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Are Fugitive Methane Emissions Offsetting the CO2 Benefit of Natural Gas?

This week’s Energy Gang podcast is all about gas.

by Stephen Lacey
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Enabling the Connected Energy Customer Through Cloud and Voice Services

Find out why Amazon Web Services is the right partner to support utilities on their cloud journey towards faster innovation, cost efficiencies and increased security posture. Utilities can also engage with voice services through AWS to better serve customers in new ways and leverage an agile platform to embrace the internet of things.

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When, Why and How is the Global Energy Transition Going to Happen?

With the current global energy transition well under way, two primary technology drivers have emerged: renewables and the use of electric-based technologies in transportation. In this recent report, we outline how those two drivers will lead to sustainable technologies — such as autonomous driving and the wider application of advanced grid-edge and machine learning applications — effectively becoming the norm by 2035, less than 20 years away.

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How New Microgrid Technologies Enable Optimal Cooperation Among Distributed Energy Resources

Microgrids are local, interconnected energy systems and may become the keystone of the new energy transition. Their implementation requires new technologies to enable cooperation among distributed energy resources with a shared objective, analyze strategies to optimally operate and manage the interconnected system, or relieve design constraints regarding bidirectional power systems.

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Increased Efficiency, Better Data: The Case for Drones in Energy

Drones support business efforts to avoid hazardous man-hours; reduce costs for maintenance, inspections, and repairs; and improve efficiencies across energy operations. While drones drastically reduce the amount of time required to do inspections (by more than 95% in the case of solar), they also offer better data to inform business decisions and provide a practical solution for everyday problems facing businesses in Transmission and Distribution (T&D), Wind, and Solar.

In this white paper, you'll learn:

  • The value of drone data
  • Practical use cases for the drone for Transmission & Distribution, Wind, and Solar
  • Value propositions of the drone for each energy sector
  • How to address current shortcomings of drone technology and regulation
  • Next steps for adding drones to your energy operations