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An Excel Tutorial And Training Like No Other!

Are you looking for the best Excel Tutorial around? One that doesn’t involve attending classes or seminars? One that doesn’t end in poring over voluminous books? And one that doesn’t translate into shelling out hundreds of dollars? Wait a second, you say, Excel training like this doesn’t exist! Well, Excel Everest is proud to bring you exactly that.

95% of US firms use spreadsheets in some form, and for good reason. All across the world, spreadsheets are used by corporate tycoons, analysts, researchers, doctors, and salesmen to organize, chart, and analyze. Being proficient in Microsoft Excel is required for success in many organizations, but it’s also a helpful life skill. Once you learn Excel, you’ll soon be applying Pivot Tables and Vlookups to your every day world.

We are sure you will become proficient at Excel, and will love the journey as well. If you don’t like it, we offer a FULL 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. So go ahead, take Excel Everest for a spin.



Excel Based

Entire Excel training takes place inside a spreadsheet.


Excel tutorial walks you through the course step-by-step.


Engages user to think and complete tasks on the spot.


Hands-on approach allows skills to be acquired 2-3 times faster.


Well below the price point of instructors or other Excel training programs.


Covers over 40 key Excel topics and provides over 150 interactive exercises.


Automatic grading allows you to see what you got right, and know what you got wrong.


Our Microsoft Excel training offers a ton of entertaining exercises and humor.