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New Albany, Indiana
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    Mar 30
  2. 29 minutes ago

    Happy bday to the breaker of chains, mother chupacabra. The best of all the times. All of them. Forever.

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    4 hours ago
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    13 hours ago
  5. Oct 18

    I really hate that Visceral is gone. Great work out of that studio. :(

  6. Oct 17
  7. Oct 14

    <insert meme here>

  8. Oct 14

    Whale sharks are dope as fuck. – at Georgia Aquarium

  9. Oct 13

    They said you can’t love an anime girl, but..

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    Oct 13
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    Oct 13

    This game was funded on Kickstarter. gave it a 7.5

  12. Oct 13

    I wrote about . Not as great as I hoped, but I still love it and want more.

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    Oct 9

    Fixed the new Star Wars poster

  14. Oct 9

    <Insert Star Wars tweet here>

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    Oct 8

    u herd of cuphead? its like dark souls

  16. Oct 9

    How’s your night going? I’m just playing my favorite game.

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    Oct 9
  18. Oct 8

    Dat Sami heel turn tho?

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    Oct 8

    To all you twitter cry babies out there. Hahahaha

  20. Oct 8

    YESSSSS. is finally a champion.

  21. Oct 8

    When you have to go on after that killer match between The New Day and The Usos.

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