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New Product Process - Steps 1 - 4

In the first article, I wrote about why new products are important to an organization -increase the acquisition of new customers; growth of current customer ROI; open or broaden to a new market or industry; improve or push a company'smore

Corporate Behemoths in Healthcare: Will the Patient Win?

Big Companies are coming together to determine a better system for healthcare. Is it for profits, or for patients?more

Increasing Applicants for GATE

Despite Engineering education being on a low in India, there are increasing applications being made for GATE 2018.A lot of engineering colleges have made it mandatory that candidates should have a post graduate degree in Engineering inmore

You Need Patient Advocacy

Healthcare in the U.S. is broken and only getting worse. Here are just a few examples of why: more

Fiduciary Duty of a Real Estate Agent - Why Should I Care?

Buyer's agents, seller's agents, dual agents, what is the difference? It is all about who does, or doesn't owe fiduciary duty.more

Financial Literacy is a Must for Actors

In my early encounters with both seasoned and newbies in financing for development, reporting and documenting status quo, it became obvious that there are huge misunderstandings on both sides of the aisle (donors-investors andmore

The Celestina: A Play That Changed Medieval Spanish Literature

In 1499, an anonymous 16-act play was published in the Spanish town of Burgos that influenced the flourishing of the Spanish language andmore

Grief, a Journey Misunderstood, Walked With Few Comforters

Someone said to me recently that grief was a journey impossible to understand unless you've walked it. Such a wise observation deserves some expounding.more

From Loving Each Other to Loathing Each Other to Loving Each Other Again

It happens. It's like the relationship of intimacy enjoyed for a decade and more that fractures overnight. It happens. Incredibly.more

Fluoride VS Non-Fluoride Toothpaste

Should you use fluorinated toothpaste or fluoride-free toothpaste? Both have pros and cons. Fluoride prevents cavities and fluoride-free toothpaste eliminates serious health risks.more

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Lee W Reed

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33 Articles

At a time in life when many are counting their retirement savings to see if they can quit early, Lee and his wife, Karen, have gone to Cambodia as... more

Avril Harper

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235 Articles

Avril Harper is a UK business writer and eBay PowerSeller and has been writing for business opportunity magazines for almost 20 years. She... more

Barbara Pellegrino

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33 Articles

Since 1994 I have been living my greatest of Dreams, beyond what I had thought was possible. Even though I had a great career and was living a good... more

Lois Dewitt

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49 Articles

Lois Dewitt is a lighting specialist, working part time at the Home Depot in Wilmington, NC. After thirty years of teaching private art classes, she... more

Phyllis Mikolaitis

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25 Articles

Phyllis Mikolaitis is the founder and President of Sales Training Solutions. She is also a regular guest professor at The George Washington... more

Belinda Nelson

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Currently self employed in the customer service industry, Belinda enjoys writing on a variety of subjects. Each article submitted is carefully... more

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