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  3. Well, that's an interesting porn spam tweet.

  4. How about some applause for the Waco Kid?

  5. From now on I'm only going to measure money in increments of No Man's Sky refunds.

  6. Shout out to for helping me with an Android issue I've had problems fixing for like 3 weeks now.

  7. So, I can't tell if my USB drive is mounted in Android as /storage/internal/ or as /storage/emulated/0/. halp

  8. I like when people tell me I didn't like No Man's Sky cause it's repetitive. I'm like "y'all know I like Dynasty Warriors, right?"

  9. I just saw a video of a guy jerking off with a McChicken. K, that's enough internet for this month.

  10. And there's no option to change the viewing area, only options to slide the hud pieces around. Weak. :(

  11. So I'm 15 seconds into KoF 14 and already annoyed. The game area is larger than my TV screen, so I'm playing as Erry Bogard.

  12. I still can't figure out why the hell Hyperspin can't see my roms. Really starting to hate this thing.

  13. If you think you don’t matter or think no one will care, know that you do matter and that I will care

  14. Suggestion is one thing, but full page takeovers that refuse to let you continue reading means I'll never whitelist you. Just ask .

  15. I don't mind that is posting superfluously about how the internet has no chill, but cut this out.

  16. Sending me unsolicited codes is fine, but you have a 100% chance I'll be more interested if it's a PS4 key. Just saying. ;)

  17. It's important to support publishers you like, even if you do or don't get review codes. :)

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