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Green & Gorgeous http://www.greenandgorgeous.net Where Life, Style & Creativity Meet Substance Mon, 02 Aug 2021 15:55:24 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=5.8.2 Choosing the Right Eco-Friendly Vehicle for Your Family http://www.greenandgorgeous.net/2021/08/02/choosing-the-right-eco-friendly-vehicle-for-your-family/ http://www.greenandgorgeous.net/2021/08/02/choosing-the-right-eco-friendly-vehicle-for-your-family/#respond Mon, 02 Aug 2021 15:55:24 +0000 http://www.greenandgorgeous.net/?p=12570 Continue reading Choosing the Right Eco-Friendly Vehicle for Your Family]]> A vehicle is an important investment, and choosing the right one may be a bit complicated, especially for first-time car owners. Once you have made the decision to go for an eco-friendly option, there are still quite a few things to consider. Here are six things to think about before you make your purchase.

Create a Budget

Because different eco-friendly vehicles have different prices and maintenance costs, you need to come up with a budget of how much you want to spend. These costs will vary depending on whether the car must be serviced by the dealers or if you can have it serviced by your local mechanic as well as the cost of the fuel that the car uses. With research finding that approximately 77% of cars needed maintenance or repair, this is a crucial thing to think about before you settle on an option.

Types of Eco-Friendly Vehicles

There are different types of eco-friendly vehicles currently on the market, and you can choose one depending on your specific needs. There are fully electric cars that run fully on clean energy and are the best option for a greener environment. There are also hybrids that run on half gas and half electricity, leaving a smaller carbon footprint than traditional gas-powered vehicles. There are also bio-diesel cars that use a vegetable-based fuel that burns cleaner than regular gas. Finally, there are Partial Zero Emission Vehicles (PZEVs). These vehicles have zero evaporative emissions and meet several strict quality standards, including high air quality standards.

Research Eco-Friendly Brands

While more car brands are becoming eco-friendly by the day, some are still not yet fully eco-friendly. You can start your research by finding out which ones are eco-friendly and base your options on this. With Tesla, Subaru, Hyundai, Kia, and even Mercedes-Benz producing eco-friendly options, you will have a wide variety to choose from. 30 countries around the world manufacture Mercedes-Benz vehicles, making it even easier to find a great option.

Consider Where You Live

Different areas call for different needs for an efficient car. If you live in an urban area, for instance, there is a lot more stop-and-go traffic, which may make you use more fuel if your car does not have automatic transmission. People in suburban areas will generally spend more time on highways and freeways, so a powerful engine is a good option. Rural areas may be a combination of highways and many stops close together, so a hybrid of the first two would be ideal.

Look Into Fuel Accessibility

When settling on an option, make sure that there are nearby places to get the fuel you need to avoid incurring extra expenses trying to get fuel. Make sure that you can cover the longest distance from your house to the closest fuel pump and back home just to be completely safe from emergency situations.

Purchasing Eco-Friendly Car Accessories

Getting an eco-friendly car is a big part of keeping the environment green, but you can add some accessories to make an even bigger positive impact. With 2,760 packages shipped every second, many people are making purchases, and some of these are probably for eco-friendly car accessories. These accessories may include waterless car washers and cleaners, car seats made from eco-friendly bamboo fibers, car bins to give you a place to deposit trash while on the move, and wind-powered decorative lights for your car, among others.

Everyone has a role to play in keeping the environment green, and thanks to technology, it has become easier to do this in everyday life. Get an eco-friendly car today, and leave a smaller impact on an already scarred environment.

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Reasons to Send Your Child to an Eco-Friendly Private School http://www.greenandgorgeous.net/2021/07/30/reasons-to-send-your-child-to-an-eco-friendly-private-school/ http://www.greenandgorgeous.net/2021/07/30/reasons-to-send-your-child-to-an-eco-friendly-private-school/#respond Fri, 30 Jul 2021 17:37:44 +0000 http://www.greenandgorgeous.net/?p=12566 Continue reading Reasons to Send Your Child to an Eco-Friendly Private School]]> There are many reasons why you should consider sending your child to an eco-friendly private school. These institutions are environmental-friendly, emphasizing economic, social, and environmental sustainability. Your child is taught about the environment plus ways they can practice the knowledge learned, even beyond the classroom.

Discussed below are a few reasons to send your child to an eco-friendly private school.

The School Cares About the Environment and the World Your Child Will Grow Up In

These schools teach students how they can implement sustainability programs from wherever they are, making a positive impact on the environment. With about 25% of schools in the U.S. being private, as a parent, you can research which schools are eco-friendly near you and send your child there.

Some of these schools even grow their food and serve it for lunch or donate it to their local communities’ soup kitchens. Most practices done in such institutions are to preserve the environment, ensuring your children grow up attaching significant importance to their surroundings.

Your Child Will Excel in STEM Subjects

In these schools, your child will be taught how to develop practical and creative solutions to issues affecting their community and the world. The programs are taught to enable students to utilize 21st-century skills, including creativity, communication, collaboration, and innovation.

The schools have curriculums and activities aligning with STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) certifications that teachers use to prepare students for environment-friendly STEM careers. Through the integration of environmental-based learning, your child will feel motivated to participate in school projects based on STEM education, as they feel connected to their natural world.

Your Child’s Health and Well-Being Will Be Prioritized

An eco-friendly school offers a safe and supportive environment for the kids where sanitation and hygiene are emphasized. Not only that, but students get to practice a healthy lifestyle through physical activity and staying away from unhealthy practices. The air quality is excellent, which reduces the chances of kids with respiration issues falling sick.

Due to the emphasis on cleanliness and safety, hardly do students get ill due to something they ate or encountered in school. For instance, kids with poor oral hygiene are three times more likely to miss school because of dental pain. And while this is unfortunate, this is something that eco-friendly schools try to minimize by teaching students the importance of basic general hygiene from a young age. In addition, the food served is healthy, and facilities like bathrooms are clean.

The School Will Limit Their Waste Production and Save Water and Energy

Most initiatives in these schools are for the purpose of conserving energy, reducing waste, recycling to reduce landfills for trash, minimizing air pollution produced by cars, and increasing production of local food. Therefore, you will find the school serving locally produced food to reduce food miles and minimize pollution by vehicles. In addition, most schools benefit through teaching about the conservation of resources.

Your Family Will Live In an Eco-Friendly Community

These conservation practices that students learn eventually reflect at home, where you notice your child is keener on reducing wastage of resources and taking care of the environment. Imagine a situation where about 50% of the kids in the neighborhood are environmentally conscious. This is likely to be reflected in your area and community, which is also expected to attract more home buyers and cause the value of your homes to go up.

About 88% of home buyers approach a broker or a real estate agent when ready to buy a home. This is a number that has steadily been going up from 2001 when it was at 69%. And if you approach an agent, they will tell you that buyers are looking for clean and eco-friendly communities. Therefore, you can be sure that your child being in an eco-friendly school is likely to benefit the whole community.

With the above benefits for the child, the parent, and the community in general, a conversation on eco-friendly schools is definitely something you should be having with your kids and spouse.

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Three Tips on Improving the Exterior of Your Home http://www.greenandgorgeous.net/2021/07/26/three-tips-on-improving-the-exterior-of-your-home/ http://www.greenandgorgeous.net/2021/07/26/three-tips-on-improving-the-exterior-of-your-home/#respond Mon, 26 Jul 2021 17:22:13 +0000 http://www.greenandgorgeous.net/?p=12561 Continue reading Three Tips on Improving the Exterior of Your Home]]> Home remodeling is an excellent way to personalize and improve the exterior of your home. According to a recent survey, many homeowners do renovation projects to improve the look, feel, and layout of their homes. So if you are looking to remodel your home, here are the top three tips on improving the exterior.

Install Exterior Lights

Installing lights outside your home not only improves security but can also bring out the architectural aspects of your home. Make an early impression on potential buyers if you’re looking to sell, by highlighting your outdoor space. Visitors are welcomed by pleasant outside lighting before entering the home. It’s not only pleasant, but it’s also a wonderful safety feature. Perhaps this is why, according to a recent survey by the National Association of Home Builders, 85% of purchasers desire external lighting. You can use soffit lights to draw attention to the house’s architecture, ground lights to draw attention to trees or tall plants, and porch lights to provide a welcoming glow around the front entrance.

You have 2 options, solar or electricity when it comes to choosing the power source for your outdoor lighting. If you’re going to use electricity, you’ll need to hire professionals to run the wires and connect them. It’s also a good idea to let these experts weigh in on the placement of the new outdoor lights. To reduce the danger of slip and fall accidents, make sure all of the routes around your home are properly illuminated.

Paint Your Exterior

A fresh coat of paint will definitely make your home look fantastic and modern. You can go for at least 3 colors to really enhance the curb appeal. A mixture of different colors will make your house stand out from the rest. The roof, exterior walls, and all the exterior doors are some of the areas you can start with. The cost of painting an average home’s exterior in the US usually ranges between $1,700 to $4,000. This brings the average price per square foot to $0.50 – $3.30. Some other factors like how many coats of paint you want to put on also play a vital role in determining the cost of painting.

There’s no easier way to improve curb appeal than to add a splash of color. Besides making your house stand out, painting allows you to upgrade your home to your personal taste and you can do it on any budget. So pick your own up-to-date color trend!


Your home’s landscape is one of the first things that visitors or passersby see. So, consider not only the quantity but also the aesthetic. Reduce or remove trees and bushes to give the property a cleaner, more cared-for appearance, as well as the possibility of lower maintenance. As an extra bonus, there will be more natural light when you enter the house. You can do some of the landscape work yourself, like planting flowers, or you can get the services of landscapers. Landscapers charge between $50 and $100 per hour, according to the national average. In the United States, the average overall cost of landscaping is between $3,000 and $15,950. However, the final price you pay largely depends on several factors, like the number of days worked.

Planting flowers at home not only improves your home exterior but also your mood and reduces the likelihood of stress. Flowers and plants increase levels of positive energy and help people feel secure and relaxed. So, on top of enhancing your exterior, make your loved ones feel special as you get to send flowers to them. About $1.9 billion is spent on flowers for mothers on Mother’s Day, but having various beautiful flowers allows you not to worry about spending too much on spoiling your dear mom.

Use these tips you’ve learned about home exterior improvements to enhance your home curb appeal and add value to your home while you are at it. Begin by taking a tour around your property and make these 3 a priority and come up with a budget to go with it.

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Best Ways to Save on Energy Costs in Your Home http://www.greenandgorgeous.net/2021/07/23/best-ways-to-save-on-energy-costs-in-your-home/ http://www.greenandgorgeous.net/2021/07/23/best-ways-to-save-on-energy-costs-in-your-home/#respond Fri, 23 Jul 2021 12:39:31 +0000 http://www.greenandgorgeous.net/?p=12556 Continue reading Best Ways to Save on Energy Costs in Your Home]]> With energy bills accounting for a large portion of most household budgets, it makes sense if you’re looking for a way to lower your energy bill. There are a number of simple steps you could take to reduce your energy cost and save hundreds of dollars. Here are some inside expert tips.

Install a Septic System

The septic system is rarely at the top of the list when it comes to minimizing your energy expenses, but it should be. Although septic systems require a little more upkeep and attention than sewer lines, they have a number of advantages over sewer lines. They consume less energy overall and have a smaller environmental impact because they don’t pump wastewater significant distances to be handled at a water treatment facility. Septic tank bacteria help break down and cleanse wastewater on the spot, lowering the risk of leakage between the residence and the municipal facility. More than 21 million households in the United States use septic systems — not public sewers — to trap and filter their toilet waste. Septic systems are quite affordable once installed, aside from the cost of pumping the tank every few years. There is no monthly cost, and any damage to the municipal sewer lines has no impact on septic system homeowners. A septic system doesn’t just save you money but gives you a lot of independence.

Ditch Old Appliances and Go for Energy-Efficient Appliances

Appliances account for around 13% of total household energy use on average. When purchasing appliances, consider the money you spend getting the appliance and the annual operating cost. Although energy-efficient appliances may cost more upfront, their operational costs are typically 10% to 24% cheaper than conventional versions. Also, while looking for an energy-efficient appliance, search for one that has the ENERGY STAR designation, which is a federal assurance that the appliance will use less energy when you’re using it. The amount of energy saved varies depending on the appliance. A washing machine with ENERGY STAR certification, for example, uses 25% less energy than standard models, while ENERGY STAR refrigerators use only 9% less energy.

Install Energy Efficient Windows

Windows are a major source of energy waste, accounting for 10% to 25% of your entire heating expense. In the summer, cut the bill on your air conditioning in half, when you install awnings or plant trees that help block off the heat that enters through the windows. Awnings and canopies can reduce heat gain by 55% to 77% on the southern facing window. This is supported by the Department of Energy, which states that covering your windows in the summer can cut heat gain by up to 77%.

Install a Smart Thermostat

If you’re not home, a smart thermostat can be configured to turn off or lower heating and cooling automatically. You can lower unnecessary energy use of your heating and cooling by installing a programmable thermostat. A programmable thermostat can save you a lot of money each year. Different varieties of programmable thermostats are available, and they may be programmed to meet your weekly expenses.

Adjust Few Things

You don’t have to go out and buy energy-efficient windows to cut down on your home’s energy consumption. Turning off lights and appliances when they are not in use is also a simple way to save energy. Save energy costs in your home by doing some chores by hand, such as putting your clothing outside to dry instead of putting it in the dryer, or doing the dishes by hand instead of using a dishwasher. You can also save on your energy bill by conserving water. A national study revealed that 15% of homeowners have recently spent time fixing a backed-up drain. Fix your drain, repair leaky pipes, and install faucets. These adjustments are the largest potential for cutting energy costs.

There are plenty of ways to save on energy costs in your home. You can save hundreds of dollars a year by just doing some of these things. Along the process, you’ll significantly minimize your carbon footprint. What’s not to enjoy about something that’s good for the environment and excellent for your wallet?

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How to Keep Your Summer Road Trip Eco-Friendly http://www.greenandgorgeous.net/2021/07/16/how-to-keep-your-summer-road-trip-eco-friendly/ http://www.greenandgorgeous.net/2021/07/16/how-to-keep-your-summer-road-trip-eco-friendly/#respond Fri, 16 Jul 2021 11:40:50 +0000 http://www.greenandgorgeous.net/?p=12551 Continue reading How to Keep Your Summer Road Trip Eco-Friendly]]> When you start planning your family vacation, consider ways to keep your road trip eco-friendly. With a few easy tips, it’s not difficult to have a fun journey that leaves a lighter footprint. Many of these suggestions require only a little bit of planning and foresight.

Pre-Plan Meals

If you are going camping, pre-planning meals is a must. For a road trip, though, you need to give the subject more thought. For instance, will you be eating out every meal or will your lodgings have a refrigerator and microwave? These appliances give you the option to cook some meals and store leftovers. You can also prepare meals before the trip so that they only need reheating. This is a convenient step. It also cuts down on food waste and saves you money.

Bulk Shopping

If you will be cooking during your trip, use bulk items to cut down on packaging. This is also a great time to pick up the snacks that your family loves. By purchasing snacks in larger quantities, you can easily portion them out beforehand. This reduces packaging and food waste. Don’t forget to pick up items like garbage bags, paper towels, etc. that your family will need during the trip. This is helpful even if you are staying at one of the 1,5800 resorts in the United States.

Reusable Supplies

When you are planning your meals and snacks, include reusable utensils. Include plates, cups, and storage containers. This will automatically reduce the waste your family produces. Also, reusable containers can be used for reheating and eating leftovers.


Make every effort to recycle any waste containers that you have. This should be kept separate from garbage. Full, recycling centers are conveniently located in many communities. Taking a few moments to separate recyclables, such as cans, greatly reduces your environmental impact. When shopping for food items, look for those that are packaged in recycled materials.

Electronics Usage

According to the Internet Live Stats, Google processes over 3.5 billion searches each day. This is a lot of computing power that often relies on battery power. To reduce this waste, choose to use rechargeable batteries for electronics. Another viable option is solar-powered batteries. They can be continually charging as you drive.

Local Shops

Most likely, you will do some shopping during your road trip. Look beyond large chain stores and shop at locally owned businesses. You can also visit local farmer’s markets and vegetable/fruit stands. These are businesses that employ locals so your money stays in that economy. Frequently, these operations are able to operate more sustainably than larger big box stores.

Service Your Vehicle

Before you strike out on your road trip, have your vehicle serviced. A qualified mechanic can check all of its fluids, tire pressure, and oil. This not only can prevent breakdowns on the road, but it also makes your vehicle operate more efficiently. This will give you better gas mileage. Also, a mechanic will identify any oil or coolant leaks before they become larger issues. These chemicals can potentially contaminate groundwater.

Be Choosey About Lodging

Whether you will be staying in a hotel or a rental unit, do a little research about the place. When looking for eco-friendly housing, know that new units will be 17% more energy-efficient. This is the result of recent building codes. While this may seem like a small step, it is essentially voting with your dollars.

Planning an eco-friendly road trip doesn’t have to be difficult. It means rethinking some long-held ideas about the road trip experience. Taking some time for planning and preparation, however, can greatly reduce your family’s footprint during your trip. Not only are these steps good for the environment, but they can also save you money. Money that can be spent having fun in the communities you visit!

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Can We Make Bitcoin More Environmentally Friendly? http://www.greenandgorgeous.net/2021/07/12/can-we-make-bitcoin-more-environmentally-friendly/ http://www.greenandgorgeous.net/2021/07/12/can-we-make-bitcoin-more-environmentally-friendly/#respond Mon, 12 Jul 2021 17:26:28 +0000 http://www.greenandgorgeous.net/?p=12546 Continue reading Can We Make Bitcoin More Environmentally Friendly?]]> Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are changing the business world and making a heavy impact on the environment. Unfortunately, many investors may not even realize this fact and how it drives the value of Bitcoin. As a result, it is crucial to understand these factors and whether Bitcoin can go green and help the environment thrive.

Why Bitcoin is So Environmentally Damaging

In recent months, the price of Bitcoin (a unique digital currency created with blockchain, an open-source code used to develop over 6,000 cryptocurrencies) has plummeted to half of its peak value of over $64,000. So what is driving this change? Crackdowns from two strange sources: China and Elon Musk.

Musk stopped accepting Bitcoin as part of his Tesla business, while China has severely restricted its use in its borders. Why? Creating and mining these currencies takes up a large amount of energy, particularly since computers running constantly create these coins.

Without going into the science behind it – which is quite confusing – it is enough to say that Bitcoin mining devices (which keep this currency afloat) are sucking up a lot of energy simply to keep this field alive. Some estimates find it uses as much electricity every day as countries like the Netherlands.

A big part of this problem is that mining is often a complex situation that requires a lot of trial and error and guessing. Unfortunately, this often causes many miners to use far more energy than necessary to mine their coins and raise the world’s environmental impact.

That said, the potential for Bitcoins is so huge that many are just shrugging off the impact on the environment. However, as more countries and organizations start restricting their use, there will be no choice but to go greener. Is it possible? Thankfully, steps can be made to minimize this issue.

How to Make Bitcoin Greener

Many steps to make Bitcoin better for the environment are already in place. However, they may take time to maximize this energy decrease properly. In the meantime, there are other steps that miners could take to help decrease their carbon footprint.

For instance, miners could switch to lithium-ion batteries to power their computers. These batteries are twice as dense in energy compared to options like VRLA batteries. As a result, a mass switch to these could cut back on the power needed to run these mining laptops.

However, such fixes are temporary and don’t quite attack the problem on a significant enough level. Some are proposing using renewable energy, such as solar power or windmills, to power blockchain mining. This step would drastically cut back on fossil fuel production for electrical creation.

The problem here is that many miners either claim to use renewable sources – estimates are as high as 73% – and may only use a small amount or simply lie. Others may not want to change what works for them. As a result, greed and a fear of change could keep many miners operating dangerously for years.

Thankfully, steps like a carbon tax incentive may help. This option would place a tax on miners who were not efficient and reward those who were efficient. Rewarding those who willingly make this change is innovative because it gives them a real reason to change beyond altruistic fears.

With such changes, miners could upgrade to wireless access points instead of extenders. These points can handle 60 connections at once instead of the 20 that extenders offer users. In this way, their operation can be more efficient and minimize the amount of energy spent on various processes.

Unfortunately, some experts believe that these changes are short-term solutions. Instead, they demand long-term changes in how Bitcoin is organized, mined, and created. Until then, it is possible that this mining will remain environmentally damaging for a long time when there isn’t much time to change.

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How to Make Your Bathrooms Eco-Friendly http://www.greenandgorgeous.net/2021/06/30/how-to-make-your-bathrooms-eco-friendly/ http://www.greenandgorgeous.net/2021/06/30/how-to-make-your-bathrooms-eco-friendly/#respond Wed, 30 Jun 2021 14:45:54 +0000 http://www.greenandgorgeous.net/?p=12541 Continue reading How to Make Your Bathrooms Eco-Friendly]]> Making your home eco-friendly is a great way to teach your family about sustainability while actually improving your own carbon footprint. One of the great places to do this is in the bathroom, where many people use tons of water, energy, and other chemical products every single day. It’s about more than just installing a low-flow toilet and moving on with your day, though. So, take these pieces of advice into consideration when making your bathroom more sustainable and eco-friendly.

Consider Your Family Water Usage

When you have a family, the amount of water that you use in the bathroom can get out of control quickly. Between bathroom usage, long showers, and other daily grooming tasks, this is an incredible drain on natural resources. So, by paying attention to usage, you can help to make your bathroom more eco-friendly. This might mean making sure that everyone takes shorter showers or remembering to turn the water off while brushing your teeth. Either way, it’s a great way to limit water usage.

Use Sustainable Toiletry Products

Most people like to invest in the best toiletry products at home. After all, whether it’s shampoo or toothpaste, these are the products that you’re using to take care of your health. Children themselves are three times more likely to miss school if they have dental pain. However, depending on how toiletries are made, they may be unsustainable. Because of this, it’s important to seek out well-made and sustainable toiletry products so that they won’t have a negative impact on the environment.

Make Homemade Soap as a Family

One great way your family can come together in a sustainable activity is by making your own soap. This fun activity will help to make sure that you know where the materials in your soap come from and that they are sustainable. This will make you confident that you’re using as an eco-friendly option.

Buy Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

In your daily life, you’re probably seeing more ads than you used to. 87% of people are reporting seeing more ads than they did just two years ago. Among these ads will be a series of ads about cleaning products, but the reality is that these are chemicals that can be terrible for the environment, oftentimes leading to them being dumped into our waterways. This is devastating for the ecosystems that they impact, and it is a great reason to be more careful about the choices you make when you buy cleaning supplies. Don’t go for what is most commonly advertised but for what is most sustainable.

Decorate With Houseplants

There are a few reasons why decorating your home with houseplants, including your bathroom, is a great way to make the space more eco-friendly for your entire family. For one, plants will help to purify the air in your home, giving off more oxygen and improving the air quality. Furthermore, being around plants will also make your entire family appreciate them more.

Purchase Locally Made Bathroom Furniture

Another great way to improve the sustainability of your bathroom is by making sure that it is furnished with locally made furniture. This will let you speak to the furniture maker about how they actually produced the furniture. There is probably a lot that you don’t know about the process, like how different lathes can be used to create anything from table legs to candlesticks – both of which can nicely decorate your bathroom!

There are a ton of different ways to make your entire home more sustainable, but focusing on one room at a time is a great way to start. Utilize these tips to make your family home’s bathrooms more sustainable and eco-friendly today.

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Green Practices for Your New Business http://www.greenandgorgeous.net/2021/06/25/green-practices-for-your-new-business/ http://www.greenandgorgeous.net/2021/06/25/green-practices-for-your-new-business/#respond Fri, 25 Jun 2021 11:28:37 +0000 http://www.greenandgorgeous.net/?p=12538 Continue reading Green Practices for Your New Business]]> p>As the conversation around climate change and sustainability become more popular, consumers are starting to care about the way a business stays accountable for its social and environmental impact by considering those concerns in their business operations. Studies show that consumers favor sustainable companies. Here are some of the best green practices for your business.

Undergo Environmentally-Friendly Construction

When one thinks of construction, they do not associate it with sustainability. However, construction companies are increasingly turning to recycled materials for use in projects. The use of non-toxic paints and solvents can be beneficial to both the environment and the people in the building. Toxic paint can result in respiratory issues and other health issues. A project manager who is aware of all this information would be most useful because they will oversee that all the phases of the construction are done sustainably while staying on budget and keeping the deadline.

Hang Plants Around the Office

Not only can plants be aesthetically pleasing in an office, but they also improve indoor air quality. Studies have shown that adding a few plants to the workplace has helped to improve performance and well-being as well as reduce stress. Adding plants to the workplace in the form of plants is not only cheap, but it can increase humidity if your office air is dry due to air conditioning and central heating.

Make Your Workplace a Plastic-Free Environment

There are lots of ways to make your business plastic-free as well. First, you could ban single-use plastic bottles. This will encourage the purchase of refillable bottles as well as help your employees to save money they use for the single-use bottles. Another way is to provide reusable cutlery and coffee mugs to avoid the throwing away of plastic utensils and disposable coffee cups. Recycling plastic saves more energy than burning it. Introducing a recycling program can minimize plastic waste dramatically. Statistics show that 75% of millennials would take a pay cut to work for a more eco-friendly company.

Use Recycled Products to Create Your Business Cards

About 90% of business cards are thrown away a week after receiving them. This means that if your business cards are neither biodegradable nor made of recycled products, you are contributing quite a bit to paper waste. Although it impacts the environment negatively, handing out 2,000 or more business cards can increase business by an average of 2.5%, so it benefits your business. There is a compromise to benefit both ends: recycled material. When you make your business cards out of recycled products, you are reducing paper waste because there is no need to cut down more trees for new paper.

Create a List of Sustainable Work Policies

Making a list of sustainable work policies such as powering down all appliances at the end of the day or putting any computers that are not in use in sleep mode can have a significant impact on the reduction of energy used. Energy-saving light bulbs and faucets are a great investment to help with this. Avoiding the use of paper as much as possible by emailing documents is another policy to increase sustainability.

Ask Your Accountant About Tax Breaks for Participating in Green Business Practices

Employing tax professionals for IRS concerns and preparation of taxes is common among 70% of small businesses because it can save you money. By making sure your business is eco-friendly, accountants can help you find ways to get tax deductions and credits. A tax professional would be the best to get you these rewards to the full extent and legally.

Your success can be multiplied if your business is sustainable; people are becoming more concerned with the earth. Start your business with these green strategies and you’ll be well on your way up.

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How to Be Green As You Work From Home http://www.greenandgorgeous.net/2021/06/17/how-to-be-green-as-you-work-from-home/ http://www.greenandgorgeous.net/2021/06/17/how-to-be-green-as-you-work-from-home/#respond Thu, 17 Jun 2021 14:36:02 +0000 http://www.greenandgorgeous.net/?p=12534 Continue reading How to Be Green As You Work From Home]]> COVID-19 has disturbed daily life routines, and now many people work from home. It may take a while to settle in a home office, but it’s an amazing opportunity when you can control your carbon footprints while working at home. Climate change has been always a hot topic, and now many organizations are focusing on environmental sustainability. How you can be green when you are working from home? There are many things you can do and control to make your home office sustainable.

Here are some tips you can follow to be green when you are working from home.

Save Electricity

If you are working from home, it can increase your electricity bills unless you take some precautionary measures. If you are working on a laptop, you can lower the brightness. It will not only save your eyesight, but also energy. If you have completed your work, always turn off your desktop or laptop to save electricity.

Working from home isn’t easy because you’re used to sitting in the office and you can find everything you need for work. Do you know that about 82% of people admit that their employment decisions are influenced by workplace tech? Being in the office means you don’t have to leave or wait for long to obtain needed work documents or utilize workplace tech. At home, it’s best to keep everything digital if possible instead of printing endless documents.

Prepare Home Meals

Preparing home meals is the best thing you can do to ensure limited waste in your home. You can prepare a week’s worth of food in one day and try different recipes with your leftovers instead of wasting them. When you are done with your work, you can keep yourself busy by preparing some delicious food for the next day if that’s what you prefer.

Use Biodegradable Bags

If you are out to buy some groceries or other things for work, always use biodegradable bags instead of plastic bags. If you are buying anything such as clothes, home appliances, or other things, avoid using any non-recyclable things to carry them.

Avoid Unnecessary Shopping

While you are working from home, now you don’t need to worry about your clothes or which dress you should wear in your office. Do you know that home organization product sales will increase by 3.8% to $11.8 billion annually in 2021? Many people are conscious about their clothes, but as you are working from home, you don’t really need to worry as much. You can arrange your closet and dispose of unnecessary clothes. You can donate unused clothes to a shelter or a nonprofit organization instead of throwing them out.

Many people prefer online shopping these days. In fact, about 68% of people prefer and visit online home renovation store websites. It’s good to invest in energy-efficient technology and furniture for your home office, so look online for some great deals! You can also try to improve your old home items by utilizing DIY and upcycling ideas online.

Use Natural Light

If you are working from home, try to use natural light. It will reduce your electricity bills. Use solar lights instead of others. You can also use LED lights. People who are exposed to nature and natural lighting throughout the workday are less frustrated and stressed, too.

This is how you can be green while working from home. Don’t waste energy and electricity and save as much as you can. Avoid using plastic wraps or bottles, and use recyclable products.

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Can New Roofing Help You Go Green? http://www.greenandgorgeous.net/2021/06/09/can-new-roofing-help-you-go-green/ http://www.greenandgorgeous.net/2021/06/09/can-new-roofing-help-you-go-green/#respond Wed, 09 Jun 2021 12:44:56 +0000 http://www.greenandgorgeous.net/?p=12531 Continue reading Can New Roofing Help You Go Green?]]> New eco-friendly roofing not only has a beautiful aesthetic to it, but it is also economical, helps conserve the environment, and can potentially raise the value of your home. If you need to remodel and your roof is part of the improvements, there are several environmentally-friendly options depending on your budget, house design, preference, and material.

Suggestions for Eco-Friendly Roofing Remodels

There are some options for roofing that are more recyclable than others. For instance, stone-coated steel roofs are fully recyclable on top of being lightweight at 1.4 lbs per square foot and having Class four hail impact resistance as well as Class A fire rating. When choosing a roofing design, you have options that will offer so much more than just carry the green tag.

Following are some considerations you can make when choosing a roofing type for your home:

  • Get a cooler roof that doesn’t absorb heat but rather reflects it, saving you a lot of money on cooling during hot weather. Metal roofing takes the cake here because apart from having a lifespan of 40-70 years depending on the exact material, it can also mimic the look of tiles, wood, and stone. This gives you a variety of aesthetic options to suit the natural environment of your home.
  • Fixing brightly colored roofs will also reflect the sun similarly to metal, so this is a good consideration to make. If the choice of roofing available to you comes in a variety of colors, go for the brightest option to help keep your house cool.
  • You can buy shingle roofs, also called sustainable wood shakes, which enable you to get the traditional appearance of wood shingles. To make sure you keep up the eco-friendliness, source your shingles from a well-managed forest.
  • For roofing that will withstand harsh climates well, corrugated roofing is your best option. With modern advancements, there are different colors and styles. This versatility is made possible by its light weight and easy installation.
  • Standing-seam metal roofs have a variety of advantages, the most important of these being that they are recyclable. They last a long time, they’re fire-resistant, and they’re great for people who want to harvest rainwater or those living in snowy areas since the snow slides off and ice dams don’t form. If you source them from a manufacturer who has made them from recycling, you will add extra points to an already great choice of roofing.
  • Steer away from the regular and pick reinforced rubber shingles which are made from recycled steel-belted tires. These are coated in ground slate to improve their aesthetics, and you can find them in a variety of colors. Durable and storm-resistant, this roofing is a great choice if you live in an environment with harsh weather.
  • Plant a green roof, and moderate the heat that gets into your house while cleaning the air. It will also reduce rainwater runoff, a good thing if you have no use for collected rainwater. You will also benefit from unique aesthetics as well as extra insulation for your house.
  • Finally, going for a reclaimed slate or clay roof will be a perfect choice if your home has a Spanish or historical and classy design. Natural and the most durable option, it is no wonder that people have used clay for roofing for millennia.

Since a new roof usually has a lifespan between 20-30 years depending on the quality of the product that was used by your roofing contractor, you need to give the roof careful thought. This way, you can avoid frequent remodels and live in harmony with nature thanks to the benefits provided by new methods and materials of eco-friendly roofing.

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