Free Legal Article Directory - Criminal Law Articles en-us The Facts About UK Harassment Laws What is Harassment? Harassment is defined as behaviour that leads to feelings of distress, humiliation and threat in another person. While it can be difficult to understand what exactly constitutes as harassment as it is largely dependent on individual... 06th February 2017 Texas Penal Code: Assault Section 22.01 of the Texas Penal Code establishes what it is to commit an assault in the State of Texas. There are three ways a person can commit an assault, each with varying levels of severity. The first way a person can commit an assault, under Sub... 13th August 2012 Too Many Laws…And The Overcriminalization Of America In 2010, hearings were held in Washington titled “Reining in Overcriminalization: Assessing the Problems, Proposing Solutions” (the full text of the testimony of the September 28, 2010 hearing is available at 06th February 2012 Get a Good Criminal Defense Attorney in Orange County A criminal defense attorney is employed by someone accused of a crime. There are three main types of crimes or criminal offenses, felonies, misdemeanors, and infractions. Crimes can be determined by federal law, state law, or local law. In Orange County i... 24th November 2011 Free Criminal Records of California Now All Over the Internet Every time we meet new people for instance during job placements, the first thing you would think is if this applicant qualifies for the set standards or meets the security checks. Background investigations are most of the time, the most trustworthy way ... 23rd November 2011 Hiring a knowledgeable Criminal Defense Attorney Riverside Hiring a skilled Criminal Defense Attorney Riverside is easy, call the Law Offices of Gregory H. Comings. You will be connected with a highly experienced attorney who is local to the Riverside area. Attorney Comings has a strong working knowledge of the R... 21st October 2011 Criminal Defense Attorney: Grieving From A Wrongful Death As civilization advances and now that we are currently midway to the next generation, issues concerning legislations, crimes, and other legal cases will also get difficult. The simple undeniable fact that today, as sophistication in the lifestyle of the s... 14th October 2011 South Carolina Criminal Law Strom Law Firm LLCFounded in 1996 by J. Preston "Pete" Strom, Jr, the previous U.S. Attorney for South Carolina and President with the South Carolina Association for Justice, the Strom Law Firm, LLC is a leader in resolving criminal, personal injury, work... 10th October 2011 Criminal Records of Texas Accessible on the Web Certainly, in Texas, everything is considered huge. Currently, it sits on the 2nd spot of America’s largest states in terms of total land area and population. This also holds true regarding their criminal history records. So far, the government has been d... 23rd September 2011 Private Detective Las Vegas There can be no doubt that a private detective services have become very popular and demanding in modern times. Though I must admit that the popularity of the detective agency there at all times and ages have the popularity they enjoy today is simply amaz... 10th August 2011 Civil Rights And The Criminal Law Civil Rights and the Criminal Law- a step-by-step checklist from arrest to arraignment Preserving the civil rights of any person arrested is of paramount importance. Each person should develop a firm understanding of what their civil rights are through t... 23rd May 2011 Protect Your Rights No one anticipates being in the uncomfortable position of needing legal representation, but if you find yourself trapped in that situation, hiring the most competent and experienced attorney can make the difference between costly fines and/or lengthy inca... 23rd May 2011 Tips to Find Good Immigration Lawyers With plenty of resources on the Internet and numerous books available in the market, a number of people feel that they don’t need a lawyer to assist them in their immigration process. However, what they tend to ignore is that they simply don’t have the ti... 10th May 2011 Criminal Defense Attorneys: How to Find the Right One When your reputation, freedom or life is at stake, you want the services of top-notch Criminal Defense attorneys to not only get you out of the mess but also keep you out of it and make the whole nightmare disappear. Selecting the right lawyer would be t... 09th May 2011 IGNOU Program A Versatile approach to enhance your career at each and every stage of your life Education is among the most standard wants to guarantee the growth of a community as well as, subsequently, a nation. Accomplishment of upper education is definitely a challenge for Indian nationals. Research indicates that lower than 40 percent of your y... 04th May 2011 Performing a Employment Background Check for New York Diverse criminal activities are now destroying the lives of many individuals in the society. Television news and daily reports from newspapers contain various types of heinous crimes that are now being committed. The sad truth is that these things are not... 20th April 2011 Things You Need To Know About An Attorney An attorney is a person who holds an educational degree on the field of law. He possesses a valid license to practice law by taking up cases of individuals who have been accused of some legal charge or the other. An attorney may be practicing on his ow... 31st March 2011 San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyers Helping Inmates Fight for Freedom United Trial Group in San Diego offers a free service to people trying to find out if there loved one has been jailed or incarcerated. The San Diego criminal law attorneys at United Trial Group will run a search for you. There are times when someone ma... 21st March 2011 Las Vegas Car Accident Lawyers- Things You Need to Know Motor vehicles such as cars, trucks and busses have become much more affordable than what they were a couple of decades ago due to technological development in information and communication technology that has seen development of automobiles that are much... 01st March 2011 Criminal Defense There are some circumstances in which you will need to have expert aid, and 1 of them occurs to be the improbable instance that you are accused of a white collar crime. White collar crimes are a bit even worse than blue collar crimes only due to the fact ... 28th February 2011 Search the Court and Criminal Records with Record Locator Websites The world is insecure and trusting anyone at his face value is not just unsafe but can be dangerous too especially if that anyone is soon to be your employee or tenant. An employee with legal troubles in the past can be very dangerous for the market reput... 17th February 2011 Why You Should Consider a Criminal History Check If you are looking at getting a background check on someone, you need to know which check you wish to have done. Regardless if you decide to go with a credit check, national background check, driving record check, online criminal record search or more, yo... 15th February 2011 Finding The Best Houston Criminal Defense Attorneys To Represent You Being accused of criminal activity is a frightening and often frustrating experience. This is particularly true for those who are accused of crimes that they did not commit. You may feel that you have nowhere to turn and that no one will believe in your i... 08th February 2011 Arrested In Orlando - Deal the Case Well There are many law and order highlighted in the country and you are supposed to move on with your activities with great care. Still you might have seen many people going on the wrong direction thereby creating lot of issues in the place. You could just ch... 07th February 2011 Criminal Proceedings The six types of proceedings in Criminal Cases You, or someone you know, has been arrested. You know that you are going to have to go to court. But When? How often? And what does it mean when you do go to court. This article attempts to give an over... 02nd February 2011 New York Criminal Lawyer: Know the lawyers It is hard to discover a great lawyer for a criminal circumstance. There are a range of choices and options to pick from but you can not just change from counsel to counsel. Certainly, the appropriate lawyer can offer an a lot greater edge to resolving a ... 28th January 2011 Whats The Big Purpose On Having Criminal Records Crime rate is increasing and is getting alarming these days. Having that said, it’s no longer safe to be with somebody you don’t know well anywhere, anytime. It is, therefore, very much helpful to have files, like Pennsylvania Arrest Records, which can de... 26th January 2011 Public Criminal Record- Free Helpful Roadmap For Public Criminal Record Many people these days need to find criminal records before hiring employees, committing themselves to others or coping with gigantic investments. Whatever be the reasons behind, finding criminal records is extremely important to everybody. It can also be... 25th January 2011 Free Criminal Records- Free Helpful Roadmap For Free Criminal Records Public criminal records became reasonably simple to access nowadays. Both offline and online service suppliers can offer you all you need to check on a person's legal crime violation history. The one difference is : online databases that provide public cr... 25th January 2011 Arrest and Booking - Anatomy of an Arrest in Florida, Part III You’re Under Arrest… If the authorities decide that they have probable cause in your case and decide to proceed with charges against you, they are going to have to get you into the courthouse in some fashion. There are three ways that this can be acco... 20th January 2011 Searching Free Criminal Records Online By the time you get out of your home, you will most likely come across with people who carry unique personalities. For whatever reasons, you may find some of these people suspicious in any way. Yet, it’s not reasonable to conclude and judge a person immed... 17th January 2011 Prosecution v. Defense And The Constitution That Binds Them Note: this is the final part in a three-part series on the criminal justice system. See part one: “Criminal Defense Attorneys And The People They Really Protect”; part two: “Prosecutors And The “Technicalities” That Set Criminals Free.” Very few thing... 14th January 2011 Prosecutors And The “Technicalities” That Set Criminals Free Note: this is the second part in a three-part series on the criminal justice system. See part one: “Criminal Defense Attorneys And The People They Really Protect”; part three: “Prosecution v. Defense And The Constitution That Binds Them.” I am sure at... 14th January 2011 Criminal Defense Attorneys And The People They Really Protect Note: this is the first part in a three-part series on the criminal justice system. See part two: “Prosecutors And The “Technicalities” That Set Criminals Free”; part three: “Prosecution v. Defense And The Constitution That Binds Them.” At some point ... 14th January 2011 Informed Guilty Pleas While I am a big proponent of taking matters to trial, there are circumstances where clients will decide to plead guilty.  Although I will provide advice on the benefits and risks of all options, ultimately the decision is up to the client; there may even... 11th January 2011 Back to School: Suspensions & Expulsions Last September, I defended a young client (whom I was defending on related criminal matters) at an expulsion hearing before a board of education. The pupil's principal, in accordance with theEducation Act (the "Act"), had conducted an investigation into a... 11th January 2011 Only A Good Drug Crimes Lawyer Can Protect Your Rights Another disturbing tragedy is when an addict is thrown in jail when really what he needs is treatment and understanding. Jail cannot help such people. Instead, Doctors and therapists can do a lot. Even if it is a first offense, it should not be taken lig... 06th January 2011 Pennsylvania Man Arrested for Multi-Million-Dollar Investment Fraud NEWARK—William Graulich IV, purported managing partner of iVest International Holdings, Inc., surrendered today to agents of the FBI after being charged for allegedly conspiring to solicit victims to invest millions based on his false promises, United Sta... 06th January 2011 Palm Beach Criminal Lawyer The standard trial lawyer might see men and women from all walks of life on any offered day. Virtually everyone from any age group or career or social strata may uncover themselves accused of a serious crime and in require of a criminal lawyer. In reality... 06th January 2011 New Michigan Law Permits Some Convicted of DUI to Avoid a Revoked Driver's License Michigan has passed a new law which will allow drivers who would normally receive a revoked license to instead, obtain a restricted license if certain conditions are met. This new law is effective January 1, 2011 and is codified at MCLA 257.304. Backgr... 05th January 2011 Robin Chhabra and Sameer Patel Vs. The Financial Services Authority (“the FSA”). In its Decision published on 11 January 2010, the Tribunal has found on the balance of probabilities that Mr Chhabra, whilst an analyst at Evolution Securities, passed price sensitive information to Mr Patel, an experienced spread bettor. Mr Chhabra and... 26th November 2010 Tips of hiring DUI Attorney Phoenix When looking for representation in a DUI case, the type of Attorney you hire may be the key factor to what happens in your case. There are some DUI cases that can result in jail time. The type of attorney you hire to defend you means jail or no jail in so... 10th November 2010 Selecting A Criminal Defense Lawyer Selecting A Criminal Defense Lawyer In basketball, they say that a good defense is the best offense. The same goes when you have to go to trial because your life is on the line and the only way to prevent yourself from going to jail is by selecting a c... 20th October 2010 what to seek in Houston criminal attorneys It can be said that a lawyer is like a good pair of hiking boots: when the fit is wrong, it is a long rocky road to walk; if the fit is right, it isn’t quite as hard. When you or someone you know has been charged or foresee charges, the first thing yo... 13th October 2010 Criminal Lawyers: How Can They Help You Are you wondering what role does a criminal lawyer play? This article can give you an idea. Well, criminal lawyers represent the defendants in the court. Their clients can be both individuals and groups. Criminal lawyers defend those who have been accused... 12th October 2010