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    Mar 30
  2. Jun 24
  3. Something that we cannot lose sight of is how good the dogs are

  4. Jun 23
  5. Jun 22

    HACK THE PLANET (yes I know they were using Powerbooks but shh)

  6. Jun 22
  7. Jun 22
  8. Jun 21

    I really regret not getting a chance to play Moss at E3. Quill is adorable. raved about it so I'm still jealous.

  9. Jun 21

    I heard good things about this on PS4 so I'm hyped to check it out on Switch.

  10. Jun 21

    Me too, Oliver. Me too.

  11. Jun 20

    Night Twitch Stream is LIVE!: via

  12. Jun 20

    Tearing up over here reading 's tribute to his team. That's the kind of person I hope to some day work for.

  13. Jun 20

    Highlight of ? Running into outside of the Staples Center. <3

  14. Jun 20

    So, ARMS sure is interesting...

  15. Jun 20

    Do yourself a favor and spin Mobb Deep's The Infamous today out of respect and memory for The Prodigy.

  16. Jun 20

    Twitter, the only place you're a racist for saying people of all colors and sexes should be treated as equals.

  17. Jun 20

    I need to figure out how to become a consultant advising indies on how to improve games 4 critical reception like said I should.

  18. Jun 20

    I REALLY appreciate 's approach to story mode in fighters, but can everyone stop trying to emulate it? Let them have one thing.

  19. Jun 20
  20. Jun 20

    VR isn't going to be successful as a medium until people stop making games that are just some variation of mech/mechsuit/dogfight.

  21. Jun 20

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