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SMPTE's Howard Lukk on the Upcoming Time Code Summits

SMPTE is planning a series of Time Code Summits aimed at gathering feedback that will help shape the drafting of a new "Time...

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Tom Hanks in Sully
Editor Blu Murray on Clint Eastwood's Sully

It isn’t every day one gets invited to head up a major department on a Clint Eastwood film when you consider the fact that...

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Fairlight console
Blackmagic Acquires Fairlight, Ultimatte

Blackmagic Design said at IBC that it had acquired Chatsworth, CA, broadcast compositing technology maker Ultimatte and...

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Videos of the day

Sep 28 Film Meets Art II

See how famous works of art — Chagall, Norman Rockwell, Peter Brueger the Elder — Sexy Beast, Empire of the Sun, The Mirror — influenced and informed specific shots from great directors' movies in "Film Meets Art II," the latest in a series created by Vugar Efendi. (Some nudity is involve…

Sep 27 Trailer: Justin Timberlake + The Tennessee Kids

Director Jonathan Demme is deservedly famous as a narrative filmmaker — he won the Oscar for directing The Silence of the Lambs — but he's almost as well known as a documentarian. His special rapport with musicians has informed his work with Neil Young, Robyn Hitchcock, and Talking Heads,…

Sep 26 Trailer: Dawson City: Frozen Time

Hundreds of 35mm film reels used as landfill underneath a hockey rink in the Canadian town of Dawson City back in the 1920s were rediscovered decades later, perfectly preserved in the permafrost. Now, found-footage specialist Bill Morrison (Decasia) has assembled the forgotten reels as pa…

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