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    Mar 30
  2. Jul 21

    I took a look at 's newest green variant of their TS-5000 gaming chair.

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    Jul 21
  4. Jul 20

    LOL 's guide for the budget robot trial is priceless.

  5. Jul 20

    I played Hybrid Theory so fucking many times that I had to re-buy the CD 4 times.

  6. Jul 20

    I'm not usually all that sentimental about celebrity passing, but this one really hurts. So much talent gone too soon.

  7. Jul 20

    He literally blew me away when he started singing. Chester Bennington might have been the best pure vocalist I've ever seen live.

  8. Jul 20

    Chester walked on stage, and I was slightly familiar with LP because I was in StreetWise and had a sampler EP of Hybrid Theory prerelease.

  9. Jul 20

    I saw open for back in 2000 at a tiny venue in Kentucky for probably 300 fans.

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    Jul 19

    Only Shane McMahon can take a bump from a helicopter and somehow be unharmed.

  11. Jul 18

    PR Friends, if I owe you coverage it's still coming, it's just been a busy last few weeks and lot has gone on. Promise.

  12. Jul 18

    I avoided watching Game of Thrones for so long to avoid spoilers. Now that I'm somewhere in Season 5 and Season 7 started, I can't escape em

  13. Jul 17

    I'm really enjoying #. Taking forever to get to Heavensward though lol.

  14. Jul 17

    These new are awesome! is the man.

  15. Jul 13
  16. Jul 13

    Last bit of Hawaiian food before we leave. @ Da Kitchen

  17. Jul 12

    This is why Americans in Hawaii enjoy good food and you're still salty in CT passive aggressively bitching about food on Twitter.

  18. Jul 11

    This burger has pineapple and Hawaiian BBQ sauce and would be furious.

  19. Jul 11

    That time when you're cute like but nature is too stunning.

  20. Jul 11

    A black sand beach is one of the weirdest yet coolest things I've seen so far. @ Waianapanapa…

  21. Jul 11

    Dinner at the Cool Cat Cafe in Lahaina.

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