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Scripps geophysicist Walter Munk greets Adm. Harry Harris of U.S. Pacific Command

Photo of the Week: Environmental Intelligence Briefing
Scripps scientists give U.S. Pacific Command a status report on Pacific Rim research

Aurora australis and a laser beam from the High Spectral Resolution Lidar (HSRL) at the AWARE climate observatory in Antarctica

Photo of the Week: Aurora australis and laser beam
Reflected returns provide detailed information about cloud and aerosol layer microphysics

Two women stand by a pier.

Around the Pier: Scripps Alumnae Dive Deep for Conservation
Amber Jackson and Emily Callahan reimagine the future of California’s oil and gas rigs with their organization Blue Latitudes

Video: R/V Sally Ride Comes Home to San Diego
New vessel will be open for public tours Oct. 30

Scripps Pier panorama in 1927 and today

Around the Pier: Born Two Weeks Apart, Two Icons Celebrate a Centennial
Scripps Pier was dedicated Aug. 9, 1916; two weeks later, one of the world’s oldest continuous seawater temperature records began

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California Current Ecosystem LTER

The California Current Ecosystem LTER is investigating nonlinear transitions in the California Current coastal pelagic ecosystem.

R/V Sally Ride

Dispatches from the nation's newest research vessel