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Air Traffic Controller Shortages Double Training Time For Hires

| June 26, 2016

A lack of staff to train air traffic controllers means it can take six years — twice the norm —

Worker Barred From Homeland Security Office After Gun Arrest

| June 25, 2016

A Department of Homeland Security analyst has been barred from the agency's headquarters while authorities continue to investigate why he

Pentagon Ban On Transgender Troops ‘Likely’ To Be Lifted Next Month

| June 25, 2016

According to Defense officials, the Pentagon is "likely" to repeal its ban on transgender service members next month.

Dow Closes Down 600 After Brexit Surprise

| June 24, 2016

U.S. stocks plunged more than 3 percent Friday to end in the red for the year so far after Britain

Energy Department Watches Movies, Sports To Improve Energy Efficiency

| June 24, 2016

The Energy Department published the test procedures in Friday's Federal Register, showing the methods it uses to push today's televisions

Unions Protest Over VA Hospital Proposals

| June 24, 2016

The possible closing of Veterans Affairs medical centers nationwide brought out protesters Friday.

House GOP Wants You To File Your Taxes On A Postcard

| June 24, 2016

House Republicans want to reform the tax code so that taxpayers would be able to file their returns on a

S&P Sees its Worst Opening Since 1986

| June 24, 2016

U.S. stocks traded sharply lower Friday, reversing recent gains in a global risk-off trade after Britain surprised markets by voting

The FBI Wants Your Driver’s License Photo

| June 24, 2016

A new report from the U.S. Government Accountability Office shows the FBI is in talks with Massachusetts, Rhode Island and

Stocks Tank After Britain’s Vote to Leave EU

| June 24, 2016

Stock markets crashed, oil prices tumbled and the pound fell to a 31-year low on Friday as Britain's unprecedented vote

Feds Request Stay Away Order for DHS Employee Arrested

| June 23, 2016

Federal prosecutors have asked a D.C. judge to issue a "stay away" order to prevent a U.S. Department of Homeland

Cyberattacks Against the US Government Up 1,300% Since 2006

| June 23, 2016

In a survey of 24 federal agencies, the GAO found that between 2006 and 2015, the number of cyberattacks climbed

U.S. Government Urged To Recruit ‘Aggressively’ In Face of Retirement Boom

| June 23, 2016

U.S. government departments should “aggressively recruit and hire” people into the public service as a “retirement boom” is looming and

How Do the TSP’s Low Fees Help You?

| June 23, 2016

The Thrift Savings Plan has some of the lowest fees of any retirement savings plan. What do federal employees gain

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