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Effective learning for Students...
Productive tools for Education.
  • Web-delivered language learning.
  • Easy integration with your curriculum.
  • Free language resources for lessons updated daily by an active user-community of educators.

A Web-Based Language Learning Solution

Byki Online offers your students a rich, interactive learning experience including native speaker sound, images, pronunciation practice, and more for over 70 languages.

  • Track your students' progress
  • Create your own flash cards
  • Use Byki Online anywhere:
    • - In the school lab
    • - At home
    • - In the library
    • - Anywhere there is internet access
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Support for Your Curriculum

The chapter vocabulary lists for many popular textbooks, and thousands of flash card lists created by teachers like you, are available for use at List Central.

And many more lists at Byki List Central.

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Free Resources for Teachers by Teachers

Byki List Central is a free community resource that you can use to store, find, and learn Byki flash card lists. These lists can be great resources for educators. There are thousands to choose from, many authored by teachers, with more added every day.

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Search Tip: Try entering textbook names or themes you plan to teach, such as food, weather, greetings, etc.
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