Minimum Viable Parenting

If I am to matter at all–if I am to be of use and benefit to humanity it will be through my children. Through teaching them who to be, providing insight, education, example and opportunity. That’s how I matter. And yet, trying to learn how to be a good parent is fraught with absolute insanity. Discord. Unsolicited and sanctimonious advice (especially in Portland, Ore). Instagram fraud. Looking at…

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Family Is a Place Without Gossip

Family Is a Place Without Gossip

Support is the backbone of any family. A place where you’ll get a chance, and where you’re going to get support without judgement. What does that mean? People will, from time to time, fall short of their own standards. People will fall short of family standards. People will, from time to time make huge mistakes. People will also misjudge mistakes. People will overreact to routine situations…

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The Minimum Viable Apology

The Minimum Viable Apology

At some point soon we’re going to see a professional athlete or political figure apologize for something that they do. What will happen is some type of nopology.   “Ah, I didn’t mean to disrespect (gender/race) and I was misconstrued.  I’m sorry if anyone was offended.” Bad communication. The right way to apologize: No clarification. No blaming the victim (I offended them, not “someone got…

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Does Your Communication Set off Bullshit Detectors?

Does Your Communication Set off Bullshit Detectors?

You have to communicate, right? It’s part of the deal.  And you want also to be believed.  Famously 93% of communication isn’t the words, it’s the nonverbals around it. The problem is, sometimes you are telling the truth but you seem like you’re lying: (In Case Youtube Breaks the link, this is the Anchorman II scene where Ron…

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Breaking The Browser Habit

Breaking The Browser Habit

The browser vexes me. On my Mac, it’s a portal to whatever the world has to offer. It’s mostly distractions.  Things that don’t benefit me, support my goals or put me in position to be of service. I use it a lot – because I’m not a luddite: I use the Gmail App.  I compose in Google Docs. I’m writing this – right now – in WordPress. Problem is that with those of us that use shortcut keys a world…

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Politics Doesn’t Have To Be About Attacks

Politics Doesn’t Have To Be About Attacks

We live in politically interesting times.   My experience with the book 5 Easy Theses feels like a return to a different era of debate and discourse.

I haven’t talked about politics in years. It’s been discouraging and depressing. My vaguely libertarian leanings have no real outlet in politics, and what’s left isn’t an argument about ideas, but instead a fight over identities.  Things happen –…

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Focus Is A Muscle

Focus Is A Muscle

It’s hard to focus. It’s always been hard for me to sustain concentration over a long period of time. The human condition. I’m not unique, and I may even be above average. Still. It’s the biggest challenge, and mastering it creates a reward. The muscle muscle be built. Spending time in the Flow State, serving your business, serving clients, serving others.  That life. That night. The digital age.…

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Other Types Of Debt

Other Types Of Debt

For close to 6 years I’ve been running a company called Simplifilm. For four years I had a (great) partner. We’ve had some accomplishments. The creation and sale of a product. Best selling authors worked with us. More. We also pushed a bunch of stuff under the rug. Both in the “partner days” and beyond. They put our company in peril, and took some of the *joie de vivre* out of running our…

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The Client’s Guide To Giving Great Design Feedback

The Client’s Guide To Giving Great Design Feedback

I can tell when a client is going to have a great result from their video the instant that they leave their first bit of feedback.

We rely on our clients to provide honest, exact, emotional feedback.  It’s their biggest contribution to our mutual success.  When they do that quickly,

Feedback is the client’s main role in our collaborative video process.  Done right, it propels a project forward…

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Curriculum March 2016

In March, I’m committed to getting back to reading and exercise. I’ve got a big hill to climb and I’ve imperiled my company by having had so much overhead.  That lead to a place where we were behind on deliverables, and started a death spiral that (I hope) we’ve pulled out of. The idea is to return to the “flow state” that exists. Books:  THE POWER OF HABIT: This is well written, I’ll finish, but…

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