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    Mar 30
  2. 4 hours ago

    Things I need to do tonight: Finish Ultra Street Fighter 2 review. Things I'll probably do: anything else. :(

  3. Retweeted
    May 19

    So said if I can get this tweet of this Cullinan case photos and get 5,000+ retweets, 2,000+ likes, I can maybe get a case.

  4. 4 hours ago

    Anyone played Marvel Heroes Omega yet? How is it on PS4?

  5. 6 hours ago

    My E3 schedule is still mostly empty. Send me your invites!

  6. 6 hours ago

    Kinda cool, I got 10 Overwatch loot boxes for both PC and PS4 for playing the Heroes of the Storm events. Niiice.

  7. 7 hours ago

    D.Va is weeb trash, but that Pinup style skin is awesome.

  8. 8 hours ago

    Day just went from shitty to amazingly good. Now if I can just get an invite to see Ubisoft. :)

  9. 10 hours ago

    Tfw you reach out to someone about booking an E3 appointment and are ignored but your coworker gets an immediate reply..

  10. 11 hours ago

    What's Guile's favorite type of plant?

  11. May 22
  12. May 22

    It's interesting that of all these Injustice 2 reviews, none of them I've read mentions the Guilds system or the quite difficult AI.

  13. May 22

    I was hoping to have a review up for Samurai Warriors: Spirit of Sanada tomorrow, but it's just too damn much right now. Hopefully before E3

  14. May 22

    I should probably start booking appointments for E3..

  15. May 21

    Jobber Mahal wins LOL

  16. May 21
  17. May 21

    Ellocooshion isn't a word, Ellsworth.

  18. May 20

    I don't care about the Velveteen Rabbit at all.

  19. May 20

    At this point Asuka's borrowed HHH's shovel.

  20. May 20

    Congrats . Killer match.

  21. May 20

    tfw invicta and nxt are on tonight. :(

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