How Good Interviews Become Bad Hires

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Just like a few good dates with an attractive person of interest can lead to a bad relationship, a good series of interviews with a talented job candidate can lead to a bad hire. The common thread linking these relationship mishaps is our cultural obsession with assessment. eHarmony tests compatibility using its proprietary 29…

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Nailing the On-Site Interview

Companies today face an unprecedented war for talent and an ever-widening skills gap that has tipped the balance of power towards the best candidates. Smart organizations knows that they need to focus on the impressions they’re giving every individual who walks through their door and treat their hiring process as an extension of their marketing efforts. In this piece, the folks at Hired share some best practices for mastering one of the most important parts of the hiring funnel — the on-site interview — based on learnings from leading tech companies.

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Onsite Interview