Tips On How To Use Your Espresso Machine Descaler Effectively

If you own a high-end espresso machine, naturally you would want to keep the machine in good shape. Improper maintenance will not only cost more in repairs but it would dampen your mood when you are in dire need of a good dose of espresso.

One the most common problem that plagues even the best espresso machines are the buildup of lime scale deposits. These harmful deposits would culminate and cause blockages in the internal parts of your machine that would lead to machine malfunction. Another problem comes from the calcium content in your water. These calcium contents leave behind stubborn residue that is known as ‘scale’.
Therefore, if you want to keep a good espresso machine in perfect condition, use an espresso machine descaler and learn to use them effectively.

1. Choose The Right Product
There are many descaling product in market but not all are suitable for espresso machine. You need to find something that is non-toxic, practically safe to use, effective and easier to wash out. Descaling products comes in liquid solutions, tablets, and even powder. Most popular ones are liquids solutions that contain a substantial amount of citric acid. The best choice would be descalers that are recommended by the manufacturers. Some manufacturers have their own descaler products that are made specifically for their machine. Most importantly, do not use vinegar as some parts of your espresso machine can absorb the smell and taste, which in turns affect your espresso drink.

2. Read The Instruction Carefully
If you had already chosen the product, it is vital to read the instruction properly. Different products might have different instructions. Most liquid solutions require you to mix the solution with water inside the reservoir. Usually you just need to pump the cold water out. Some insist that you wait for the solution to soak through the grimes and then flushed it out. You do not need to boil or steam the water, as it would do more harm than good. There are internal parts of the machine that are very sensitive to any corrosive chemicals. Therefore, you need to be careful in using your espresso machine descaler. This is another reason why you should choose a specified descaler recommended by the manufacturer.
       3. Use It Regularly
Although it is advisable to descale your machine as per usage, every two months is a good estimation. If you do not use your machine regularly, you might want to descale it before you store it away. Lime deposits can still develop even when you do not use the machine all the time. Machines that had not been descaled for many months or even years may need stronger descaling product or longer descaling time.

Using an espresso machine descaler is essential to prolong the life of your espresso machine. However, do consider a few important aspect of descaling before you start cleaning the internal parts of your machine. The extra consideration would definitely help you to cut cost on expensive yet unnecessary repairs.

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