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How to Gain Access to Any Snapchat Account

Posted July 8, 2018 By freeman80

I was browsing the internet the other day and came across a very interesting website that has discovered a Snapchat Hack that they are offering to anybody interested. I do not know a whole lot about Snapchat but am intrigued by the concept of this forum that millions of people are using every single day. This instant messaging and social app has been growing in popularity in recent years and is continuing to increase in the number of people using it. When you have such a popular social app you know there is going to eventually be a way to hack into it.

I find this quite fascinating and wanted to find out more about it so I continued on to read more of the information on the website. I came to find out that developers of this hack spent months focusing on gaining access to an account by hacking the password. Read the remainder of this entry »

I Learned That I Have to Keep Up with Things

Posted July 17, 2017 By freeman80

It really does give you a sense of peace when you know that your children are safe and not in trouble. My husband takes a sort of hand’s off approach with the kids, and in doing so, he often has no fear over their safety. But the problem with that is that, when the kids do get into trouble, it’s often too late thanks to him ignoring. As for myself, I found an Instagram hack that lets me check on what my kids are doing and I am able to thwart off trouble before it becomes a big deal. My husband is learning from me, and now he even reminds me to check their accounts. This is a good thing.

Our kids are pretty good kids, but like any young people, they sometimes fall prey to friends who are not good at all. My kids are bright, but sometimes they follow what other young people do a little too easily. Read the remainder of this entry »

I’ve felt like a stranger in my marriage for a long time, but now I finally feel empowered thanks to the Snapchat hack that I found. I have felt that he has been up to things he should not be doing while in a marriage for a long time now, but talking to him about it helped nothing. This is because he refuses to communicate back about it for the most part. Why even be married if you don’t want to be a full part of a team? Why treat your spouse like that? I even told him these things, and he didn’t care. But now, I’m going to make sure that his issues are no longer my issues.

I started dating my husband when I was about 21. I felt like I understood the world at that point, but I realized in the years to come that I knew next to nothing about a lot of things. I also thought that, by staying with someone and working hard at your side of a relationship, it would help them to change and see your view over time. But you cannot change people at all. Read the remainder of this entry »

I write a lot on the computer every day. You would think I would like to not stare at the screen any longer when I take a five minute break. However, in the building I work in, it takes five minutes just to get out the door. I wait until the official break times to go out and get some sun. When I pause for a couple of minutes to clear my head, I play Ninja Go games online. I have always liked Flash browser games. They are fun to play. They do not take a whole lot of thought or concentration. They have cool graphics and sounds too. They are a welcome distraction when I have had enough typing for a while.

It is okay to take a short break now and then here. Read the remainder of this entry »

Started to Teach Myself Android Programming

Posted September 13, 2016 By freeman80

I have been working on this for a little while, but so far I have not really gotten that good at it. I got interested in teaching myself how to program in android after this guy showed me a Subway Surfers hack while we were hanging out in the library during study hall. Of course right now I am still a junior in high school and I have only taken a few computer science classes in school, but I know that this is something that you really want to think about learning as well as it is possible for you to learn it. Read the remainder of this entry »

Great Word Games That Are Fun and Quick to Play

Posted March 18, 2016 By freeman80

I do not have a lot of time to play games, but I do like to play them on occasion. I will usually pull out my smartphone while waiting to be seen for an appointment or waiting for my car during an oil change and play a game. I have downloaded some games from Prographo Mobile Developers that I like. They are unique word games. I like those the best. When you are waiting in line or sitting and waiting for something, you do not want to be gathering a lot of attention to yourself by playing a first-person shooter game at full volume. I like to turn the game sounds off and play word games quietly.

I sometimes play during lunch by myself at work. Read the remainder of this entry »

Gaming Has Come a Long Way in the Past Few Decades

Posted January 17, 2016 By freeman80

I had a video game console back in the early eighties. It was the big trend that all the kids were talking about back then. It is amusing to see how that old console I had back then pales in comparison to what is available today. I love to play racing games, and just recently, I found a great real racing 3 hack that works well. I am always on the lookout for great helpers to make the game playing experience more fun.

Today’s games are very engaging and the graphics and audio are fantastic. I even went out and bought a brand new gaming computer to make things more fun. I use a special mouse with many buttons on it to play as well. I read up on all that I can to find the best ways to play the game better. Read the remainder of this entry »

Online Tools for Rooting Android Phones

Posted October 9, 2015 By freeman80

I need to root my phone because of the carrier that I am on and some annoying restrictions that they have with the phone. It is really annoying that I have to deal with this, and I would rather not root the phone if I could avoid it. But it doesn’t look like that is going to be an option. So I am looking for the best method for rooting and I am checking out root android with Framaroot in order to root my phone and be able to overcome these restrictions that I am not very happy about.

I am not excited about having to do this for a number of reasons. Read the remainder of this entry »

I Wanted to Have a Nice Invoice Too

Posted October 6, 2015 By freeman80

When one of my vendors gave me an invoice, I was surprised by how nice it was. Usually, invoices that I get are very basic, but this one had a nice logo and a good bit of color, plus it was really professional looking. I asked him who his printer was, and he chuckled a moment before telling me that he used an online invoice generator. I was curious about why this was funny, and he told me that he has had a lot of people ask him the same question. He told me that it is absolutely free, and it looks a lot better than what some printers actually put out for people.

I could not disagree with him there, because I did have some invoice books laying around that were designed by a local business center, and they paled in comparison to the invoices that he had given me. Read the remainder of this entry »

Creating My Own Youtube Channel

Posted September 3, 2015 By freeman80

I have started making my first video for my youtube channel. This one shows you how to get free gems for Dragon City, but I am not really happy with the technical aspects of the video right now. I have been having trouble getting a good capture from my tablet to upload on my PC. Of course it is a problem when you do not do a good job of synchronizing the voice narration with the video. That was the case with my first attempt and I just had to delete the audio from that and start all over from the beginning. I have that finished now and I am working on the introduction and the part at the end. I guess that they call that an outro as opposed to an intro. Read the remainder of this entry »

Scanning Software That is Easy to Use

Posted August 17, 2015 By freeman80

When I retired, I had a lot of projects that I wanted to get started on. I know some people think they are going to be bored in retirement, but I had a feeling I was going to be busier than ever, finally being able to do the things that I wanted to do for a while now. One of the first things on my list was to find a photo scanning software program that would help me to finally get all of my photo prints onto my computer. I have no idea how many I have, but I am guessing it is over 10,000 altogether.

I knew that there was a real danger of the prints getting extremely damaged if I did not digitally convert them. Read the remainder of this entry »

Methods of Social Media Video Marketing

Posted August 16, 2015 By freeman80

There are a huge variety of tools that can be used to market a business, product, or service. Social media is the most popular form of marketing these days, but that entails so much. Commercial video production (click here for a great web cam recording suite) is a great marketing tool that can be shared on social media channels for maximum exposure. In order to integrate video marketing into an online marketing strategy, businesses need to create and share valuable video content that is relevant to what the ideal customer is searching for on the internet.

This could be an answer to a frequent question, a tutorial, or a customer review of services. When using video strategy, video upload websites will generate leads for business. There are some basic styles of videos that will give businesses the video marketing results they are looking for. First, businesses need to create a free account on a popular video website. This will allow them to craft a business page, called a channel, which is designed specifically for promoting their products or services. A trailer video lets people feature a video at the top of their channel when nonsubscribers visit. Read the remainder of this entry »

Hack for Agar Game on IPad

Posted July 14, 2015 By freeman80

I have been playing this new game but it is kind of frustrating to me, and I wish that I could just get to some of the higher levels of the game without having to go through all of the hassle of doing it on my own. For one, I am not even sure if I am capable in the first place, so I guess that is one thing that I will try to bypass with an Agar hack. I just don’t even know if there are any hacks for the game, and if there are, how well they would work, or what they would help me do.

It is a pretty cool game and I think that the name is pretty clever. Of course, agar is the medium that is used to grow cultures in lab settings. It is food, or something like that, and microbes will eat it up and multiply. Read the remainder of this entry »

Getting More Coins Makes the Game More Fun

Posted June 23, 2015 By freeman80

I was never into video games until I discovered that I could play them on my mobile phone. There are times where I am stuck on a train or in an office waiting to be seen by clients, and sometimes it can be for 10 minutes or it can be for up to an hour. Playing mobile games has helped me to remain patient, and one of my favorites to play is Subway Surfers. I wanted to get further along, which is why I did a search for a Subway Surfers hack.

I have read the forums regarding this game and others, and I knew that there were hacks out there that would help me get farther along in the game. This game is like so many others, and coins are needed to purchase things that will get players further ahead in the game. Read the remainder of this entry »

Gaming Controls for Flight Simulators

Posted June 23, 2015 By freeman80

As any novice or seasoned pilot would know, it is impossible to fly any aircraft if one has little or no understanding of the instrument panels in each plane. And this is the same with flight simulators like Flight Pro Sim. Before you can successfully fly any of the more than 100 aircraft models that are available in this software, you have to be conversant with the flight simulator controls of each. As an example, let’s take a quick look at the controls for the Cessna Skyhawk P in Flight Pro Sim or Aeroplane Games 365.

Users can choose from a two-dimensional control panel and a 3-D cockpit. The 3-D simulation provides a far more realistic experience. You can toggle between the 2-D and 3-D views at any point. Irrespective of the view, all knobs and panel levers can be manipulated using your mouse (if you do not have a joystick or yoke). Read the remainder of this entry »

Great Cheats for Trivia Crack

Posted June 15, 2015 By freeman80

I don’t know why this game is so addicting, but I can’t stop playing it. The down side of it is that it has really been frustrating me, because I can’t play it on a constant basis. The game is called Trivia Crack, and when you play it, you only have a maximum of three lives. Every time you play a game, you lose a life. I have been trying to find trivia crack cheats to figure out a way to get around this problem, because I am pretty sure that it can be circumvented in some manner, but I am just not sure how.

I think that it takes like 40 minutes for each life to regenerate. But that is a long time, if you play three games back to back, and use all three of your lives. You then have to wait like 2 hours before you are back to your full amount of lives. That is too long of a wait, and especially when I am bored and playing the game to pass the time.

One of the ways that this game makes its money is by selling more lives and other things to the people who play it. But they really seem kind of expensive if you ask me. That is especailly true since it is just a mobile game and I have never spent any money buying a game for my phone. So I don’t see a reason to start now, even if I really do like playing this game. I am just dead set on believing that there is a way to get around the limit of lives that they give you that does not involve paying any money to the company that makes the game. Or at least, I sure hope there is a way to do it.

Working on a Little App Idea

Posted March 6, 2015 By freeman80

I have been working on this for a little while, but I have just now really gotten it to start looking as though it might actually work. My technique in coding this stuff is pretty crude. In fact I swiped some of the code out of other apps. One of the things I borrowed was actually one of those of Trivia crack cheats. It was just convenient and easy to lift the code I needed. I was just looking at it and realized that it had something in it that I could put to a good use. I do not know if the guy who wrote it would have any thing against me borrowing his code, but up to a point that is how you do it. Of course in general what you do is learn to use modules. If you work it right you can put the program together just like assembling a set of lego blocks. Read the remainder of this entry »

Rebuilding My Music Collection Again

Posted February 27, 2015 By freeman80

I used to have about three or four terabytes of music files and music videos. I spent over a decade collecting it all. Some of it I recorded myself and then transferred to my computer. Some of it I got from torrent sites, but illegal ones like the Piratebay and this awesome private tracker I know about, but also from a lot of the sites where people share live music. There are a lot of site which are dedicated to sharing files from just one band that allow you to tape and trade their live lows. For instance you can find a site for U2 bootlegs if you look hard enough. I think it is called Elevashn. Of course the dot shn is a lossless file format that real audiophiles would would prefer in spire of the fact that it is a great deal larger than even a highly encoded mp3. I think that it is actually called a shorten file. It appears that the site has been closed down

There are other sites. Read the remainder of this entry »

Camera Pictures Undelete

Posted February 18, 2015 By liberone75

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Software Name: Camera Pictures Undelete


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Send Free SMS Modem

Posted February 16, 2015 By liberone75

Send Free SMS Modem software easily downloaded from website www.sendfreesmstomobiles.com which facilitates to send bulk amount of messages across various nations worldwide in just fraction of seconds. Bulk SMS software skips duplicate contact numbers while selecting them for sending SMS purposes. SMS broadcasting program delivers different types of information like invitations, sports updates, exam venue details etc in form of text messages.


Read the remainder of this entry »