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  2. EDM heads: this is my new jam

  3. No thanks. I'm sure my tits are more appealing than yours.

  4. I love wrestling so much, but jesus fuck the fans are so weird.

  5. Zigglypuff vs Ambrose? lol. Ambrose retains. I can skip Smackdown til after Summerslam.

  6. Well, so far, if the goal was to make sure no one cares about going forward, this is a great way to do it.

  7. Oh my god this Eva theme with an intro in it. HAHAHA.

  8. YAY !


  10. Jonathan White folgt jetzt , und
    • @WWEBrayWyatt

      Eater of Worlds, Down with the Machine

    • @VinceGoogling

      Chairman of WWE. 70 years old, doesn't get this goddamn Google. Stand Back. *satire/not affiliated with WWE. Tweets by: email:

  11. I hear you, Sanders supporters who plan to vote Trump. One time I asked for Coke but they only had Pepsi, so I set fire to my head.

  12. I'm actually kinda glad to see Squash Matches return. Helps build up these talents that no one knows.

  13. Not even that shitty Offspring tattoo can save you from .

  14. I have no idea how and can follow that. Good god. &

  15. Holy hell. and just showed the world how wrestling should be done. Such a great match. Congrats Boss!

  16. haha, with that Eddie Guerrero love. So good.

  17. Good job for making look great tonight!

  18. Is the new theme Enemies by or are they just playing it for this segment? I missed the first 35 mins. :(

  19. Whoa, this promo (good luck tonight!) reminds me of in the early days. AWESOME.

  20. I'm pretty underwhelmed by my Amazon Fire stick. I need to just break down and get an .

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