AJA Ships ROI-SDI HD Scan Converter

AJA is shipping the new ROI-SDI scan converter, with 3G-SDI input and simultaneous (mirrored) 3G-SDI and HDMI...

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TRAVELERS Neville Kidd
DP Neville Kidd on Netflix's New Sci-Fi Thriller Travelers

Scottish DP Neville Kidd is known for shooting genre-breaking sci-fi serials against the grain. Having lensed defining...

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Deluxe VR Teams Up with Proxi on Feature-Driven VR Production

Deluxe is going into business with stunt coordinator Guy Norris (Suicide Squad, Mad Max: Fury Road), who founded Australian...

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Videos of the day

Jan 20 Last Week Tonight Season 4 Promo

HBO salutes its weekly late-night host, John Oliver, by comparing him to some other shows on the network that are actually, y'know, popular.

Jan 19 Ghost Recon Wildlands: The Red Dot

Is Die Hard director John McTiernan busting out of movie jail? Maybe. This video game trailer is the first gig in 14 years for McTiernan, whose career was derailed in a long-running Hollywood wire-tapping scandal that culminated in a 2013-2014 federal prison term. 

Jan 18 Young Thug: Wyclef Jean

Ever had trouble wrangling an artist on his own video shoot? Then you'll relate to this unprecedented music video from an angry-sounding Ryan Staake, credited as co-director along with NSFW rapper Young Thug. ("I was a shell of a director afterwards," Staake told Rolling Stone.) How did t…

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