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    8 Dec 2016
  2. 7 hours ago

    I was planning on covering my first Resident Evil game since RE4 this week, but was denied so what little interest I had died.

  3. 7 hours ago

    Sitting in this training class fighting the urge not to stab myself to stay awake.

  4. Jan 19
  5. Jan 19

    Mmmm I can't wait. I spent an hour+ on it at E3 and didn't want to quit.

  6. Jan 19
  7. Jan 18

    I wish this nerd were stronger.

  8. Jan 18

    I can't wait to try to make an online lobby for Switch games only to realize my phone died.

  9. Jan 17

    I like the Dolph Ziggler who doesn't appear on my TV.

  10. Jan 17

    Yes, please, let's revolt because the Switch doesn't have Netflix. A service you can literally watch on pretty much everything else you own.

  11. Jan 16
  12. Jan 16

    I was all in for $20, no chance in hell I'd pay $60.

  13. Jan 16
  14. Jan 16

    Can I RT a million times! Nobody is better. 🙌🏿

  15. Jan 15

    I love that every political thing I read now the author calls themselves an "activist".

  16. Jan 15

    I need WWE to expand the Vaudevillains to include and .

  17. Jan 15

    Jeez, is NASTY.

  18. Jan 15

    lol I kinda love Tyler Bate's generic knockoff of Sledgehammer theme.

  19. Jan 15

    Gotta admit, has been doing his best work in quite a while alongside in the . Really fun.

  20. Jan 15

    yet another guy who was a great wrestler, but a terrible human.

  21. Jan 14

    I'm glad WWE opened the vault of Create-A-Wrestler themes for the

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