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    Mar 30
  2. Nov 22

    No matter how hard you look, that’s just tumble marks, not an 1138.

  3. Nov 22

    “Send Rogues 10 and 11 to station 3-8.” — General Rieekan

  4. Nov 21

    Apparently someone forgot to tell that Oshry was Born for Greatness.

  5. Nov 21

    I’d just like to say that 418 is disgusting, it always takes 20+ minutes even when they’re not busy, and Linda is the rudest manager I’ve ever encountered in a fast food restaurant.

  6. Nov 19
  7. Nov 18


  8. Nov 18

    If Roddy turns on AOP and joins Undisputed Era, would that be his biggest heel turn ever?

  9. Nov 18

    Way to fuck up the light cue.

  10. Nov 18

    NXT TakeOver: BAY BAY

  11. Nov 18

    Also, as SaniTY comes out, holy shit was remix of that theme awesome.

  12. Nov 18

    This match is about to be obscene. So much top tier talent in those rings.

  13. Retweeted
    Nov 18

    You're not truly an INGOBERNABLE champion until you throw the belt on the ground. 👊

  14. Nov 18

    Drew selling that left arm quite convincingly.

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    Nov 18
  16. Nov 18

    My girl showing up looking like Ezio. Cmon Ember!

  17. Nov 16

    LMFAO @ removing the microtransactions from Star Wars BattleFront 2. It's like EA can't just make a good game without some fuckery these days.

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    Nov 16
    Replying to

    Shameless self promotion here - Uurnog Uurnlimited is on Steam as of today and on Switch November 21st! Here's a launch trailer, hope everyone enjoys it. (game has loot in boxes but no microtransaction loot boxes)

  19. Nov 15

    The more we push her, the better she gets. Powerful and real story here.

  20. Nov 14
  21. Nov 13

    Facebook says it’s ’s birthday. Why isn’t he ? Sounds like a good present to me. Happy bday, Jake!

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