Hikiän Propolis 30ml

Hikiän Propolis 30ml

Hikiän Propolis 30ml

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Hikiän Propolis 
is a pure superpower from nature. Known as natures own 
antibiotic as it has been used to treat many illnesses for 
thousands of years.

Scientists have proven that propolis has the 
ability to fight bad bacteria and viruses.

Its secret is the propolis 
flavonoids that releases antioxidants and has the power to prevent 
illness or even heal different diseases.

Hikiän uses organic propolis made by our own bees.

Extraction process is done using organic alcohol which we have found to be effective way to reach these valuable flavonoids.
Bees make propolis by collecting the sap or resin from trees and then adding their own enzymes in it.
Our bees get their sap/resin mainly from spruce and pine trees which crow abundant in the areas where Hikiän bees are located.

This is a 30ml bottle with pipette for easier dosing.
Usage is 10 - 30 drops at a time. mixed with water. Sometimes it is also used directly into mouth specially if there is an infection in troth area.
Hikiän propolis can also be used for sterilizing damaged skin. 

Proudly made in Finland

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