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Review: Sony PXW-FS7 4K Camcorder

A camera system is only as good as its optics. That's long been one of the triusms of our profession as filmmakers and...

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Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrowland: VFX Supe Craig Hammack

Disney’s Tomorrowland has received rave reviews for the effects and surprisingly, given its writers and director, lukewarm...

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VideoBlocks Lead
VideoBlocks Unveils 100% Commission Video Marketplace

The new VideoBlocks Marketplace, launched this week, is aiming to put a good deal of the profits from the stock footage...

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Easy S-Log Color Grading Workflow (A7S / FS7)

From Matthew Pearce, a tutorial showing an approach to color-grading for...

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Videos of the day

Jun 1 In Praise of Chairs

An unexpected video essay from Every Frame a Painting: "In film, a chair is not just a chair. It's a piece of production design. And the kind of chair you choose can say everything about the person and the world they inhabit."

May 29 Paul: DSL-Arm Sufferer

To sell a new line of lightweight DSLRs from Olympus, Boston ad boutique The Fantastical invented an affliction: DSL-Arm. This three-minute mockumentary makes the point unmistakably but gently, without coming across as a hard sell. ("He's not a monster," promises Paul's little daughter. "…

May 28 Texas Rising Main Titles

King and Country in Santa Monica was charged with outlining eight fundamental plot points—including a massacre, a seduction, and the origin of the Texas Rangers—in an all-CG show-opener for History's five-part Roland Joffé-directed miniseries, Texas Rising. Read the press release for more…

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