing strategic analyst relations programs. At Eastwick, we know the best analyst relations programs aren’t based [...]

Inside the Mind of an Analyst: Q&A with Michael Kanellos

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Q&A Gwen + Kanellos

  Gwen Murphy, SVP and Head of Advocacy Marketing at Eastwick, recently sat down with fellow Eastwicker, Michael Kanellos, SVP, Editorial and Technology, to learn more about his days working as an industry analyst, key insights about how to best work with them, as well as his perspective on the fast-changing landscape.   Tell me [...]

Analyst Relations, a Competitive Weapon

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Analyst Relations

  NetScout recently made headlines for suing Gartner. The company claimed that the industry analyst giant plays favorites, placing high-paying companies at the coveted, top-right corner of its Magic Quadrants (MQ). Is there any truth to NetScout’s assertion? I’d like to think not, but if there is, the reasoning for favoritism might not be as [...]

July 2014 Newsletter: Tips to Boost Content Performance with Creative

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Why We Are Better Together At Eastwick, we strongly believe that visual impact matters in elevating messages, supporting stories, and driving key points of an integrated communications strategy. No matter how large or small the agency, at the core of creative success is collaboration. Learn from Eastwick’s Manager of Creative Services Carol Scheffler why collaboration for [...]

Better Together

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Better Together-1

  I’m a “creative” – passionate about communicating visually. At an agency that has historically been best known for its PR services, you might be quick to assume that I’m somewhat of the black sheep – however, you’d be mistaken. For years, Eastwick has prided itself on hiring from diverse backgrounds. And as we pivot [...]