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  2. I really like that the main Final Fantasy XV logo changes once you've finished the story. That's a cool touch.

  3. Good to see pick up the ROH World title. Big fan of his, despite my love for Adam Cole BAYBAY.

  4. I really, really loved Aranea Highwind. I would 100% be down to play a Final Fantasy XV spinoff starring her.

  5. I hate agreeing with this, but as Vita owner who rarely uses his, it's true.

  6. I get that people are complaining about FFXV's Chapter 13 being too long, but complaining about Noctis' arsenal? It makes total sense...

  7. Final Fantasy XV story done.

  8. When u need a PS4 and mom says no....

  9. Tonight we ACTUALLY get the ship!! Come hang out for this momentous occasion.

  10. Can we please stop trying to force games to have an agenda and just let them be games however the devs decide they should be? Ugh.

  11. So, basically, The Last Guardian is yet another Team Ico game, in which you have to fight the game to play it, but it's worth it if you can.

  12. Fuck yeah. Congrats !

  13. Call a lawyer, cause just murdered a guy on live TV.

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