MacBook Pro
Apple's MacBook Pro Battery Woes: Fixed?

Update 01/13/17: Consumer Reports says Apple's fix has solved the problem it found with the new MacBook Pro line-up and has...

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TRAVELERS Neville Kidd
DP Neville Kidd on Netflix's New Sci-Fi Thriller Travelers

Scottish DP Neville Kidd is known for shooting genre-breaking sci-fi serials against the grain. Having lensed defining...

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Deluxe VR Teams Up with Proxi on Feature-Driven VR Production

Deluxe is going into business with stunt coordinator Guy Norris (Suicide Squad, Mad Max: Fury Road), who founded Australian...

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Videos of the day

Jan 13 On Radio Anything Is Possible

We're still recoiling in horror from the implications of this ad for the Radio Advertising Bureau's Radio Mercury Awards contest, but it definitely proves its point — radio is a sound editor's wonderland. Brian Broeckelman directed via Cutters Studios for the Highdive agency. Tom Brassil …

Jan 12 Make the Official Music Video for Elton John's "Rocket Man"

Animator PES ("Game Over," "Submarine Sandwich") has been recruited to help judge a contest asking filmmakers to create and submit animated videos for Elton John's soft-rock classic "Rocket Man," one of which will become the track's "official" video. Watch his introduction to the competit…

Jan 10 Seasons in a Small World

Macro photography reveals otherworldly landscapes at a microscopic level with visuals set to "The Blue Danube" and keyed to the four seasons in this video from Beauty of Science

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