It’s winter. 2017, the year that totally didn’t turn out the way anyone wanted it to. Not just elections, it’s a year of contention and fights, attacks, death, catastrophes, and more. No, it’s not the first year of those things happening, but when everything seems to go to shit, every shit seems major.

I remember the days, I coped better. Those were the days we spent our evenings in front of a fireplace, discussed, talked, spoke, never editorialised. We were genuine in our fears and hopes, real in our beliefs and experiences. We accepted and respected each others’ concerns, and we found common ground in the basics: being concerned for our families, hopeful for our friends’ endeavours, and firm in the belief, that “do no harm” meant more than an old oath.

For a winter, maybe longer, I wanted this back. No, not closing my eyes to the issues and problems of the world. And, no, not being accepting of things one should not accept. But slower, less loud, less demanding, less aggressive, less convinced to be the bearer of the one truth. A hygge of sorts, a time at the hjarta, the Old Norse word for hearth, heart, and home, among others.

Come spring, I might write, discuss, and opine again. But not in an editorialising way, not in that loud, that aggressive, that combative of a voice. But this winter, on a tablula rasa, I want to sit around the fireplace with y'all, sip tea or wine, and find the commonalities, the hopes, the things we all can agree on, before jumping into what divides and alienates us from each other.

That’s why will remain shuttered for the time being, and will take its place. It’s not a good thing for the everlasting web, to simply disappear text, to break links, I understand this. But sometimes, and I think this is one of those times, one has to clean the slate, start out anew and afresh, from and in front of one’s hjarta.