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    DARK SOULS III The Dark Soul (Platinum) Acquire all trophies.

  2. You get all the clusters in this mission yet?

  3. This 10th anniversary remaster of The Black Parade is so good.

  4. Y'all know why PS+ went up $10 a year, right? It's to pay for the failure PSVR is gonna be.

  5. Can confirm, did work.

  6. People being outraged at Palmer Luckey is like being mad that McDonald's puts salt on their fries. Everyone has an opinion you won't like.

  7. Jonathan White followed and
  8. This set is so fun.

  9. Billy Idol and Miley Cyrus doing Rebel Yell is surprisingly fun.

  10. Thanks Spotify for that shoutout

  11. Bury me with my money.

  12. My job is asking for Volunteers go to work at our Chicago office next week. I feel like I should go do that.

  13. Pls RT if you're a strong beautiful guardian who don't need no AI. 💪

  14. This is 100% 's fault.

  15. Rise of iron campaign has an awesome ending

  16. So Supremacy is basically Kill Confirmed, right?

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