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    8 Dec 2016
  2. 18 hours ago

    I won the Ooh, Shiny! achievement in Forza Horizon 3 for 24 points

  3. 23 hours ago

    I mean, at least Ardyn never asked Noctis to release his tax returns.

  4. 23 hours ago
  5. Feb 18

    ICYMI: I posted a video about my thoughts on Youtuber Drama and the PewDiePie situation.

  6. Feb 18

    Youtuber Drama, PewDiePie, and Media thoughts..: via

  7. Feb 18

    Yes, heaven forbid I tell you games can be good regardless of the platform you choose. What a monster I am.

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  8. Feb 18

    Also, subtweets are the epitome of passive aggressive.

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  9. Feb 18

    Every single day I see you crying about Sony/MS publicly, yet the only Nintendo things you mention are OMG I LOVE ZELDA

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  10. Feb 18

    No, I get your criticism. MS/Sony advertise "as good as PC". What I don't get is why you don't rally at Nintendo to even dare to come close.

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  11. Feb 18

    I'm sure all 4 of your viewers are totally tired of hearing it, but you never complain where people will actually see/hear it.

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  12. Feb 18

    It's not exactly doom and gloom that For Honor doesn't run at 60 FPS on the console but it would really benefit from a 60 FPS mode like Nioh

  13. Feb 18

    How much of For Honor have you played on console? I played 10 hours of the beta on PC and I'm around 20 hours of the real game on PS4.

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  14. Feb 17

    go eat a turnbuckle or a stuffed animal and paint your tongue green in his honor.

  15. Feb 16
  16. Feb 16

    It bears reposting at times like these...

  17. Feb 16

    I really, really, really wanna play more Final Fantasy XIV, especially with Stormblood coming.. but can't justify the monthly fee. :(

  18. Feb 16

    For Honor has a deep multiplayer hook, so if outlets already have reviews up 2 days in, don't trust em.

  19. Feb 14

    the only gif that really matters

  20. Feb 15

    Girl: I don't like chocolate. Also girl: I love Red Velvet. Me:

  21. Feb 15

    TFW you get an email from to buy tickets and the presale code doesn't work. :(

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