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Immigration Law covers the process and guidelines covering immigration which is set out by the government in order to control the level of immigration occurring within their country. This field covers different aspects of immigration from travelling to obtaining a work or citizenship visa, as well as the different aspects of politics in connection to immigration. Here, you will find a wide range of factual and informative articles covering immigration whether it is within the UK, USA or elsewhere. You will find masses of information regarding the legal immigration process, different guidelines which you need to abide by in the event that you immigrate and what legal paperwork is required for travelling to a different country. In the event that you are fighting to stay in a country which is not your native birthplace, you will also find information which will help notify you of your rights and how to find the right immigration attorney for your case.

en-us Apply for Citizenship in the United States US citizenship is considered to be the most valuable status bestowed by the United States. That is because the US citizens enjoy a lot of benefits and privileges. They are also entitled to the rights and the freedom which are guaranteed by America. Foreig... 25th June 2012 Immigration to Canada Last Thursday, April 25th 2012, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) announced the implementation of a new Accelerated Labour Market Opinion (A-LMO) program. The introduction of this accelerated program is undoubtedly welcomed by many emp... 15th June 2012 Immigration Options for Victims of Crimes USCIS protects the victims of crimes by providing immigration relief. US law renders protections for lawful and undocumented immigrants who are victims of criminal offenses. Most victims do not know about such protections. Specific protections are offered... 29th March 2012 Is the change in the American society totally unavaoidable? America has always been an epitome of a change and development right through the ages. It has always maintained its supremacy among the other world countries, through its powerful economy and rapid growth. Go down the ages, you will find that this country... 12th March 2012 USICS biometrics Biometrics is the process of getting your fingerprints registered with the USCIS. This is done to run a background check of all applicants who are applying for immigration with the USCIS. This is an essential part of most of the immigration procedures. ... 31st January 2012 Children born in United States of America Soil Per the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Office of Immigration Statistics (OIS), I-94 non immigrant admissions can be sub divided into three categories Non-resident, Short-term resident, and Expected long-term resident The word “resident” sho... 23rd January 2012 How To Apply for a Fiancee Visa If you are a US citizen, you can bring your foreign national fiance(e) to the US in order to get married. Your fiance(e) will need a K-1 visa, or fiance(e) visa. Your marriage must occur within ninety (90) days of your fiance(e)’s entry into the US. Your ... 17th January 2012 What to Consider When Applying to Migrate to Australia Australia known as the land Downunder. The little continent which itself is a country is in no way less to the land mass of the other continents. It has the most spectacular and unique beauties than anywhere in the world. Australia is known for Mining ... 04th January 2012 Immigration Solutions: What Is Eb5 Visa? This might be one of the best options for immigration to USA, if you have $ 500 000 or $1 000 000 to invest into its economy. EB5 visa is granted to those, who invested the above mentioned sum of money to start a business and to create 10 working places. ... 03rd January 2012 US citizenship for children US citizenship has always been a factor of attraction for many immigrants. This is due to the package of benefits and privileges that it bestows upon them. It is also for this reason that many illegal immigrants remain in the USA and give birth to a child... 28th December 2011 US Green Card Application Process A person is allowed to live and work in the US without any time restrictions once he gets the Green card. Through employment or family sponsorship are the two common ways to get green card. Based on the close family ties between an applicant and a permane... 21st December 2011 Enjoy the privileges of being a family member of US citizens US citizenship is the zenith in the life cycle of any immigrant. It gives them greater benefits than what they were enjoying previously as immigrants/ legal permanent residents. It not only benefits them but also their immediate family members. So to put... 21st December 2011 Non-immigrants can extend the stay in the US People come to the US for a number of reasons. US is the home to great number of immigrants who enter the US to work and settle down there. Once they get a green card and begin a comfortable life there, they move on to become US citizens. This is the high... 16th December 2011 Celebrating US Citizenship Day Being a US citizen is in itself a reason to celebrate. However, the American Federal Government has been observing September 17 as the US Constitution Day or Citizenship Day. It is in recognition of the adoption of the US constitution and also of the high... 06th December 2011 Plans to Curb Immigration leading to Settlement in the UK will damage UK Business – Law Society The United Kingdom Border Agency's consultation entitled Employment-related settlement, Tier 5 and overseas domestic worker closed last week. Its consultation on "family migration" is due to come to an end on 6 October 2011. Back in July we summaris... 05th December 2011 Valid medical exam results required when applying for adjustment of status U.S. citizen’s immediate relative or one who qualifies into one family-based preference categories need to maintain their relation during the green card application process. The National Visa Center will notify the applicant in the US when the priority da... 01st December 2011 How can applicants obtain a Fee waiver? USCIS is funded mainly by the application and the petition fees that are collected from the applicants. Some individuals will be in a situation wherein they cannot afford to pay the stipulated fee. Obtaining a Fee waiver is an option that has been introdu... 30th November 2011 Moving to Canada - Top destinations Canada is an attractive destination for people that want to move abroad with its cosmopolitan cities, unblemished landscape and multicultural society. Canada is the second largest country by total area in the world and boasts the most lakes and longest co... 22nd November 2011 Claiming U.S. Child Citizenship at Birth Becoming a US citizen is the ultimate dream of many immigrants. It is not an easy process and cannot be achieved in a short period of time. One has to first become a permanent resident and satisfy several eligibility criteria in order to get the citizensh... 22nd November 2011 Provide the change of address to the USCIS to avoid missing your notifications Providing the correct address to the USCIS is very important as almost all the notifications from the USCIS are mailed to the applicants. It is the responsibility of the applicants to inform the USCIS regarding their change of address as soon as they have... 22nd November 2011 How to obtain Certification of Military or Naval Service? Members and certain troupers of the U.S. Armed Forces are qualified to apply for United States citizenship under special provisions of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). In addition, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has updated th... 16th November 2011 What to expect after filing any USCIS form? All immigration procedures require some form or the other that needs to be filled and submitted with the USCIS. Be it the application to obtain citizenship, green card or a visa, an applicant should choose the appropriate form and submit it without any er... 15th November 2011 US Immigration and Tax US citizens are not the only ones who have to file tax returns. Certain US immigrants and residents may also have to file, depending on their immigration status in the US. To figure out if you have to file a tax return in the US, you have to check whet... 12th November 2011 The Best Approach When Applying for Australian Spouse Visas Globalization and migration have steadily grown over the previous decades. One of the most popular countries in the world where people are enjoying the benefits of migration is Australia. Once a penal colony and the last place on Earth that someone from t... 04th November 2011 Experience 3 FREE DAY Unlimited Questions Regarding Visa and Immigration Do you have any questions regarding the latest Australia visa information and Australian immigration policies and issues? National Visas, the top leading Australian immigration advices and visa Australia services provider, has recently launched its lat... 28th October 2011 The Adjustment of Status Process Adjustment of status is the last step in the green card or (LPR) process (that of becoming a legal permanent resident). You, the foreign national have to file an I-485 Application for Adjustment of Status, most likely based on a pre-existing and approved... 25th October 2011 Obtaining Help From an Immigration Attorney AILA membership is a very good indication that the lawyer has had considerable knowledge in immigration legislation. Possessing good legal representation can be incredibly valuable--and practically important--when you present your petition, so it's vital ... 25th October 2011 Receiving Support From an Immigration Lawyer Immigration laws hold on fluctuating from time to time and your lawyer immigration really should be informed of them, so that appropriate actions can be taken to turn the root to your destination.Each and every year, a assortment of men and women retain o... 24th October 2011 Simple and Effective Tax Reduction Tips Created specifically for foreign investors by the United States Immigration Act of 1990, the EB-5 green card is one of the fastest family-inclusive Visa’s available in the United States. Although it comes with a hefty price- a minimum investment of $500,0... 22nd October 2011 Procedure to Get K1 Fiancée/Fiancee Visa If an American citizen wants his or her fiancée or fiancé to come over to US in order to marry and live there, the Petition for Alien Fiancé(e) must be filed. As a foreigner fiancée or fiancé, one must get the K-1 visa initially. Fiancée/Fiancé Visa Pr... 20th October 2011 Ideas To Find A Superior Immigration Attorney While selected applications for immigration added benefits are relatively uncomplicated sufficient for a layperson to manage, frequently, one's immigration wants, deportation, protection or consular processing, for case in point are very best served by lo... 20th October 2011 Offer With Complex Immigration Laws The responsibilities of a lawyer are to suggestions his purchasers on legal issues and give them with guidance in the court if required. There could be numerous circumstances the place a human being would need the help of a lawyer. A single among individu... 20th October 2011 Danny Green like Tyson, says Coach Jimmy Williams, the 84-year-outdated coach of previous boxing champions like Mike Tyson and Jake LaMotta has in comparison Aussie boxer Danny Green to his previous protègès. Green ought to be some thing unique and struck a chord with Williams. Compliment ... 14th October 2011 Form I-360 for classifying an alien as Amerasian immigrant USCIS offers different routes for immigrants to enter the US based on their eligibility criteria. Immigration forms also vary for each immigrant category. Form I-360 is one such form which is an immigrant petition that is to be used by Amerasian, widow or... 11th October 2011 Various Criteria and Details About Getting Student Visa to UK Higher studies are a dream of every person because people want to get educated. It is one of the most important aspects of life because it helps if charting out the future growth of your career. U.K is renowned for the universities and institutes which h... 11th October 2011 What is Schengen Visa? What are its Uses? With the world becoming a global village now the need for lifting regional restrictions is being felt by many to facilitate restriction-free travel across other, especially neighboring, nations. In such a scenario, Schengen Visa comes into picture. It is ... 11th October 2011 Cheap Fun Kids Beds - Making an Interesting Kids Bed with these Three Nifty Ideas Quietly getting a toddler to voluntarily retire for the night is a task similar, in difficulty, to making a spaceship and utilizing it to blast off to the moon. With the presence of other intriguing things, such as sweets, chocolates, toys, or cartoons ca... 10th October 2011 Getting a Green Card Through Marriage A citizen of United States marrying foreign-born persons and petitioning for them to obtain permanent residence in the U.S is very common. Per immigration laws, spouses of U.S. citizens are considered "immediate relatives" and therefore are exempt from a... 10th October 2011 Ways to look out for the best fiancé immigration advisor Being in a relationship sounds great but then at times when you have a distant relationship it becomes difficult to tackle many situations. It is t this point that you will feel to also call upon your fiancé to the place where you are located. If so then ... 07th October 2011 UK Tier 1 Visa Post Study Work Visa: Closing on 4/2012 UK, considered as one of the most difficult places to immigrate through work has again made their mark on strict policies for immigration. With the recent decisions by the UK government through the UK border agency, The UK Tier 1 Visa will be closed in Ap... 04th October 2011 understanding the 214(b) visa denial The US is attractive not only for immigrants but also for tourists as well. The different States have various tourist destinations, waiting to be explored. If you plan to visit the US, make sure that you acquire a US visa. All foreign nationals will need ... 04th October 2011 Australian Immigration & India Australia, also called Down Under, enjoys a rather high place among those nations which inspire immigrants from across the world -- more so from India. Actually, the concept of Australian Immigration from India has caught on, and a large number of people ... 03rd October 2011 Are you inspired by Canada Business Immigration concept? Canada, the Land of Endless Opportunities, is a hotspot of sorts for immigrants from across the globe. According to an OECD report, the nation in question stands out amongst all industrialized nations and is just one spot behind the leader, Australia. The... 03rd October 2011 It is Gyllenhaal versus. The Crazy After acting like he or she could live in the crazy successfully in Brokeback Mountain, Gyllenhall really lived within the wild for a Television show. Called Males vs. Crazy, it had the acting professional attempting to pure a seriously rotting lambs. The... 03rd October 2011 Alabama Passes Tough New Immigration Law Recently, the state of Alabama passed its own immigration law, which some are calling one of the toughest laws in the country. The law easily passed through the Alabama legislature, following a recent ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court that upheld Arizona... 03rd October 2011