Pearl of Great Price class Hugh Nibley

I learn about brooding

I walked into my first Hugh Nibley class, totally unaware of the man and his work. It was the 70s. I sat down, opened my Pearl of Great Price and it was at that point that the scriptures became intriguing. Nibley was the first professor to offer a semester course on The Pearl of Great Price. Before that no one […]

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Does divining for water work?

I noticed a movie with Russell Crowe called The Water Diviner, and I thought about gift of the rod. In the 1830s, many people believed that they could use divining rods to help them find water or treasure. Oliver Cowdery believed in and used a divining rod. In fact, the Lord recognized Oliver’s ability to use a rod: …thou hast […]

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I think I need some vitameatavegamin. Just got home from a long road trip.

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Nauvoo Green

“If I were to tell you all”

I’ve always heard that Joseph Smith knew more about the kingdom of God than he could share. Because if he did, people in the church would want to kill him. Sound absurd? Robert Horne, while living in Nauvoo, heard the prophet speak in the Nauvoo Temple — “On May 23, 1843, I listened to a discourse preached in the Nauvoo […]

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The Awful Truth

The Awful Truth is a classic 1937 movie starring Cary Grant and Irene Dunne. They team up in this comedy as husband and wife, about to get a divorce that neither of them really wants. Because the awful truth is that they still love each other. As they both begin dating prospective new mates, they interfere in each other’s plans […]

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Two funny ways God answered me

I think God answered me on my iphone. I know this sounds funny, but God does have a sense of humor. I woke up this Sabbath morning wanting more — more peace from the Lord. While still in bed, I grabbed my laptop and opened up Isaiah explained because I remembered that there was something in there about if you keep […]

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almond oil lotion

Homemade lotion with water and oil

I decided to make a lotion that has distilled water in it — so it is lighter than my body butters. Butter is butter, and I don’t love body butter on my face. I need a light lotion for my face, so I gave this recipe a try. This one is light, but still moisturizing. Since water and oil do […]

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Life With Father 1947 E1428857937720

Life with Father gets baptized

“I can’t take a cab to heaven!” exclaims Father when he finds out that his wife, Vinnie has called a cab to take the entire family to church where Father will finally be baptized. It’s a look into upper class New York in 1890 — Clarence Day wrote stories about his father, “Clare” which were published in the New Yorker […]

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Holman Furniture Of The Tabernacle E1428636052139

Why we give ordinances

I have often wondered why we make covenants and receive ordinances before we really understand them. I don’t remember my baptism preparation, probably because I was eight years old. I do remember my temple preparation, I was 26. I read a book by Hyrum Andrus, Principles of Perfection, before going to the temple. My husband and I took the temple prep class, […]

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Bloodmoon April 4 2015

Bloodmoon 2015 in Virgo

I got up early this morning to catch some views of the bloodmoon on Passover, April 4, 2015 and read what the scriptures have to say about the moon being turned to blood. The science of a lunar eclipse is explained here. Revelation given through Joseph Smith the Prophet to the Church, at Kirtland, Ohio, March 7, 1831: And before […]

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