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    Jan 12
  2. 18 hours ago

    I retweeted this and Bullet Club is still fine.

  3. Mar 16

    I wanna play The Witcher 3 but I'm still waiting for that HDR PS4 Pro patch. :(

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    Mar 15
  5. Mar 15

    This is my crowning achievement as a games journalist. Referencing in a byline for my review of Yakuza 6.

  6. Mar 15

    Dear Tier 1 media outlets, if you aren’t gonna hire me, at least hire people who actually spend time with the games before writing bullshit reviews.

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    Mar 15

    A legendary warrior enters the stage of history. White Wolf, Butcher of Blaviken, the Witcher: he bears many names, but you know him best as Geralt of Rivia. Wield his steel and silver swords on the stage of Kaer Morhen, and use his signs wisely to take down all who defy you.

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    Mar 8

    An experience and crossover event the will never forget.

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  9. Mar 8

    The fact that I can’t log in on Android (due to the iOS issue) knowing that many of us play on both platforms is fucking ridiculous and does not excuse this incompetence.

  10. Mar 6

    I paid $84.99 for Final Fantasy XV at launch with the season pass. Now this? Get fucked.

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    Mar 6
  12. Mar 6
  13. Mar 4

    70 hours into Monster Hunter World. I still have no fucking clue what I’m doing.

  14. Mar 1
  15. Feb 27

    Hey , people are streaming Yakuza 6 and it's embargoed until March 15th. The "demo" was accidentally the full game.

  16. Retweeted
    Feb 27
  17. Retweeted
    Feb 25

    And we're down to the guy you want to win and the guy who is going to win

  18. Feb 25

    Lol. Rousey getting booed and planted chants barely getting off the ground. Also, we all know Rousey isn’t the baddest woman on the planet. Just ask .

  19. Feb 25

    Vero? Nah. Ello tried the same thing and you know how popular that one is.

  20. Feb 25

    Sure would be great if could get their stuff together and stop blocking our intersection with these trains. It happens frequenly, but today is worse cause this completely blocks EMS/Fire/Police from getting to the neighborhood since HWY 111 is flooded.

  21. Feb 22

    Burnout Paradise Remastered: Because EA fucking sucks at making racers since they broke up Criterion.


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