Review: DoPchoice Snapbag, Snapgrid and Butterfly Grids

Thinking about the products that have had the greatest impact on our working lives and we usually think about the pricey new...

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Darth Maul: Apprentice
Making "Darth Maul: Apprentice"

io9 called this Star Wars film "amazing." The Independent called it "genuinely enthralling" and cited its "incredible...

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Sim Group logo
James Haggarty Named New CEO of Sim Group

The Toronto-based Sim Group, which includes Sim Digital, Bling, and Chainsaw, has a new CEO. James Haggarty, formerly...

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Videos of the day

May 24 Holiday Inn Express: 360 VR Shower Experience with Rob Riggle

Break out your VR goggles or just get ready to start clicking and dragging — Holiday Inn Express puts you inside one of its showers with Creative Director Rob Riggle in this 360-degree YouTube video ad.

May 23 How Does an Editor Think and Feel?

Taylor Ramos and Tony Zhou (previously) get into the mind of an editor with clips from The Empite Strikes Back, In the Mood for Love, All That Jazz and more.

May 20 Trailer: De Palma

"I did grow up in an operating room — I saw a lot of blood." It's De Palma on De Palma in this trailer for the latest documentary on a single filmmaker, De Palma, directed by Noah Baumbach and Jake Paltrow and starring, of course, Brian De Palma. The film opens in limited release next mon…

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