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Like millions of other Americans, you may have watched this year’s Emmy Awards which aired Sunday on NBC and opened with what will likely go down as one of the best ever awards show intro skits—the "Glee"-style treatment of Springsteen's "Born to Run," courtesy of host Jimmy Fallon, Tina Fey, Jon Hamm, Betty White and half the Fox show's young cast. Of course, the entertainment is only half the draw. Mostly, we tune in to see the stars saunter down the red carpet in their tuxes and beautiful gowns, glittering jewels, sky high heels and amazing hair and makeup. Don’t think that just because you didn’t attend, you can’t do a little style biting and get these fabulous looks for yourself. Check out the trends from the big night on eBay now. And happy shopping! read more

With the late-summer days still long and the weather right for getting out and about, now’s a good time to invest in a stroller if you’ve got little ones. Current eBay data show that average prices in the stroller category are dropping fast, as sellers try and move their goods before winter sets in. I live in New York City, which in many ways is the ultimate walking metropolis and home to a thriving stroller culture (think of paparazzi shots of movie stars like Naomi Watts guiding her young sons around downtown Manhattan in a Phil and Teds double-decker buggy). As the mother of a toddler and an infant myself, I’ve noticed that prams have become the equivalent of a handbag or a car for busy moms: not only everyday necessities, but also expressions of style. Here’s a spectrum of choices that are popular—which fit a variety of needs, budgets, and lifestyles, no matter where you live. read more

It isn’t rare these days to hear about designers that are artists, artists that have bands and musicians that serve as muses for some of the biggest couture houses in Paris. But 53 years ago, when Vera Neumann (1907-1993) took one of her bright geometric prints, had it screened onto a leftover piece of parachute silk from WWII and called it a scarf, she single-handedly revolutionized the idea of fashion as art. Until then, artists were artists and designers were designers—and no one crossed mediums. But Neumann believed that art should be accessible to the masses, and wearing it seemed like a pretty good way to go about achieving that goal. So she put her colorful prints on everything from wallpaper and bedding to blouses and dresses, all emblazoned with her iconic ladybug signature. Over half a century later, her wearable art—originally collected by Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly—is still just as coveted. Try searching “Vera Neumann” on eBay for further proof. read more

We're the last ones to complain about slower days at the office, weekends at the beach and relaxed summer styles, but a peek at the calendar recently gave us quite the start: autumn is just days away! Take solace in the fact that with fall comes cozy fall dressing—sumptuous sweaters, luxe coats and of course chic accessories like tall leather boots and double-wrapped scarves you could almost disappear into. eBay has seen "fall" listings double in the past few weeks, so we've broken down five must-have fall accessories trends, with tips on how to shop wisely for them, so you'll have a few dollars leftover for a weekend jaunt to see those changing leaves. read more

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