• Success Face

    Put on your success face and learn the secrets of success with handsome entrepreneur, Chris Richlife!

  • Pop Mockers

    Pop Culture Comedy Talk Show

  • Ice Bucket Fail

    Cowan was challenged to do the Ice Bucket Challenge... what happened will SHOCK YOU!

  • The Bible News Network

    Live reports on the events of the Bible!

  • The Truth About Special Needs

    A podcast about raising special needs children

Success Face Podcast
Learn the secret to making tons of money without earning a cent with entrepreneur and success guru, Chris Richlife! Check it out!
Bible News Network
BNN is the only news network providing live coverage on the events of The Bible, starting with the creation of the universe. Check it out!
Pop Mockers
A relatively clean (PG-13) pop culture comedy podcast that points out the ridiculous in social and web culture. Check it out!
Truth About
A web series about families that have children with special needs or disabilities. Check it out!

Breakroom Studios is the collected creative endeavors of Chris Cowan, Chris Quandt, and Nate Henderson.

Each of us has a passion for creative entertainment, be it acting, drawing, podcasting, filming, or cartooning.

We started with a podcast called The MadCast, which eventually became the comedy variety show podcast No Show, which has now split into a sketch comedy show (The Hank & Hal Show) and a pop culture talk show, Pop Mockers. After creating audio podcasts for several years, we began to branch out into videos, with  parts 1 and 2 of the comedy video series, The Hank & Hal Movie, and the Christian comedy videos series, The Bible News Network.

We created breakroomstudios.com as a springboard for all these different features.

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