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American Panic

Politics naturally involves debate, disagreement, and differences of opinion. It's the backbone of our democracy. Each of us has a right to express our opinion on topics as far ranging as immigration reform to the best point guard in themore

5 Natural Ways To Improve Your Sleep

Getting a good night's sleep can be refreshing and rejuvenating. For millions, though, a good night's sleep seems just out of reach. People of all ages across the globe suffer from occasional to chronic insomnia.more

My Solution For People's Spending And Views On Negative Interest Rate Alternatives

Never Have Negative Interest Rates. Economic activity is not dependent on the decision of interest rate. The above statement has to bemore

Why War On Syria Is Not A Collective Failure As Supposedly Interpreted By United Nations

The recent war in Syria has been vehemently condemned by various quarters and the honorable United Nations has even interpreted it as amore

Your Wilderness Can Be Refreshed and Revived and Filled With Colour and Significance!

At such an hour, who is a more faithful friend in the wilderness than the Holy Spirit? Whose presence and friendship is more valuable inmore

Standings One Year Ago Should Worry Baseball Teams Expected To Contend In 2017

Fans of teams who have been slow getting out of the gate will rationalize that baseball is a long season, citing that old metaphor aboutmore

Message From the Universe: What Are YOUR Priorities?

Dust it off and try again. This is what the famous singer Aliyah expressed herself in this motivational song. If you fall, get up and move forward. If you do not succeed, brush it off and try again. You will fail, but see all thesemore

Thank You Mr Hunter

"Don't ever play cards with a man named Doc." ~Jim Hunter, Teacher - I remember when girls were gross. They seemed to be unnecessary extras casted in my adventurous boyhood.more

Exercises and Workouts - The Benefits Of Exercising Early In The Morning

One thing must be said about morning workouts: they are easier said than done. Especially if it is early morning and on weekdays beforemore

A Girlfriends' Trip To Cartagena

What can I say? I pulled it off! A girlfriends' trip to Cartagena. I got nine girlfriends to get together and take a short, but amazing trip from Washington, DC to Cartagena, Colombia. Nine busy women, who have careers, husbands/mates,more

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Patrick Burrows

Diamond Quality Author Diamond Author
22 Articles

I am a corporate IT guy that likes to assist people with positive outlooks or those interested in improving their quality of life. more

Helen Leathers

Diamond Quality Author Diamond Author
99 Articles

Helen is a lifelong intuitive, a transformational coach, business owner, author, and trainer. Trained in many alternative therapies, as a Reiki... more

Willie Horton

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208 Articles

Willie Horton is an Irish self-help and personal development trainer, strategic management consultant and self help author living in the French Alps.... more

Penny Halder

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45 Articles

I was profoundly changed in my 14th year when an intruder broke into my classmate's home and stabbed her repeatedly until she died. Up to that point... more

Temiloluwa Awonbiogbon

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34 Articles

Temiloluwa Awonbiogbon strongly believes that life can only truly be called life when everyone finds their place and fills it. He is a consummate... more

Gerald Najarian

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12 Articles

Gerald Najarian is a professional management consultant and principal of The Remington Group, LLC Manufacturing Management Consultants. He directs... more

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