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Landlords: What Is Your Pricing Philosophy, And Why?

Many people realize, investing in real estate, if done, in a prepared, knowledgable, realistic way, is an important component, in their overall investment portfolio. However, it also requires, instead of being greedy, a smart landlord/more

Chronic And Acute, Aches And Pains

Nearly everyone, at one time, or another, suffers from some types of aches and pains. In some cases, these are chronic discomforts, while others are acute. Some may require immediate attention, while other may, merely need, some rest, inmore

The Car or Reincarnational Statism

This article is basically an interpretation of a dream my Mom told me about that she had. Sit tight, this will be quite an allegorical ride: So, here is the basis of the dream, I miss a car ride to "success" or "the cure" that everyonemore

Are You As Curious As A Lamb?

When I was out walking the other day, I came across a load of lambs. Having said that, it might be more accurate to say that a lamb spotted me and after this, I saw the lamb and a number of other lambs.more

Second Glance: One Woman, Two Countries, A Tolerance Mission

Rarely we write about Americans who were granted another citizenships by marriage which they have opted for on their own-will. A living story of tolerance between Christians and Muslims through understanding of AllahÃ�¼s* (the creator)more

Listen To Your Own Inner Guidance

A number of months ago I was speaking to someone who said that it was time for them to put a book together and to have it out before the end of the year. After having put this off for a number of years, this person knew that it was timemore

Simplifying the Process of Name Change on a Birth Certificate for Children and Adults

A birth certificate is a notable document that needs to be unconditionally correct. There is no scope for error in it. The article helpsmore

Wake Up, America: The Fine Line, Between Border Security, And Oppression!

Most Americans, regardless of political, partisan beliefs, and loyalties, agree, it makes sense to have sensible border security, as wellmore

How Leaders Consider Conference/ Convention, And Event Planning?

After, over four decades, of involvement in, planning, over - seeing, negotiating, and producing, hundreds of events, conferences, andmore

Home Sellers: Pay Attention To Curb Appeal!

Once you've decided, to sell your home, doesn't it make sense, to do, all you possibly can, to make the experience, less stressful, and get, the best, possible results? We have often, discussed, the need, to smartly, price the house, frommore

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Catherine is a full time blogger and internet marketer. Whilst being a stay at home mum, Catherine operates two blogs. A party blog follows an 8... more

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I specialise in writing without waffle. Why? To help businesses improve their marketing communications. Why? So they can make more money. more

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Terry Lynne Hale is a Kansas City freelance writer and author whose first book, Ageless Internet, won the 2012 Indie Excellence Award. Her business... more

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Canberra (Australia) based physical educator John Miller is a corporate health seminar presenter. His most popular program is the CrookBack Clinic.... more

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