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Zachary turned 7 months old on July 1st. This has been quite a month for our little man. No official stats but I know he had a growth spurt lengthwise because we had to adjust his jumperoo, drop his crib, and hes outgrown a bunch of his clothes. Hes so tall and skinny that his clothing sizes range dramatically. Hes currently rocking 9 or 12 month onesies (depending on brand), 12 month sleepers, and 3-6 month shorts and pants (9 month fits better lengthwise but his waist is too narrow and they fall off too easily).


Eats: Zachary is doing wonderfully with baby led weaning. The problem were having is finding time to sit him down and actually give him food. Hes never hungry in the morning and by the time we get home at night hes ready for bed and barely tolerates eating a bottle before completely melting down and passing out. Hes not quite ready to do BLW at daycare so Im trying to fit in as much as I can before and after work. Hes finally eating 6-7 ounce bottles thanks to being put on a schedule at daycare. He still tries to snack on his bottles all day when hes home with us but Im hoping in a few weeks the schedule will kick in all the time.

Sleep: Still not sleeping through the night but weve had some promising 6 and 7 hour stretches. I think those 6 and 7 ounce bottles during the day are to thank and Im hoping in a couple of weeks well finally start getting some consistent episodes of sleeping through the night. His first week of daycare was a bit of a rough transition and his naps were 15-20 minutes at most. He also takes power naps on the way to and from daycare because our commute is about 30-35 minutes long.

Teething: Zachary is now the proud owner of 1.5 teeth. He has been showing signs of teething since 4 months old. But last week was insane. Zachary was in such a terrible mood and I thought he was getting an ear infection. Anthony and I had been out with friends that night and my mom babysat and slept over. He was up almost all night screaming inconsolably and I couldnt figure out what was going on. Lo and behold he woke up with his first tooth. I thought the worst was behind us but nohe started cutting the other tooth that same day and was even more miserable. The poor kid was a hot mess, fire red cheeks, rashes all over, stuffy nose, painful ear aches accompanied by oozy drainage, diarrhea, throwing up, lack of appetite and obvious gum pain. We found a good mixture of camilia, orajel and tylenol helped temporarily but he didnt sleep well and he ate very little.

Activity: In typical Zachary fashion hes still running me ragged. After months of rocking on all fours I think hes completely given up on crawling and has already moved on to scaling furniture. Hes showing a lot of interest in walking (assisted of course) and loves to stand. He wont stay put during diaper changes and our days of changing him on a changing table are likely numbered because hes a fan of trying to escape the dresser.

Personality: Zachary is still a really happy babyat home. I thought it was a phase, but it looks like he is just painfully shy and becomes over stimulated very easily. Whenever were outside of our house and there are a ton of people he gets very quiet and just stares at people intensely. If they show him too much attention he eventually cries. Im hoping daycare will force him to come out of his shell a bit more. Thankfully he seems to adjust quickly, he only had 2 bad days at daycare before he began to trust his teachers and returned to his normal happy self.


Likes: the dogs (or gahs as he so endearingly squeals at them), his stuffed owl (owly), his dada, bouncing, riding on our shoulders, bath time, mamas cell phone, mamas water bottle, mamas laptop (catching a theme here?) ,watches

Best friends

Dislikes: the car seat (even his new big boy seat :(), diaper changes, large crowds of people paying attention to him, loud noises, photo shoots


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